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stwood High 









Not to be taken from this room - -. 

>1 iu/tfVlMfl_CUUUvv/0 

^7V- ^ 7 9 




Co- Editors: 

Amy McDonnell 

Kristen Nykvist 

Associate Editors: 

Sharon Becker 

Alison Kobey 

Carolyn Sherrod 

Business Editor: 

Terrence Earls 

Sports Editors: 

David Halperin 

Caroline Prinn 

Senior Activities 


Michelle Grueter 

Kelly Susco 

Special Activities 


Karen Hu 

Senior Biography 


Sherri Carver 

Lisa Randlett 

Photography Editor: 

Kevin McDermott 

Faculty Advisor 

Mrs. Frances H. Petrakos 


Recording the Day 

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Special Activities 

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Senior Activities 

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Year End Activities 

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Class History 

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. J J 

Rumbling and groaning, 
the busses lumber into the 
driveway of WHS, depositing 
their load of shuffling, heavy- 
lidded students at the front 
door. In the student parking 
lot, brakes screech and car 
doors slam, as those students 
privileged enough to arrive 
via private transportation 
begin to trickle into the 
building. The corridors bustle 
with morning activity. 

For several moments the 
halls reverberate with the 

rattling of locker doors, 
dropping of books, and 
squeals of students discussing 
the activities of the past 
week-end. Then there is 
silence, which signifies that 
everyone has rushed to 
homeroom in order to join in 
the pledge and listen to the 
morning announcements and 
the infamous, "Will all 
students on the call list 
please report to the office." 
The day has officially begun. 

There's no place like school] 

Five more minutes 'til the bell rings. 

Whoops! I forgot my English 
assignment . . . 

Time for home- 
room, girls. 

^^ * ^ 

r " * ■ 




r i 

fl 1 


*ssmj r^, 




nil kfl ■ 

■Hi * 

H i 

Hi 1 



Dressed to impress 

Getting ready to record the year . . 

I need a refill 

The early morning sounds 
are repeated at each of the 
day's locker breaks, 
increasing almost 
exponentially in volume as 
the day wears on. 

Jefe's seal of approval. 

Do you like them? Do you like them? 


^^ ' 

I think I lost a filling! 

We just rolled out of bed, but here we are 

Oh! They just waxed the floors! 

during classes one can hear the endles; 
scratch of pencils and pens on paper and 
chalk on the chalkboard, along with escap- 
ing yawns, tapping fingers, and, every once 
in a while, a snore or two. In the English 
wing, an analysis of Moby Dick and a dis- 
cussion of Julius Ceasar compete to be 
heard above the impassioned cries of a stu- 
dent delivering his Oral English speech. On 
the floor below, foreign language scholars 
may be heard emitting sounds which re- 
semble "salve," "hola," and "bonjour," to 
the accompaniment of the clinking type- 
writers of the keyboarding classes. In the 
math wing, hapless students struggle with 
the theories of Euclid and Pythagorus, at 
the same time that history buffs explore 
ancient Egypt, Medieval Europe, and the 
evolution of the United States. In the sci- 
ence wing, students study everything from 
physical science to physics, and, on rare 
and sacred occasions engage in "rod-drop- 
ping" activities. Students in gym classes 
participate in games, which range from 
shipwreck to softball and, as of this year, 
join in an immensely popular mandatory 
swimming unit as well. Those fortunate 
enough to have a free block congregate in 
the library or the cafeteria. As always, five 
minutes before the bell is due to ring, books 
and notebooks slam, students sigh, and all 
eyes turn to the clock. Teachers race 
against the bell and attempt to finish the 
topic for the day. 

Triple trouble. 

Let's all do the physics handshake. 

Fun with bio 

After the fall. 

Bio buddies! 



iM VHro {/Imp 1 m^w m k 

PJ Day 

Caped purveyor of physics' evil. 

Take a valium, Norm! 

The blind leading the blind. 

Noncycliphotophosphorylation . . . who cares? 


Smile for the camera. 

Hard at work 

I finally got it! 

Picture perfect! 

Business as usual. 



m 1;- sT^i 

When's the rally going to start?? 

Jammin' to the tunes 

I just love school. 




I never knew math could be this much fun! 

The angels of gym class . . . Does it really matter if it's a "z" or a "q"? 

Good job, Miss Dillon! 





Iff?** 1 

Hi ""* AV 



pr / 

Or A Mm 

jt 1 





. 1 





) fi 




The sign of happiness 



Lunch block arrives and everyone 
flocks to the cafeteria. This year, 
much to the dismay of the school 
community, a staffing cut-back 
forced the elimination of one service 
line. For some, it was a true catastro- 
phe as it resulted in an even longer 
wait for nourishment. However this 
tragedy was made up for by the in- 
troduction of "Mucho Nachos," and 
the new super, soft pretzels. The caf- 
eteria's walls echo with sound as 
chatting students fill their stomachs 
with food, and relax after the tension 
of the morning's classes. 

Can you identify everything on your lunch 

The three amigos. 


' s ■ iiM& ^L 

r Mbfe, 



Thank goodness, it's lunch time! 

Give or take a few moving 

objects . . . 


Not all the time. 

God, no! 

Decisions! Decisions! 

Parlez vous francaise? 

More salad, dear? 






The last three blocks of the 
day inch by very slowly, and 
when at last the clock reads two 
fifteen and the bell has rung, 
shouts of joy erupt in the corri- 
dors. Students throw their books 
into bags and head to busses, 
cars, after-school meetings, or to 
the locker rooms for sports. An- 
other day is over and the week- 
end draws ever closer. 


Je ne sais pas . . 

I think I can ... I think I can 

Andy and his fans. 



rV^itfs ) * 


Mike and his harem. 

Matching babes. 


Skippin' out. 

Happiness is Green Pride Week! 


We're no angels 

What do you think of 
Mr. Hargreaves's 

Chuckle . . . (She just ." 

laughed) Tylenol! | 

They're really quite interesting. 
Out of date! (said w/a smirk) 

I like them! 
Groovy, Man 

They're quite stylish . . . 
Whatever floats his boat! 


Mr. Richard J. Stack 

Some Comments Offered by Tom Brown on Behalf 
of his Friend and Colleague, Dick Stack 

On behalf of Mr. Stack, I would like to convey his deepest, most 
heartfelt thanks to you, the members of the Class of 1991, for having 
dedicated your yearbook to him. He much appreciates and is deeply moved 
by the honor all of you have bestowed upon him, as well as for all the cards 
and letters he has received from you during his absence. When he is feeling 
better - which we pray is soon - he will want to thank each and every one of 
you. So when semester break rolls around next year, please be sure to come 
back to our High School and see him. 

What can anyone say about a man like Richard Stack? The words 
spoken by Sir Thomas More in Robert Bolt's play, A Man For All Seasons, 
perhaps epitomize what all of us know and feel about Mr. Stack. In the 
play, Thomas More counsels another Richard - his ambitious, though weak 
young protege, Richard Rich - about the benefits of becoming a teacher 
and avoiding the pitfalls of 16th century court life. More tells Rich, ". . . 
Why not be a teacher? You'd be a fine teacher. Perhaps even a great one." 
Rich responds, "And if I was, who would know it?" More says, "You, your 
pupils, your friends, God. Not a bad public, that . . ." 

Richard Rich did not heed More's words - he went on to betray his 
friend and live out his life in infamy. But Richard Stack . . . Ah, what a 
great teacher he became and what a public he has! Can anyone remember 
another Westwood teacher who has commanded the level of respect ad- 
ministrators, teachers, students, parents and friends have shown for Mr. 
Stack? Has anyone ever loved teaching more than he has; or dedicated 
himself so selfiessly to his students and colleagues; or borne himself so 
courageously and graciously through the grief following the loss of a loved 
one and the perils of life-threatening illness? I don't think so! Those 
assembled here tonight, and those thousands of others whose lives he has 
touched so nobly, are proud to call Mr. Stack "my friend" . . . "my 
colleague" . . . "my teacher." 

To paraphase a line of Lincoln's, those present here tonight will little 
note, nor long remember what we say here, but none of us who have ever 
known Mr. Stack will forget what he means to us and what he has 
contributed to the life of Westwood High School these past 30 years. In a 
very real sense, we meet here on class night to celebrate a great man's 
achievements; thank him for his innumerable kindnesses; and part by 
asking one member of his "public" - God - to return him soon in good 
health to the place he loves best - Westwood High School. 

In closing, it has been my great privilege to accept this award on behalf 
of Mr. Stack. Thank you again and may each and every member of the 
Class of 1991 enjoy peace, success and happiness in the years to come. 

Mr. Richard Stack honored 
by Class of 1991 

As students of Westwood High School, we have had the 
benefit of an understanding and efficient administration, a 
diverse selection of course offerings, and a spacious, well- 
equipped physical plant. These things have added to our 
enjoyment of school, yet it is the faculty-student relation- 
ship that has most closely influenced the quality of our high 
school lives. 

To our recipient: The aspect of your personality for which 
you are, perhaps, best remembered is your boundless enthu- 
siasm. Each day represented a new adventure as you de- 
scribed the golden age of Athens, mystified us with tales of 
Hanibal's arduous journey over the Alps, and explained the 
furious excitement which resulted from Schliemann's exca- 
vation of Troy. You were not content to teach us merely of 
events. You insisted that we learn the causes and effects of 
these 'moments in history', so that we would not make the 
same mistakes. Thus, we determined the reasons for the 
failure of the Sumerian city-states, and the relevance of the 
Code of Hamurabi on twentieth century American life. 
You attempted, as well, to expand our understanding of 
cultures other than our own by adding courses such as 
Chinese and Russian Civilization. 

The interest which you have taken in your students' adap- 
tation to high school life is truly admirable. You devoted 
hours of class time to the demonstration of proper study 
skills, which we soon discovered would come in handy in 
most of our other classes as well. You have given volumes of 
advice on the subject of course selections, and have even 
helped a few students decide how to work off their deten- 
tions. You are ever willing to stay after school to work with 
students who are having difficulty in your classes, and are 
not adverse to lending a hand with the occasional math 
problem or biology question. 

The intense interest which you take in your students' lives 
outside of school is also quite gratifying. You questioned us 
about our weekend activities and listened with sympathy 
and concern to our hazing horror stories. You've attended 
innumerable athletic contests, and are always quick to 
praise participants in these events for their efforts. You've 
supported individual achievement as well, sponsoring hun- 
dreds of students in events such as the Walk for Hunger, 
and purchasing more raffle tickets than any other teacher in 
the high school's history. 

Your genuine care and concern for our well-being has 
indeed touched us all deeply. Through your encouraging 
words and positive attitude, you have made us believe in 
ourselves. We truly feel privileged to have had you as an 

You have served as a role model for our four years here at 
Westwood High School. We have missed you greatly this 
year. We, the Class of 1991, truly appreciate all that you 
have done for us. Your kind ways will not be forgotten. 

It is for all that you have done for us that we, the Class of 
1991, with the deepest gratitude, dedicate Green Years 
1991 to you, Mr. Richard J. Stack. 

Amy McDonnell and Kristen Nykvist, Co Editors 





The School Committee, Dr. Robert Monson, Superintendent, and Mr. Leo 
Crowe, Assistant Superintendent, had a very busy year discussing, evaluating 
and implementing a variety of educational issues. Meetings were held on a 
regular basis, every other week, at the different schools throughout the 
system, giving parents and townspeople the opportunity to attend. There 
were many important committees formed as a result of School Committee 
action; one, in particular, the Volunteer Program, headed by Mrs. Joanne 
Dreher, which brought into the schools people who were willing to give their 
time, expertise, assistance or simply the sharing of experiences with students. 
Westwood High had its own representatives to the School Committee: Kris- 
tina Caulfield, who represented student issues, and Mr. Donald Beurman, 
who represented teacher issues. 

This year also saw a change in the make-up of the School Committee. Mrs. 
Barbara Larkin resigned at the end of her tenure this year and Dr. Andrew 
Onderdonk was elected to fill her position. The town and schools were indeed 
fortunate with Mrs. Larkin's presence on the School Committee, where she 
served as an elected member for nine years. During those years she was 
elected to the position of Chairperson for three years (1984, 1987-88, and 
1 990-9 1 ). She dedicated the tenure of her terms on the board to the improve- 
ment of education through appreciative recognition of the efforts of teach- 
ers, administrators and support staff and through thoughtful and fair deci- 
sion-making. Her contributions were recognized by awarding her a 
commemorative plaque upon her resignation. 

L to R: Mr. Leo J. Crowe, assistant Superintendent, and Dr. Robert 
J. Monson, Superintendent. 

Being the student representative to the School 
Committee was a great experience for me. I learned 
about town government, what it involves, and how 
things are accomplished. I also realized the great 
efforts made by the members of the School Committee 
to ensure a successful and beneficial school system. I 
am grateful for this experience. 

- Kristina Caulfield 




Kristina Caulfield 
Student Representative 

SCHOOL COMMITTEE - Front Row (L to R): Mrs. Mary T. Feeley, Mrs. Barbara C. Larkin, 
Mrs. Anne Christian, Mrs. Karen A Coffey. Back Row: Mr. Joseph M. Quinn, Mr. Donald F. 
Beurman, Faculty Representative. 



Mr. Phillip F. Flaherty 


As you complete your final year at Westwood High 
School, I would like to extend my congratulations and 
those of the staff to all of you. 

Your class is distinguished by its contributions in vari- 
ous academic areas, by its several athletic championships 
and by the individual achievement of many of your mem- 
bers. As a school community we share your sense of 
accomplishment and hold great hope for your continued 
growth as students, citizens and human beings. 

Your teachers have extended every effort to bring you 
greater skills and increasing knowledge, by both precept 
and example. It is my hope, and theirs, that you will use 
your education as a means of insuring happy and produc- 
tive lives which are full of satisfaction to yourselves and 
benefit to others. 

Our very best wishes to all of you. 

Phillip F. Flaherty 

CONGRATULATIONS - it was a great four years. 

For you, Westwood High School was a productive - 
profitable - and wonderful experience! As an educational 
community, we all shared in your accomplishments - 
academically, athletically, musically, and in the arts. As 
a class you were also supportive of each other in mo- 
ments of defeat or when support was so necessary. 

Westwood High School has a strong line of successful 
students and certainly the Class of 1991 will continue the 
many traditions and accomplishments of its graduates. 

As you pursue new challenges and assume heavier 
responsibilities, you do so knowing that you were well 
prepared and your family, faculty, administrators, and 
friends are with you. 

We are proud to have been a part of your high school 
years and to have shared so many positive experiences 
with your class. Although we say goodbye, it's only until 
you return as alumni. Best of luck - "Age Quod Agis" 

Charles W. Flahive 
Assistant Principal 

Mr. Charles W. Flahive 

Assistant Principal 





offi ce 

Mrs. Marjorie Hall 




Mrs. Cassandra Macdonald 

Mrs. Eileen Kallenberg 

Mrs. Roberta Stirling 

Dr. William Pendell 




Ms. Carol L. Armstrong 

Mrs. Elaine Becker 

Mr. Thomas R. Hughes 

Mr. Scott Goldman 




Mr. Wayne Chatterton 

Miss H. Joan Dillon 

Mrs. Gail Hayes 


Mrs. Frances Petrakos 

Miss Elizabeth Mclntyre 

Mrs. Evelyn Malm 



Mrs. Stephanie Kelsch 

Mr. Michael Milan 


• '■■■'■'■■. 


Mrs. Donna Atwood 

Mr. Edward Baker 


Mr. Harvey Fischler 

Mr. Richard Hargreaves 

Miss Christine Kelley 

Mr. Raymond Kodzis 

Mr. John Sheehan, Volunteer 

MAKE THREE . ." -the beatles 

Mrs. Karen Tosca 

Mr. David Walsh 


!■■■■■ ■■■■ 





^o Mrs. Nancy Walsh Saumsiegle 

Mr. William Wright 


Under the direction of Dr. John Griffin, Westwood High's 
Science Department instructs students in fundamental and theo- 
retical areas of science. Students are given the opportunity to 
discover different techniques associated with science, and knowl- 
edge is gained through both classroom discussion and laboratory 
experiments. Throughout the year, students may be found mak- 
ing candy canes, dissecting fetal pigs, and conducting laser shows. 
Almost every Westwood High School Student agrees the basic 
subjects of biology, chemistry, and physics will impact their fu- 
ture studies. The Class of 1991 would like to thank the Westwood 
High science faculty for all their time and effort that has contrib- 
uted to the general education of the students. 

Mr. Peter Geary 



Mr. Raymond Keegan 

Mr. Wayne Relleva 

Mrs. JoAnn Staiti 

Mr. Calvin Topalian 



«*»' haS S S ^"^n d*k 
°n< ^te terd*o^ a u t d „ u; 

foie'8 n ' „ listening. a ,, .veiling 

ThrOU itavP'°« ta,nS ;o* «nce and 
Homes' av v os to " in terna- 


n Language 

Mrs. Elaine Doucette 

Mrs. Hollis Perry 

ISLAND ..."■■. 


Mr. William J. Ducheneau 

1A Ms. Louise Chereski 

Miss Ann Marie Tieri 


Mr. Thomas DelSignore 
Director of Art 

'In Africa, music is not 

an art form, as much as 

it is a means of 

communication." -Living 

Mr. James M. Giurleo 
Director of Music 

Mrs. Judith DesPres 

Miss Francesca Trisorio 


Mr. Eugene Swezey 

Mrs. Virginia McCoubrey 

The Business and Industrial 
Technology Department is head- 
ed by Mr. Lawrence Rettman. In 
industrial technology students 
learn about electricity and elec- 
tronics, mechanical drawing, ar- 
chitecture and graphic arts. Skills 
are extended and perfected by 
hands-on and practical experi- 
ences. The Business Department 
continues to prepare many stu- 
dents for college or for careers in 
the business world. Under the 
guidance and teaching of Mrs. 
Irene Dhosi and Mrs. Mary 
Furber, students are offered 
courses such as typing, word pro- 
cessing, business law and account- 
ing. The Class of 1991 truly ap- 
preciates the enthusiasm of the 
members of this department. 

Mrs. Mary Furber 

Mrs. Deborah Frangioso, Library Aide 

Mr. Lawrence E. Rettman 

Mrs. Irene R. Dhosi 

Ms. Linda Bannon 

Ms. Susan Peters 



Mrs. Betty Clement 

Mr. Michael Niles 

Mr. Paul Tucelli 




Mrs. Susan Bornstein 
Department Chairperson 

Mrs. Ann Matteson 
Alternative Program 

Mr. Michael Antognetti 
Alternative Program Aide 

Mrs. Carol Rosengarten 
Learning Center 

Mrs. Carolyn Harvey 
Learning Center Aide 

Mrs. Anne Mullen 
Learning Center Aide 

J* •> 







Mrs. Anna Runci 
Learning Center 

Mrs. Jeanne Connolly 
Academic Skills Program 

Mrs. Mary Messina 
Academic Skills Program Aide 

Mrs. Lorraine Brinton 
School Psychologist 


Are you writing, writing? 

Principals' Appreciation Day 

Habla espanol? 

Psychology says 

"" ■ *- If, 

That's some sombrero, Senora Perry! 

Senior breakfast was dee-li-cious . 

Habla ingles? 

Prom was great fun . . . even for us . . . 'ys 

m BhH2 





If there is one feeling that proves to be most prominent among my 
classmates today, it should be pride. The Class of '91 has excelled in a 
diversity of areas . . . academics, athletics, music and school spirit . . . 
As we sit here awaiting commencement, we realize how many people 
have helped us to reach this point. Faculty, coaches, and parents have 
been vital to our success. Teachers and administrators not only guided 
us academically but donated their time to help with the organization 
and supervision of class activities such as Spring Fling and Homecom- 
ing Week. From our coaches we have learned the value of hardwork 
and dedication. Our parents were also there supporting and encourag- 
ing us through the good times and the bad . . . On behalf of the Class of 
1991 I would like to offer them our sincere thanks; we are forever in 
their debt . . . 

Most of all, I would like to thank my classmates. For me, these have 
been truly great years. I would like to close by sharing a few of my 
personal feelings about commencement. While graduation brings senti- 
ments of joy and excitement, it is tinged with sadness. We celebrate our 
accomplishments and look forward to a new life; at the same time we 
regret leaving the people who have played such an important part in 
our lives these past four years. We have memories that will last a life- 
time but there is some small part in all of us that knows that we will be 
somewhat diminished by the coming separation of those who have 
shared these "green years" of our lives. Even a treasured yearbook is 
not a substitute for the daily exchange of hopes and dreams with 
friends. So in parting I would like to leave you with some words of 
Richard Bach: 

"Do not be dismayed at Goodbye's. 

A farewell is necessary before you can meet again, 

And meeting again after moments or lifetimes 

is certain for those who are friends." 

Brian Hardiman 


Most of us have spent much of these past four years at Westwood 
High, consciously or not, trying to find who we are. Inevitably, we have 
not reached conclusions about ourselves and our values on our own. 
Each of us has been swayed by our parents, our teachers, and our peers 
in ways that are not necessarily good or bad. Within the school itself, 
there have been conforming forces . . . But the school, and academic 
institutions in general, are somewhat more open to individual expres- 
sion than most of the "real world," as they are somewhat more idealis- 
tic. The teachers and administration, in addition to giving us multiple 
outlets to counselling, have often supported and encouraged us in our 
individual efforts. The larger world, tuned to the masses, has trouble 
dealing with the individual and his or her needs . . . The ideas I have 
formed during high school, especially this year, have truly helped to 
free me from society's constraints. I am still far from perfection: my 
ideal of often failing to live up to my own standars, and I am constantly 
re-evaluating my principles. I feel that I am making progress, though. I 
know that in the next four years I will, like most of the seniors, change 
considerably, but I hope to remember to tolerate the values and ideals 
of others, because as mine are still changing, they may some day 
resemble theirs. And beyond that, each one has the right to believe 
what he wants. As the philosopher John Staurt Mill put it: "If all 
mankind minus one were of one opinion, and only one person were of 
the contrary opinion, mankind would be no more justified in silencing 
that one person than he, if he had the power, would be justified in 
silencing manking." 

Craig Foster 



Facing the mirror capped and gowned 
Holding memories lost and found, 
Looking back on years that passed, 
"Wanting experience and knowledge to 


In the mirror, we see what we have gained, 
We reflect on victories, joy, and pain. 
Despite our struggles for our dreams we strive, 
Knowing that these are the Green Years of our lives 

What kind of reflections to others are we? 
Sitting row by row, what do other eyes see? 
We've gained the privilege to wear green and white, 
Our gifts are reflected in the mirror's light. 

What lies before us we do not know, 

The opportunity to try we can't forego, 

We now accept the challenge of the future we selected; 

Attributes gained from others in our lives are reflected. 

Heather Bartold 

Anne Kendeigh - Reader 

Lisa Randlett 

Lori Ann Abdou 

29 Carroll Ct. 

If there were dreams to sell, What would you 
buy? Lor . . . short, paranoid . . . "OH God!", 
"Quiet!" "Dude" . . . Likes: parties, food, music . . 
. Pet Peeves: broken-up parties, driving around . . 
. Favorite people: K.G., Murph, K.C., M.M., Jay, 
Nal, Shawn, and the rest you know who you are . . 
. Where found: work, Westwood, Norwood, Mad 
Maggies. Softball 1, 2, 3. 

Michelle Adams 

17 Alder Road 

And in the end on dreams we will depend 'cause 
that's what love is made of. Bunni, Bubbles . . . 
blond hair, green eyes . . . "But he's so cute!", 
"Happy Birthday!" . . . Likes: Leroy, Slash & 
Axl, 11-11-90, walks, New Years '91 ... Pet 
Peeves: Bad Drivers, slowness, 8-4-90, decisions, 
Geek . . . Favorite People: Bets, Brad, Lesbo, 
Maggie, Twinkie, Kris, Krissy . . . Softball 1, 2, 3, 
4; Capt. Field Hockey 2, 3, 4; SADD 3, 4; Men- 
tors 4; Basketball 1; Soccer 1. 

Christopher A. Babcock 

16 Cobleigh Street 

When I was three I thought the world revolved 
around me; I was wrong. Babba, Bab's, Crisco . . . 
Talkative, Open, "thin and muscular", Good lis- 
tener . . . "Chickafie", "We're all gonna burn!" . . 
. Likes: Retreats, Ice cream, Sting, Physics C, 
Listening, Broom Hockey . . . Pet Peeves: Lord 
British, Complaints, Whining . . . Favorite people: 
Topalian, K.C., L.B., DC, B.M., MILAN, PH., 
M.Q., K.A.B. . . . Where found: The track, eating, 
flirting, with K.N. Track 1, 2, 3, 4; S.H.Y.F. 1, 2, 
3, 4; The Prez 4; AND MANY, MANY MORE! 

Leslie A. Barber 

139 Ellis Street 

As the years go by, all the feelings inside twist and 
they turn as they ride with the tide. I don't advise 
and I don't criticize, I just know what I like with 
my own eyes: Chocolate, music, ceramics, Skiing, 
ADVENTURE ... PC, Wiggum, Buck, Peaks, 
Softball games, concerts, late nights, taking trips, 
Italy 90, GD, summer '90, Cancun '91 . . . PET 
PEEVES: the talk of the town . . . FAVORITE 
PEOPLE: Mom, Jen, Maureen, Gabe, the Un- 
touchables of 1991. Softball 1; Soccer 2, 3; Ski 
Team 1, 2, 3, 4 (captain 2). 


Susan Rebecca Barrington 

49 Buckmaster Road 

Those who dance are thought mad by those who 
hear not the music. Sue, Psycho, Snarf, Snu, 
Boomer . . . Quiet, a bit earthy-crunchy . . . 
"Whoopsy!" "What the Hell!" "Oh Joy!" L's: 
Perf. Arts, fiction, animals, Fr. 13-Series, NYC, 
comedians, Sting, Sinead, Les Miz, ALW . . . 
PP's: Pop, prejudice, budget cuts, class activities . 
. . FP: JG, JAB2 . . . WF: SI, anywhere but the 
cafe. Marching Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Sec 4; Dance 
Band 1 , 2, 3, 4; Drama 1 , 2, 3, 4, Sec 2; Chorus & 
Hoi. Brass 2, 3, 4; Double Quartet 4; Safe Rides 
4; Mentors . . . Bonne chance, mes amis- I'M 

Heather June Bartold 

51 Cherry Street 

What lies behind us & what lies before us are 
small matters compared to what lies within us. 
Bart . . . We could make millions! Galileo, Joker, 
Pictionary, YES! Party Crew, video tape, howl- 
ing, "Heather's" obsession, Prom Party '90, 
lunchtalks, dude, sprockets, wymbaway . . . PP's: 
meat market atms, twitch, wong, when Mom 
won't leave, fakes, fights . . . FP: CT folks, DF 
NL BS SG DW CF JS LH AC . . Found: 
Shooting, Car, w/ breakfast club, watching films. 
Activities: Safe Rides 2, 3, 4, President, 4; Swim 
Team 1, 2, 3, 4; Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4; DQ 3, 4; 
Drama 1, 2, 3, 4; NHS 4; Peer Ed & Counc. 3, 4. 

Sharon Ann Becker 

225 Sycamore Drive 

"This above all else: to thine own self be true." 
Shakespeare Psychadelic Whiz Kid . . . "That's 
HUGE!" . . . Groovy: RUSH, guys, chocolate, 
big words, fish, green & black, NEFTY . . . Blech: 
conformity, math, verbosity, fake people . . . Ami- 
gos: AKAKAK, Jefe, Nev, Jete, EN, Andre, DQ, 
X C Team, AcDec . . . Donde: late, with nose in 
Art Hist, book, Silver Pellet, "on lighted stage" . . 
. "Turn around & walk the razor's edge ..." 
Rush. Drama 1, 2, 3, 4; Academic Decathlon 3, 4; 
DQ 3, 4; No Parentheses 3, 4; Green Years 3, 4. 

Vanessa Anne Bickerton 

46 Colburn Street 

Too much of a good thing is wonderful. Baness, 
Vaness . . . Likes: Alex, The Ritz, Harow, Late 
Nights, B-frats Brown, Nantucket, DF, TF'er, 
Bill's house, d-games, w-machine, SOMEDAY, 
Cancun '91, G-Balls . . . Where found: W/ Alex, 
Brown, Shaw's, BK . . . Pet Peeves: Cheezy 
Stores, LIARS, Buka, razors, clams, & I . . . Fav. 
People: AS, AM, LD, KT, RM, HB crowd, 
Cheerleading 1, 2, 3, Capt 4; Softball 1, 2, 3, 
Capt. 4; Thanks Mom, Dad, Jimmy, Nonnie, 

Stephen Brady 

44 Gay Street 

The best way to keep good acts in memory is to 
refresh them with new. Steve, Steph, Plu . . . 
Memories: Arcadia, Spot, fun runs, speedwork, 
July, The beach, Annoyingmanm "That's not my 
car!" . . . Likes: sports, ski trips, Grace, combat 
street hockey . . . Pet Peeves: Fences, Gym, knees, 
"Give me 8, gentleman!" . . . Favorite People: 
Amy, EO, JL, JM, JK, CC, MP, CP, MW, KS . . 
. Where Found: with friends or Amy, playing a 
sport. Winter Track 1, 2; Spring Track 1, 2, 3, 4; 
Soccer 1, 2, 3, 4; Safe Rides 4; SADD 3, 4. 

Lesley W. Bride 

41 Booth Drive 

We lived, we laughed, we loved, we lost, we 
learned, we laughed again. Les, Lesbo, Lenny, 
Spaz . . . "Hoogie", "Just kiddin", . . . Likes: 
Aerobics, tennis, summer, beach, . . . Pet Peeves: 
reading, waiting . . . Favorite People: Meg D, 
Maya, Bunni, Bets-head, Jeff, Brian, Monique, 
Marl, KC, AK, RG, TS, SL, KT, John, PK . . . 
Where found: WHS, WOP, DCPC, Colt. Varsity 
Tennis 1, 2, 3, Capt 4; Varsity Soccer 1, 2, 3, 4; 
Student Advisory Board 1, 2 Treasurer 3; VP 4; 
Mentors 1, 2, 3, 4; NHS 3, VP4;SHH 3, 4; Math 
Team 2, 3, 4. 

Marlene Buckley 

42 Booth Drive 

I'd rather laugh with the sinners than cry with the 
saints. The sinners are much more fun! Buck, 
Marl, CoSlush queen . . . "Random", "Same 2 
U", "Go on girl", "Yes Yes", "Homey don't play 
that", "Hurt me", "Not", "Hit me IX" . . . Likes: 
parties, Lipsyncs, froyo, vacations, Cancun, 25 
cents, ML, NH90, concerts . . . Pet Peeves: Be- 
atrice, annoying woman, bad moods, George, No 
m & m's, R U driving? . . . Favorite people: SM, 
CL, AS, DG, JF, KS, BS, Family . . . Where 
found: w/ friends in my house, TCBY, D'Ange- 
lo's, Shopping. 

Paul Campanelli 

130 Country Lane 

"What a long, strange trip it's been." Campa, 
Ogre, Nuski . . . F.T.M. . . . Likes: Hendrix, 
Floyd, Zeppelin . . . Where found: Buck, Pigeon 
City, Wigham, In the Circle . . . Pet Peeves: 
Cling-ons, K.M., . . . Favorite People: ALICIA, 
Lori, THE BOYS . . . Memories: Thanksgiving 
game, Trip to the Dead, Grady's Bronco, Prom 
week-end. Activities: Football 1, 2, 3 Captain 4 . . 
Thanx, Mom and Dad, for everything. 


Christos C. Canelos 

20 Mayfair Drive 

If we are so afraid to live, why are we afraid to 
die? Chris, Christy, Chriii ... A horseblooded 
Greek . . . "It's 5150 time", . . . Likes: girls, 
parties, The Cape, penguins, sports . . . Pet 
Peeves: Broken legs, metal, school, fake people, 
Taxiing . . . Favorite People: the family, AS, PH, 

MK, TG, B, JR, SD, NI, CA, CC, Pat M 

Where found: Playing pool, in the spirit world. 
Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Basketball 1; Track 2, 3, 4. 

Sherri Carver 

190 Arcadia Road 

A smile is the whisper of a laugh. Sher, Sherice, 
Shedi ba ba, Sheraldo . . . insecure and sensitive . . 
. "I'm sorry!" "Am I interrupting?" . . . Likes: 
smiling, B-cruising in Sophia, Cancun '91, lip 
syncs w/ Michelle, Prom '91 ... Dislikes: a good 
night ruined, skip day '91 . . . Found: w/box of 
tissues, w/gum, Norwood or West wood . . . Fa- 
vorites: the goyters, "the boys", you know who 
you are . . . Soccer 1, 2, 3, 4; Cheerleading 2, 3, 4; 
S.H.H. 3, 4; Green Years 3, 4 . . . Thanks for all 
the good times and the memories! 

James Cashin 

57 French Street 

Anything that doesn't kill you only makes you 
stronger. Jim, Jimbo, Cash . . . "Mailbox!", "Oh 
Yeah" . . . Likes: parties, fishing, Nova, Battle- 
cruiser D-runs, T-ride to the Garden, Softball, 
wagering . . . Pet Peeves: mailboxes, flashing blue 
lights, clingons, Holliston . . . Favorite people: 
The Boys, C2, Hans Pierre gang . . . Where 
Found: Buckmaster, sit-ins, Grok's pool room, 
Halps. Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4; 
Basketball 1, 2. 

Kristina Caulfield 

217 School Street 

"When you go out into the world, watch out for 
traffic, hold hands, and stick together." Kris, KC 
. . . "What a flop!", "Really?", "Get a grip!" 
Likes: #24, Prom 90, Beach, Sailing, FLA 
w/LM, the fall, bio w/BC, LN's, dinners w/LM, 
ML, KC, Jack & Diane . . . Pet Peeves: changes, 
attitude . . . Fav People: Lisa, GA, BC, PK, the 
girls, Stev-o . . . Found: New Room, My Aunts, 
tennis. Student Advisory Board 1, 2, 3, Pres 4; 
Safe Rides 1, 2, 3, 4; Mentors 2, 3, 4; School 
Comm. Student Rep. 4; Soccer 1, 2, 3, 4; Tennis 
1, 2, 3, Capt. 4 Thanks Mom & Dad, I love you! 

Christopher J. Chiofolo 

40 Westland Avenue 

Sometimes you tell the day by the bottle that you 
drink sometimes when you're alone when all you 
do is think. Buddy . . . "Just one phone call" . . . 
Likes: Marlboros, . . . Pet Peeves: Cling-ons, . . . 
Favorite People: THE BOYS, CS, KS, TM, LT, 
LB, JD . . . Where Found: Buck, sit-ins, El Gar- 
aje, Slush truck . . . Memories: Millis runs, Prom 
90, T ride, SM fest, New Year's, slingers, soft 
ball, Milli, "Pass it to me", 7/4/89, THANX 

David Chung 

133 Hemlock Drive 

"Failure is the mother of success." Dave, Davey, 
Lefty Dave, Mr. Lucky . . . "Really?", "Minis- 
try", "Cool", "Call me on my car phone '763- 
Dave'", "Stay fit & healthy until you're dead.", 
"Doug V" . . . Likes: Fast Cars, beating on Evan, 
A's, basketball, driving . . . Pet Peeves: Soccer, 
double session, fun run, speed traps . . . Favorite 
People: Kathy K., Ramzie, Evan, Tom, Tee, Amy 
C, Burnie, Jamie, Craig . . . Where found: 1A 
Supermarket, Seoul, Eagle Talon Some where 
out in Wyoming. Soccer, Ski, Safe Rides, PE. 

Michael S. Cburwin 

100 Brookfield Road 

A little bit of insanity can do a lot for your state of 
mind . . . Mike, Chunk . . . "Just Chill out", 
Doppler Effect . . . Likes: skiing, Chillin' out. The 
Dead, Mickey & Goofy, Dew, eating & sleeping . 
. . Pet Peeves: waking up at any hour, posers, 
multiple choicer, any ?'s . . . Favorite people: The 
WHS extreme team and all the friends I ever 
made . . . Where found: up north and anywhere 
out of W.W. Ski Team 2, 3, 4; Mentors 3, 4; 
SADD 4; Student Council 1 Thanx & Love to 
Mom, Dad, & Jeff. 

Jeffrey Paul Clark 

858 Gay Street 

Likes: shamrocks, coldies, late nights, beechwood 
aging, Curley's killa day, Stanleys-Penthouse-, 
Tattoo America parlor, my fighting Irish Bambi, 
The Line, Windrift Motel, coolahead, Montreal, 
Slingers . . . Dislikes: Nosen, wiggers, loud obnox- 
ious girls, regrettable words, heroes, being held at 
gunpoint, people telling me what to do, mothers, 
no gas, Halsted's car breaking down, court dates, 
no place to go. 

Kelly E. Clark 

207 Alder Road 

Then you sense a change, nothing feels the same, 
all your dreams are strange- love comes walking 
in. My thoughts are too deep to be expressed, and 
too strong to be supressed, so look in my eyes to 
find the truth. 4 years of change! Rush and 
Michael, New Years 89', Late nights, side streets, 
the suburban, Hooter . . . Pet Peeves: people who 
are late . . . Special friends: M.S. K.B. and the 
rest, you know who you are . . . Greatest Wish: 
success, love, and stability . . . Likes: swimming, 
skiing, balloons, my family. 

Kathleen Close 

288 Dover Road 

I hold it, that a little rebellion, now and then, is a 
good thing. Kathy, Lowis, Kat . . . short, smart . . . 
"You moron!", "Cool, dude!" . . . Likes: music, 
pizza, dudes, Western stuff, YR ... Pet Peeves: 
monster, "Am I fat?", homework . . . Favorite 
people: C.K., L.H., J.H., J.M., Zoink, P.K. . . . 
Where found: CK's, Norwood, Hale, Mall, Con- 
certs, S'barro's. Key Club 1, 4; SADD 1; Amnes- 
ty 4; No Parentheses 4; Academic Decathlon 4. 

James Coffey 

390 Weatherbee Drive 

May your soul find glory an hour before the devil 
knows you're dead. Cakes Man . . . tall, . . . 
"Curls", "Have another" . . . Likes: HOME- 
WORK, parties, The Dead, Zeppelin, Floyd, 
Surfers ... Pet Peeves: K.M., . . . Favorite People: 
The Boys . . . Won't Forget: The Dead "90", 
Westport, Hans Pierre Gang, The MBTA to the 
Garden, Milli Vanilli . . . Class of '91': "If there's 
nothing left to follow, follow the Grateful Dead." 

Christopher F. Colhard 

435 High Street 


Anne Connolly 

34 Russell Road, Needham 

Everyone has his day and some last longer than 
others. Annie, Anica, Canoli . . . short with straw- 
berry blonde hair and blue eyes . . . "We could 
make millions" "Hey Boo Boo" Likes: playing 
tennis, talking on the phone, Uno pizza . . . Favor- 
ite people: Cara, N.L., L.H., J.S., K.H., K.H., 
S.G., D.W., DM., C.F., B.S., J.L., KM. . . . 
Where found: Tennis Courts and Vineyard. Soft- 
ball 1; Tennis 2, 3, 4; Drama 1, 2, 3, 4; Chorale 1, 
2, 3, 4. Thanks, Mom and Dad! 

Brian Cox 

261 Burgess Avenue 

It's not the game, it's how you play. If you fall, get 
up and try again. Coxy . . . Green eyes, Brown 
hair and not too tall . . . Mint, What a winner! . . . 
Likes: BG 3/10/91, Cancun, Madonna, Bio w/ 
KC, weekends, #21, "You lost that loving feel- 
ing", Prom 91 . . . Pet Peeves: working, disagree- 
ments, gossip, rumors, snobs, . . . Where found: 
hockey rink, Meg's house sometimes, out . . . 
Favorite people: Meaghan, Joe, K.C., M.W., 
M.B. Hockey 1, 2, 3, 4; Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Stu- 
dent Council 2, 3, Sec 4; Student Advisory Board 
1, 2,; Mentors; SADD 2, 3, 4; Key Club 1, 2; 
Thanks Mom and Dad. 

Daniel J. Curley 

37 Carroll Court 

Party on Dudes! Dan, Curls, Curley . . 
blue eyes, brown hair, handsome man . 

not short, 
. . "What's 

up?", "FTM", "On a Tuesday", "Get ya later", 
"Rancid?", "Good Deal" . . . Likes: Pink Floyd, 
Zeppelin, Hendrix, Hole Surfers, Girls, Sick Par- 
ties, The Boys, Doing Homework, Cakes, 
CHRIS, Spiffy Lewis . . . Pet Peeves: Cling ons, 
Mac, Westwood wire, Falling down, being outside 
. . . Where found: Whigham, Buck, Chris's, P C, 
Peaks, Sit in, Parentless houses . . . Good Luck 

Ramzi Ibrahim Dagher 

40 Buckboard Lane 

Ramzi Dagher. The name says it all. For those of 
you that don't know, I love to watch people in my 
French class suffer. 

Tina Depew 

140 Tamarack Road 

Laura DiCenso 

398 Pond Street 

The moment may be temporary, but the memory 
lasts forever. Likes: Summer of 90, Brown U. 
Boys, the garage, Release Me, Nantucket, Fal- 
mouth, Harow, FLA. 91, MHS, D-PHI Frats . . . 
Pet Peeves: J.C., anything cheezy, Meat, & I, S- 
Dogs, P.C.'s house 89, Liars . . . Where found: w/ 
K, V, A, Brown, Shaws, Bills, shopping . . . Favor- 
ite People: Kim, Vanessa, Andrea, RM, AM. BO, 
SP, AM, Sascha, Katie and Anne, Runci and 
Harvey . . . Field Hockey 1, 2, 3, 4; Softball 1, 2, 
3; Key Club 4 . . . Thanks, Mom and Dad! 



Jessica Turner Donahue 

390 High Street 

All good things come to those who wait. Jess, 
Seka . . . LIKES: friends, family, summer, a real 
good time . . . PET PEEVES: lung butter, getting 
caught, broken-up parties . . . Favorite PEOPLE: 
Brady (BOOGIE), AH, Lesbo, Tish, Cheryl, Lori, 
MO, CO, KB, JF, MS, KS, JC . . . WHERE 
FOUND: Boogie's, Peaks, Bones, Buck, Walkers, 
Jim's Basement . . . THINGS TO REMEMBER: 
Freshman Year, Late nights. Summer of 88', 89', 
90', the Undesirables, 69 Mustang. 

Brantley Dorcb 

10 Wolcott Street 
Dorchester 02121 

It wasn't me. Brant . . . short, wise, smooth . . . 
"But anyway," "serious" . . . Likes: women, rap 
music, money, cars . . . Favorite people: L.P., 
K.P., P.H., C.W., J.K., S.G., C.P. . . Where 
Found: In front of lockers, office, gym . . . Pet 
Peeves: Getting up early in the morning, doing 

Megan Louise Driscoll 

241 Canton Street 

Laugh at yourself first, before anybody else can . . 
. Meg, Kahmooney, Twink, Dog . . . Always smil- 
ing .. . "Just Kidding", "Later", "Full range of 
motion", "All white", "Look at the guns" . . . 
Likes: sports, donuts, art, tubing, SMC . . . Favor- 
ite people: You all know who you are . . . Where 
Found: on the job with Lippy. Soccer 1,2, 3, 4 
Capt.; Softball 1, 2, 3, 4; Capt. Basketball 2; 
Student Council 1, 2, 3, 4, V.P. 4; Mentors; Safe 

Elizabeth Earley 

46 Westchester Drive 

There once was a little girl who had a little curl 
right in the middle of her forehead, and when she 
was good she was very very good, and when she 
was bad . . . Betsey, Bets . . . freckles, curls, smiley 
. . . "Wow", "Later" . . . Likes: lollipops, ice 
cream, 5/26/90, blue ... Pet Peeves: 5-day 
school weeks, mooches . . . Favorites: Michelle, 
Mike, Les, Meg, Maya, Krissy, Kris . . . Where 
found: the Cape, the beach, absentee list. Thanks 
Mom, You're the best! Basketball 1; Field Hock- 
ey 2, 3, 4; Ski Team 2, 3, 4; Mentors 4; SADD 3, 

Terrence Earls 

31 Sterling Road 

The life of spies is to know, and not to be known. 
Tee, Terry . . . friendly, courteous, kind, etc . . . 
"Oh good!", "I'll be 10-1." . . . Likes: Radios, 
Pizza, A "good time" . . . Favorite people: JL, 
EO, SB, JL (again!), RR, CC, KT, AK, SB, JM, 
OP . . . Where found: Boston, Braintree, mall, 
Dorchester, asleep . . . Track 1, 2; School play 1, 
2; V.P. French National Honor Society 2, 3, 4; 
National Honor Society 3, 4; Green Years' Busi- 
ness Editor 4; Senior Editor, No Parentheses 2, 3, 

Gary Eber 

65 Clearwater Drive 

To lose a friend is the greatest of all losses. 
Friendship often ends in love, but love in friend- 
ship never . . . Gar, Zeek . . . Handsome, Consid- 
erate, Kind . . . Likes: Girls, parties, Cars, friends, 
lov . . . Where found: Mad Maggies, home, in car. 
Indoor Track 1; Marching Band 1, 2, 3; 4; Key 
Club 2, 4; Video Yearbook 3; S.H.Y.F. 1, 2, 3, 4; 
Swim Team; Golf. Friends are people who know 
our faults, and love us just the same . . . Every- 
body wants some! . . . 


Dina Marie Esposito 

48 Sycamore Drive 

If I could recapture all of the memories and bring 
them to life surely I would. Dina E„ Dean, Espo . . 
. Likes: URI w/CS & DM, Italy '90, Cancun '91, 
GT convrt., 3/26/88 E-E, x-chats w/CO, Plym- 
outh, Canada w/LB, ABSOLUTE SUBLIMI- 
NAL! . . . Pet Peeves: Sandy Valley Rd., apples, 
rd. trips & Quincy w/DM, Fakes . . . Favorite 
people: SDMCK OGLBD MPOC & KN, Plym- 
outh friends, the rest know who you are . . . Where 
found: In the Cherokee, Priscilla Beach, Spring- 
field & Westfield . . . Thanx 4 everything Mom, 
Dad, and Chris, I love you.!! 

James A. Ferry 

114 Willow Street 

I was born in this town. Lived here my whole life. 
Never anything to do in this town. Probably learn 
to die in in this town. Live here my whole life. 
There's kerosene around. Something to do. 
There's kerosene around. SET ME ON FIRE! 
Likes: surfers, Jane's Addiction, TREE, 12 oz. 
curls, F.B.I. Guy . . . Pet Peeves: Norwood, cops, 
The fear of crash and burn, "Come on, dude, 
there's no where else to go" . . . Favorite people: 
the "boys" . . . Where found: my basement, trying 
to bum a ride. 

Andrew Harris Fink 

58 Weatherbee Drive 

Life takes dedication. There are no winners only 
survivors . . . Fink, Finky, Finkster, Noonan, 
Huge . . . Likes: food, weightlifting, football, golf, 
skiing ... Pet Peeves: liars, THANKSGIVING 
DAY GAME, Tiny . . . Favorite people: Stacey, 
The Boys, Mr. K, Mrs. Runci, Doyles, FAMILY . 
. . Where found: Stacey's, Sitins, THE GYM- 
GOLDS . . . Football 1, 2, 3, Capt 4; Golf 1, 2, 
Capt 3, 4; SUPERBOWL 2; Garden and State 
champions club 4; Thanks, MOM and DAD, for 

Jennifer Diane Fink 

99 Endicott Street 

It's better to take long shots than no shots at all. 
Jenn, Finka. . . . short, blue eyes, smiling . . . 
"Whatever", "Like . . .", "Cool!" . . . Likes: 
parties, lip-syncs, Friday moods, Cancun . . . Pet 
Peeves: Yo MTV raps, annoying people, First 
Night "Where are they?" . . . Favorite people: 
M.B., S.M., C.L., K.S., D.G., A.S., and the rest of 
the crowd . . . Where found: N.H., The Buckley 
kitchen, TCBY, with the rest of the "seven sis- 
ters". Cheerleading 1, 2, 3; Capt 4; Ski Team 3; 
S.H.H. 3, 4; SADD 4. 


Paul Keenan Fitzgerald 

1 1 Kingswood Road 

I close my eyes only for a moment and the mo- 
ment is gone. PK, Fitz . . . We are Westwood . . . 
No Pain, no gain! . . . Likes: The Beach, loud 
music, fast cars, poetry . . . Pet Peeves: Bimbos, 
Closed Minds, Shallow escapes . . . Things I'll 
Remember: Cold Water, Pre-game speech, Jr. 
English, Sr Art History . . . Sky dive naked then . . 
. Fire all of your guns at once and explode into 
space because . . . What goes around comes 
around and often causes pain. Blasting at the 
darkness I am a single flame. Football 1, 2, 3, 4; 
Swimming 1, 2, 3, 4. 

Carolyn Elizabeth Flaherty 

556 Hartford Street 

Hold on to your dreams and reach for the fairy 
tales. You have to love yourself before anyone can 
love you. Preppy, Car, Konk, Save US . . . 
"Wong", "Thanks babe" . . . Likes: music, danc- 
ing, Jon K ... Pet Peeves: arguments, being late, 
twitching, shopping w/a cake . . . Favorite people: 
DW, SG, AG, HB NL, JS, JN, KH, AC, KH2, 
VG, GD, RG, Bean Town Boys . . . Where found: 
practice, working, w/breakfast club, JP, shop- 
ping. Drama 1, 2, 3, 4; Swimming 3, 4; Legacy 4; 
Safe Rides 3, 4; Mentors 3, 4. 

Craig Foster 

84 Webster Street 

No human being, however great or powerful, was 
ever so free as a fish. J. Ruskin Fish, Pez, Pes- 
cado, Fernando, Fernandolo, Fernandolodola, 
Craaaaig, I'M Greg!! . . . Likes: REM, Black 
Crowes, bio Labs, Damian 2 , livestock marketing, 
bananas, moduli less than 1 . . . Pet Peeves: AP 
Spanish homework, people who use their left turn 
signals on rotaries . . . People: BP, EO, MC, CB, 
MP, AM, SB 2 , AK, KT, PA, RM . . . CC 1, 2, 3, 
4; Indoor Track 2; Track 1, 2, 3, 4; Math Team 2, 
3, 4; Aca. Dec. 4; N.H.S. 3, 4; SHH 2, 3, 4; 
SHYF 1, 2, 3, 4. 

Mary Beth Gadd 

1421 High Street 

A smile is the most important part of your ward- 
robe. MB, Bethymare, Marith, Moybef . . . Spock 
eyebrow . . . "Oh bother", "HTH", "Are you 
sure?", "It doesn't go down", "I'll do it later" . . . 
Likes: Woj, BD Baggies, Bean shoes, snowdays, 
cartoons . . . Pet Peeves: secrets, attitudes, 
Westwood wire, selfish people, 12-minute run . . . 
Fav People: Roger, Kathryn, Alicia, Jenna, and 
the rest — you know who you are! . . . WF: Spof- 
ford, Cape, Meaghan's closet. Thanks, Mom & 
Maggie, I Love You. 

Kraig Thomas Gill 

61 Grafton Avenue 

You can lead a horse to water but if you can make 
him do the backfloat then you have accomplished 
something . . . Gill ... "I was so mad" . . . Likes: 
partying with the boys, time with C.S., swimming 
New Years, anything Irish, taking the T . . . Pet 
Peeves: clingons, Blues, Holliston! 9-1 ... Favor- 
ite People: Cristine, the boys, A few girls' . . . 
Where found: P.C. 12, el Garaje, Malibu, with 
C.S. Softball champs 2, 3, 4; Football 1, 2, 3, 4. 

Peter Joseph Gill 

1 1 Westdale Road 

"Tears may fall; but after all is said and done, 
there's nothing left to do but think." Red, Pete, 
Gill . . . Likes: vacations, trucks, Labor Day, 
softball games ... Pet Peeves: 162,000 miles . . . 
Favorite People: The boys and a few others . . . 
Where found: work, parties, Chifolo's. Football 1, 
2, 3. 

Daiva C. Gostautas 

12 Woodridge Road 

"The whole time I'd never seen all you had spread 
before me, the whole time I'd never seen that all 
I'd need was inside me.-Sinead Godiva, Dive, 
Curls . . . "Not.", "Let's venture." . . . Likes: 
Cancun '91, the Gorge?, 25 cents, Seven Sis, 1st 
Nite, Buck's Kitchen, D's, PW ... Pet Peeves: 
Beatrice, Annoying woman, the orange turtle- 
neck, no m & m's . . . Favorite people: Avi, Sue, 
Cyn, Marl, Kate, Jenn, Spaz, KH, CS, MG, 
Maya, Vyt, Mom & Dad, and the Lithies . . . Ski 
Team 1, 2, 3; Cheerleading 1, 2, 3; Key Club 3, 4; 
Green Years 4. 

Robert W. Grady 

95 Carroll Avenue 

It's better to burn out than to fade away. Gunna . 
. . Loves: Prom weekend '90, Jolly Green, '79 
Ford Bronco, Dean show, sick friends, Fatties, 
State Finals, Funnel, Filter, Yuk, Walt, Tree, 
Late Night with Jimmy, Wigam, Sweat, and the 
rest of the times I forgot . . . Dislikes: K.M., D.M., 
school, . . . Thanks to everybody who put up with 


Matthew Greenway 

44 Spruce Drive 

For most people the sky is the limit; for those who 
love aviation, the sky is home. Matt, Chuck, 
Sweeny, Greenpants, Greenwall . . . tall, skinny . . 
. "One day son all this will be yours", "But, Fa- 
ther, I don't want it" . . . Likes: flying gliders, 
radio control planes . . . Pet Peeves: cars that 
don't go into reverse . . . Favorite People: Chris, 
Tool guy. Randy, Pam, Lori, Joe . . . Where 
found: 3000 ft. above Mansfield in a glider, or in 
bed. Tennis 2, 3; Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4; Jazz Band 4; 
Marching Band 2, 3, 4. 

Sarah Jane Griffin 

145 Chestnut Street, Wrentham 

"Many people are happy and many people are 
sad. Some people have many things that others 
can only wish they had." — M. Starr Sarah, Jisey 
. . . blondish hair, blue eyes thin . . . "Ain't it 
funky?" . . . Likes: music, CM, shopping w/ a 
cake, JOEY, concerts ... Pet Peeves: WONG, 
speedbumps, knees, twitching . . . Favorite Peo- 
ple: KH, KH, CF, DW, HB, JS, NL, AC, JVG, 
AG & The Bean Town Boys . . . Where Found: 
JP-the monument, trying to find a piano, lost in 
Brookline w/ Kelly, looking for a certain jeep. 
Football cheerleading 1, 2, 3. 

Phil Grokulsky 

335 Weatherbee Drive 

Hey you, don't tell me there's no hope at all. 
Together we stand, divided we fall. Phil, "Grok" . 
. . There was one", "Not" . . . Likes: parties, shots, 
Zeppelin, Floyd, billiards, gambling . . . Pet 
Peeves: school, Game 10, 3/4 of D/Q . . . Fav 
People: "The Boys" . . . Where Found: Buck, P.C. 
. . Memories: MBTA "ride", sit-ins, "32", mis- 
sions, lost w/ V, hockey games. Shell, Ed's, 24 
south, Joe's imitations, Football 3, 4. 

Michelle Kristen Grueter 

428 Dover Road 

Life is a pure flame, and we live by an invisible 
sun within us. Tall, blond, blue-eyed . . . "I'm 
sorry", "I gotcha" . . . Likes: Friday moods. 
Youth Group, Hard Rock Cafe, freeblocks with 
KC, lipsyncs . . . Pet Peeves: open-minded close- 
minded people, neon, Milli Vanilli . . . Favorite 
People: Carolyn, Kathryn, Jen, Tim, Sherri, and 
the hockey wives. Cheerleading 1, 2, 3, 4; Basket- 
ball cheerleading 1, 2, 4; Track 2, 3; N.H.S. 3, 4; 
Key Club 3, 4; S.A.D.D. 3, 4; Green Years 4; Safe 
Rides 4. 

Rita Guarino 

70 Walker Road 

Laughter is the only cure for grief. Ree . . . short, 
spirited, Italian . . . "Not!", "Hey baby do you 
want to go to the semi?", "Switch", "Keep smil- 
ing", "Oh Please" . . . Likes: swimming, shopping, 
beaches, a sense of humor . . . Pet Peeves: atti- 
tudes, generalizations . . . Favorite People: Dee, 
Car, Jen, Steve B., L.B., Amy, K.H., C.S., Higgs, 

Dina P., J.N., J.G., C.C Where Found: B.B. 

with K.H. Swim Team 1, 2, 3, 4, Capt. 3; Key 
Club 2, 4; SADD 3, 4; Mentors 2, 3, 4; Circle of 
Friends 4; Powder Puff 4 . . . Thanks M & D. 

Robert Paul Guindon 

83 Smith Drive 

You can't always get what you want but if you try 
sometimes you just might find you get what you 
need. Homer . . . Likes: Dip, Wild Women . . . 
Memories: Prom Weekend, Labor Day's, skylark, 
every party been to, super bowl, 3-16-91, MBTA 
ride, on the ice . . . Hates: WW-parents, coaches . 
. . Fav. People: The Boys, Cheryl, Tish, Lou, and 
my mom Bea, and then some . . . Where Found: 
sit ins. Buck, PC, Wigam, Budy's, not at home. 
Football 1, 2, 3, 4; B-ball 1, 2; Golf 3 . . . Thanks 
for the memories. 


Thomas Gurski 

16 Waldo Way 

Even a liar tells a hundred truths to one lie; he has 
to, to make the lie good for anything. Tom, 
Gursk, Salty . . . Tall, brown Hair, blue eyes . . . 
What's up? . . . Likes: Gum, Rock, books, cars . . . 
Pet Peeves: 12-minute run, homework, 5-para- 
graph essays . . . Favorite People: J.M., B.P., 
D.C., SB., E.O., R.D., J.K. . . . Where Found: 
J.M's, D.C's, the movies. Safe Rides 3, 4. 

David Ari Halperin 

68 Sterling Road 

I'm going down to cow town, I'm going to see the 
cow beneath the sea. Dave, Halps . . . Likes: The 
Boys, Hoops, parties, laughing, BUCK, REM, 
social distortion . . . Memories: Milli, MBTA, 
Labor Days, Hans Pierre Gang, Prom Night 90, 
summer of 90 . . . Pet Peeves: convenient, driving 
around, MW, cling-ons, shot down . . . Fav Peo- 
ple: JC, BH, PM, JC, SQ, CC, KG, PG, DC, BG, 
SM, AF, PC, BG, JC, SC . . . Found: Buck, lost. 
Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4; Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; Class Vice 
President 2, 3; Green Years Staff 4; Wish u were 

Brady Halsted 

336 High Street 

To our health we drank a thousand times; now it's 
time to ramble on. Likes: Prom 90, The Boys, trip 
in Boston, LED ZEPPELIN, 69 Mustang, Jolly 
Green, Floyd, KU, California, Dead Snow 90, 
RM, LD, KT, Wiggum, CS, Peaks, Youldens, 
Buk, TM, Yuk, summer, Rhino, Ferry, The 
Doors, Grady's house, Chiofolo, classic tunes, 
Scurb, Bubbles, Reggae, Lori, tree, PC, SM, DC, 
Mrs. Runci, Herbie, Hendrix, Bros, DAD, Carol, 
and Jessica (princess) . . . These are the days of 
hello and goodbye until we meet again . . . UMass 
bound . . . may this be love. 

Karleen Hamilton 

71 Strafford Road 

"If you didn't see PT, I didn't do it" ... "I need a 
butt!" . . . C C . . . Likes: Parties ... Pet Peeves: 
freshman, homework . . . Where found: anywhere 
but Westwood. 

Stacey Anne Hamwey 

385 Weatherbee Drive 

Before you begin to love others, you must first 
learn to love yourself. Stace, Humid ... "I don't 
care" "Point . . . none" . . . Likes: summer, 
parties, money . . . Pet Peeves: winter, McDon- 
alds, C & K . . . Favorite People: Jason, KS AH 
KH LR AS CP MH and all the rest . . . Where 
found: with Jason, Kelly's house . . . Lists, Lisa's 
pool parties, egg beating, 3/3, $25,000 Pyramid, 
NH '90, It's over there!, Nerd!, AM. Colorguard 
1, 2, 3, Capt. 4; Winterguard Capt. 4; Track 2; 
SADD 3, Secretary 4; Drama 1, 2, 3; Safe Rides 
3, 4; Thanx, Mom & Dad. 

Brian C. Hardiman 

67 Magnolia Drive 

A man's reach should exceed his grasp or what is 
a heaven for? B; Hardy . . . Freckles, Out to lunch 
. . . "Easy", "Shut up Mull", "Oh yeah" . . . Likes: 
parties, THE GARDEN, D-runs, packies, Milli, 
Softball, "Pass it to me" . . . Pet Peeves: D.S., 
Mono, convenient . . . Favorite People: Megan, 
Hans Pierre Gang, THE BOYS, Family . . . 
Where Found: Meg's, Halp's cellar, Buck, El 
Garajai . . . Hockey 1, 2, 3 Capt 4; Class Pres. 2, 
3, 4; Golf 3, 4; Peer Counseling 2, 3, 4; GARDEN 
CLUB, STATE CHAMPS 4, Thanks M & D. 



Matthew Hatch 

480 Dover Road 

"Anyway the wind blows . . . doesn't really mat- 
ter." Matt, UM, Uncle Matthew, Matty, Mated . 
. . LIKES: New Year's '90, skiing . . . PET 
PEEVES: Broken racks, who?, Annoying woman, 
"Sorry folks, park's closed!" . . . FAVORITE 
PEOPLE: Lisa, Anne, Tom, Peter, Chunky, Ran- 
dy, Suscorooni, Stacey, The Quad, Bernie, Gerald 
. . . WHERE FOUND: Lisa's, Anne's, Trampin', 
up north, NEHR. Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Skiing 1, 2, 
3, 4; Tennis 1; Student Council 1; School Im- 
provement 3. 

Lynn Anne Heneberry 

28 Sylvan Road 

Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look 
around once in a while, you might miss it. Linnie . 
. . tall, blonde . . . "What?", "Relax!", "Are you 
talkin to me?", "PEACE" . . . Likes: eating, lunch 
w/ D, ranking on wong, leaving early, makin 
copies, watching D & P eat icy juicys . . . Pet 
Peeves: hairy boots, forgetting a fork, Adidas, 
attitude, not making sense, R.G. . . . F.P.: all my 
friends . . . Where Found: Studying, Field Hockey 
1, 2, 3, 4; SADD 3, 4; SHS 2; Key Club 4; Hi Di! 
Thanks, M & D. 

Kelly Anne Hess 

15 Spellman Road 

When you laugh, everyone laughs with you. When 
you weep, you weep alone. Kelly, Kel, Kristin . . . 
tall, hazel eyes, always smiling . . . Likes: going to 
the beach at night w/ friends, shopping, parties, 
babysitting, working, Cape w/ Sarah & Dineen 
Pet Peeves: wong, Twitch, Speedbumps . . . Fa- 
vorite People: SG, DW, KH, AC, CP, CJ, KF, 
JG, JG, JS, CF, NL, HB . . . Where Found: lost 
in BrookJine w/ Sarah, Roche Bros., Peter's 
house, in my little F.E. Swim Team 1, 2, 3; Cho- 
rale 1, 2, 3, 4. Thank you Mom, Dad, Kris & 

Kristin Marie Hess 

15 Spellman Road 

I'm not going to say goodbye cause it's just the 
beginning. Kris, twin, Kelly . . . "What do you 
want?" . . . Likes: going to the beach at night, 
shopping, parties, math class w/ KT & JF, vaca- 
tions, summers . . . Pet Peeves: WONG, uni-brow 
. . . Favorite People: S.G., K.F., J.F., K.H., D.W., 
A.C., C.F., J.S., N.L., B.S., J.G2., C.R., C.J., 
B.M., M.F. . . . Where Found: Roche Bros., 
Ground Round, w/ K.F. & C.P., in my black car, 
w/ friends from Roche's. Chorale 1, 2, 3, 4. 
Thanks, Mom & Dad, I love you! 

Paul Higgins 

35 Stanford Drive 

After God created the world, He made man and 
woman. Then, to keep the whole thing from col- 
lapsing, He invented humor. Paul, Higgs, Kosta, 
Master, John Petrozzi ... A four year old in a 
seventeen year old's body . . . Likes: Basketball, 
girls, Parties, Boston, The Pit . . . Pet Peeves: 
Broken legs, College Applications . . . Favorite 
People: Due to lack of space and to protect the 
criminally insane, you know who you are. Soccer 
1, 2, 3, 4; Basketball 1, 2, 3. Asst. to Girls' JV 
Basketball Coach 4. 


Karen Jen Hu 

18 Alder Road 

The future belongs to those who believe in the 
beauty of their dreams. K., Hazy, Huey . . . 
"Excuse the mess," "Paaat," "WAA!" . . . Likes: 
X-mas 90, Drakkar, romance, "Honey," "the mi- 
crowave," U. of I . . . Peeves: "I dunno," busy 
signals, being late, pessimists . . . Fave People: 
Chris, Cal, SH, KS, RLM, jr, AM. AS, LR. CC, 
JN, You . . . Found: getting directions, my car, 
CWT, N.H., with Chris. Marching Band 1, 2, 3. 4 
(Treas 4); Double Quartet 4; JB 3, 4; CB 2-4; 
SADD 3, 4 (Treas 4); Safe Rides 3, 4; SHH 3; 
Green Years. Good luck!! 

Kathryn Jean Hudson 

61 Canton Terrace 

Michael J. Hudson 

35 Church Street 

Peter Hughes 

44 Oak Street 

For thou are my flame oh Lord, the light that 
illuminates all darkness. Thryn . . . Because I like 
you . . . Likes: Friendly's Group, Jamaica, 20, 
work camps, Billy Joel . . . Pet Peeves: close- 
minded open minded people, busy signals, indeci- 
siveness . . . Favorite people: Dad, Mom, John, 
Fuff, Carolyn, Michelle, Derek, DW, RB, Meg, 
DG, and Gram . . . Where Found: 1st Presby, C 
blocks with CS. Ski Team 1, 2, 3; Volleyball 2, 3; 
Key Club 2, 3, 4; SADD 1, 2, 3, 4; Academic 
Decathon 4; Safe Rides 4; Youth Group 1 , 2, 3, 4. 

Some people say daydreams are for the lazy 
minded fools, with nothing else to do, so let them 
laugh, laugh at me, I have nothing to lose. J.H. 
Likes: The Jungle, Taking a trip ... To go boldly 
where no man has gone before . . . Hey Mister . . . 
Brady, HENDRIX, Jim the Boys, Michelle, Jes- 
se, Loui, Bud, Cheryl, Skrub, Voltar . . . ELEC- 
TRIC LADYLAND, . . . I've had enough of this 
world, I'll meet you in the next one, and don't be 
late. Guess what, guys'? We gotta go back and do 
it all over again! 

I have the true vision in my head, but there are 
many different versions that could be talked 
about -Glen Plake L.T.T. Petey . . . Likes: Krissy, 
A. P. Breakfast, C, Math analysis- . . . Favorite 
People: Krissy, Geraldo, Crystal, Uncle Matthew, 
Calvin, and of course, my dearest weezey . . . 
Where found: KT's, North Conway, PT, the hos- 
pital . . . Pet Peeves: Knees, Burpa's, Quite a few 
of the people pictured in these pages- including 
you . . . Keep smiling . . . Have a nice existence . . . 

Jay Jenks 

178 Alder Road 

A coward dies many times before his death; But 
the valiant never touches death but only once. 
Jay, Vern, anibolic . . . Attitude, Green eyes, 
Black hair, Big and bulky, cute. "Excuse Me", 
"Get the . . . out of here" I doubt it" . . . LIKES: 
Mary, parties, Chevy truck "Big" Newport . . . 
PET PEEVES: Bad workout, truck problems, 
Mud . . FAVORITE PEOPLE: Mary, E.G., 

K.C., P.G., Frankie, L.A., MM WHERE 

FOUND: Workout Plus, Mad Maggies, Shell, 
Midway, all done in Newport. 

Paul S. Johnston 

1537 High Street 

The intense joy of being in love is matched only 
by the pain and disappointment that occurs when 
love ends. Frankie . . . See picture above . . . 
"Wasn't me" . . . Likes: parties, fast cars, girls, 
friends you can trust, long hair on girls, sleeping 
late, doing nothing . . . Pet Peeves: losing licenses, 
broken-up parties, Rap, wiggers, Westwood wire, 
school. Favorite People: They know who they are 
. . . Where found: at the party. 

Mark Karafotias 

2 Overlook Avenue 

I may be an angel, but my halo doesn't glow all 
the time. Marco, Mark . . . Greek, elusive, aggres- 
sive . . . "Keep smiling" . . . Likes: antique cars, 
fast cars, police work ... Pet Peeves: school, 
homework . . . Favorite People: Suzanne, Paul, 
Chris, Achilles, Doc, Rooney, B.J., and the rest. . 
. . Where found: with Suzanne, Mad Maggies, 
with the gang. Soccer 1, 2, 3, 4; Basketball I, 2; 
Track 2. 


Jason Keller 

27 Willow Street 

You can check out any time you like but you can 
never leave. Jay . . . brown hair, hazel eyes . . . 
"Yah whatever" . . . Likes: music, sports, sum- 
mers, Celtics, Bruins, Nelly . . . Pet Peeves: fun 
runs, turtlenecks . . . Favorite People: PK, J.L., 
my brother, J.S., M.K., K.M., P.H., soccer team, 
L. Bird . . . Where Found: Gym, PR's, Weight- 
room, work. Soccer 1 , 2 Captain 3, 4; Basketball 
1, 2; Harvard Negotiations Committee 3. Thanks 
Mom & Dad; you're the greatest! 

Anne Ferris Kendeigh 

34 Briarwood Drive 

No man is a failure who has friends- It's a Won- 
derful Life. Annie, Belle, Kenday . . . "Where's 
Tommy", "I didn't mean to" . . . Likes: Purple, 
terk, Quad, NJ, turtle, snowboarding, Stratton 
'91, New Year's Eve '90 . . . Favorite People: 
Tommy, Lisa, Matt, Stanley, Chunky, MK, LB, 
KT, PH, RM, CC . . . Where found: with Tom. 
Softball 3; Key Club; Safe Rides; SADD, NHS 4; 
Drama Club 3, 4; All-State Choir 4 . . . Thanks 
Mom, Dad, & family — I love you all! 

Maya Maria Khuri 

178 Margery Lane 

May your heart always be joyful, may your song 
always be sung. And may you stay forever young. 
Thanks to Megan, Lesley, Betsey, Krissy, Mi- 
chelle, Kristina, Mary Beth, and anyone else who 
ever made me laugh . . . D.M.B. — More than 
words. Thanks Mom, Dad, and the rest of Troop 
411. Send me off forever, but I ask you, please — 
don't fence me in . . . 

James A. Kitterick, Jr. 

1 19 Carroll Avenue 

Through the good and the bad, the best of times 
have come and gone; now that it's over, it was 
worth every minute. Jim, Jamie, Kitt . . . Big and 
adorable . . . "Wasn't me", "Yeah right", 
"Waa!", "I forgot we had one" . . . Likes: Labor 
Day, Led Zep., The Crue, Working at Plaza! . . . 
Pet Peeves: Junior Year history class, detention, 
study hall . . . Favorite People: Welbs, L.P., Chris, 
Brant . . . Where found: Convenient, Welb's 
house, the movies, in the gym at lunch time . . . 
Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4. 


Alison Beth Kobey 

55 Stanford Drive 

"If I am not for myself, who will be for me? But if 
I am only for myself, what am I? And if not now, 
when?" -Hillel Ali, AK, AKAKAK . . . short, 
blue eyes, lefty . . . "The world's really green with 
black polka dots and purple paisleys!", "Live, 
love, and laugh!" . . . Joys: B. Joel, Dr. E's chat 
sessions, green . . . Aaargh: mornings, mimes, 
stereotypes, phone tag . . . Pals: SB, JL, JN, AM, 
JM, CF, TE, NEFTY . . . Homes: TBD, phone, 
SB's casa, Honda . . . Ac. Decathlon 3, 4; Key 
Club 2, 3, 4; Spain 3; Green Years 3, 4; SADD 2, 
3, 4; Gracias Mom & Dad! 

John Lane 

65 Hemlock Drive 

It's better to fall from your feet than to stand on 
your knees. John, Lano . . . LIKES: 3-Jump, 
R.E.M., soccer, Zeppelin, Bill the cat, midnight 
oil, Monty Python . . . PET PEEVES: casts, 
sailing, wind, shanked shots, car decorations, yel- 
low cards . . . FAVORITE PEOPLE: SL, Jay, 
PK, EO, Tee, JL . . . WHERE FOUND: In the 
November, at the track, in the Dungeon. N.H.S. 
3, 4; Soccer 2, 3, 4; Indoor Track 1, 2; Spring 
Track 1, 2, 3, Capt 4. Thanks Mom + Dad. 

Jeffrey R. Lawton 

45 Fisher St. 

There's always room for Jell-o. Jeff, Jefe, Hef, 
Lawty . . . "Let's cruise", "Oh that was cool", 
"Water goood", "Holer", "Eat my wake", "Thrill 
me" . . . LIKES: '84 Celicas, Jesus & Mary 
Chain, Head on, ZZ Top, 5150 .. . IRKS: hypo- 
crites, bad lip sync acts, cold pools, speed work, 

pop, rap TOP PEOPLE: Jerry, Sharon, AK, 

EO, JL, RM, CC, TE, CC, Team . . . HANG- 
OUTS: Store, pool, track, TV Studio, Cross- 
country 2, 3, 4, Capt 4; Swimming 1, 2, 3, 4, Capt 
4; Track 1, 2, 3, 4; SHH 2, 3, 4; Office; Store; Ac. 
Dec; National Honor Society. 

Nicole Mary Leonard 

110 Highview Street 

My best thoughts always come a little too late. 
Nicole, The Nickster . . . Thoughtful, diligent, 
humorous, clumsy . . . "Que pasa?", "Fine", "I 
know", "That's such a riot" . . . LIKES: Adven- 
tures with Lynn, parties at Heather's, soccer, The 
Eagles . . . PET PEEVES: Gym lizards, attitudes . 
. . FAVORITE PEOPLE: J.S., L.H., H.B., C.F., 

AC, D.W., S.G., K.H.2, B.S., A.G., J.V 

National Honor Society 4; Drama club 1, 2, 3, 4; 
Safe Rides 4; Swim Team 3; Spanish Home Stay 

Cynthia Marie Locke 

396 Dover Road 

If You don't have anything nice to say, Come sit 
next to me!! Cyndi, Silbe, Co-slush Queen . . . 
"Who knew?" "Same to you" "Hit me lx" "Is 
everyone this weird?" . . . LIKES: The Doors, 
parties, 25<£, mag's, 1st nite, Fun Notes, Cancun, 
NH, Lunch bunch. Pretty Woman . . . PET 
PEEVES: Beatrice, annoying Woman, Sue's, 
Chuck, work . . . FAVORITE PEOPLE: SM, 
MB, AS, DG, KS, BS, JF, and everyone else! . . . 
Where FOUND: Buckley Estates, out w/7 Sis- 
ters, TCBY . . . Thanx Mom and Dad! SHAZIM 


Theresa H. Martin 

41 Westview Terrace 

"The only way to have a friend is to be one" 
Peachy, Hey You . . . "What Ever" "Might" 
"What's Up?", "I forgot" . . . LIKES: my car, 
guys, REM, Skiing, alternative music, Led Zep, 
RED SOX, The Smiths, friends, weekends, the 
sun . . . PET PEEVES: Rap, NESBA Judges, 
Top 40 music, fakes, club 101, Pollution . . . FAV. 
PEOPLE: All my friends . . . WHERE FOUND: 
Lost, Amy's , w/ Jim . . . Marching Band 1 , 2, 

3, 4; SADD 2, 3, 4; Key Club 4; Concert Band 1, 
2, 3, 4; THANKS MOM, DAD, and DEB. 

James M. Maus 

31 Parker Street 

If it's worth doing at all then it's worth doing right 
the first time. Mooch, Jumbo, Jamie . . . 5'9", 
Brown Hair, Brown Eyes . . . "Oh well", "Ya 
right", "Test When?!" . . . LIKES: Food, Old 
Cars, kneeboarding, music, snow . . . PET 
PEEVES; Holliston, Speed Work, Traffic . . . 
FAVORITE PEOPLE: Track crew, Tom . . . 
WHERE FOUND: HQ, Track, Cafe. Cross 
Country 3; Winter Track 1, 2; Spring Track 1, 2, 
3, 4; Safe Rides 3, 4. 

Andrea Joy Mazzola 

61 Sycamore Drive 

Into each girl's life must one day walk a rogue, a 
complete good for nothing who she will love for a 
time and no matter whom she marries will always 
possess a little piece of her heart. LIKES: ex- 
cuses, Late nights at Brown, the Ritz, summer of 
90! Nantucket, someday . . . FAVORITE PEO- 
PLE: Vanessa, Kim, Laura, Lou . . . Lunch time 
talk . . . Dislikes: Attitudes, second mothers, no 
money . . . Thanks Mom and Dad, A, L, M, I 
Love You! Good Luck Class Of 91' 


Alison McCarthy 

209 Porter Street 

One who gossips to you will gossip of you. Ali Ali- 
Kazam-Troll . . . Blue Eyes, Freckles, Blonde 
(Sometimes) . . . Wasn't me! . . . LIKES: Aero- 
bics, salad, men, parties! . . . PET PEEVES: 
Wrists, psycotic people . . . FAVORITE PEO- 
PLE: Jess, Colleen, LB, CO, AM, and all the rest 
of you! . . . WHERE FOUND: everywhere you 
can imagine . . . Good luck Class of 91' to all- 
Please visit me at UMass Amherst! Party up, but 
remember your nutrition! Thank you-Dan, Bren- 
dan, Mom, John, Dad, and anyone else who influ- 
enced me! . . 

John Michael McDermott 

87 Cobleigh Street 

Any time you make a wise or better decision, you 
are improving yourself even if the universe 
doesn't reward you. EM, Snake . . . tall, dark hair, 
"Irish" . . . Whatever! . . . LIKES: friends, parties, 
"free block" . . . PET PEEVES: first block classes 
Class of '91 . . . WHERE FOUND: sleeping, 
Mad Maggies, playing sports. Soccer 1, 2, 3, 
Capt. 4; Basketball 1, 2, 3, Capt. 4; Baseball 1, 3, 
4; Student Council 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 4. Thanks M 
and D 

Kevin Michael McDermott 

130 Phillips Brooks Road 

They say good things come to those who wait but 
it's life that goes so fast. McDee, Kev . . . "Hey 
There" . . . LIKES: Hoop, AP Breakfast, New 
Years, Softball, Dawg Pounds, Irish, "Cheers" . . 
. PET PEEVES: Coaches, One Win Away, Junior 

Year, Senioritis FAVORITE PEOPLE: JK, 

CS, JM, Class of '91 . . . WHERE FOUND: 
Jason's, among the crowd, sit-ins, cruisin', on the 
bench. Green Years 4; SADD 3, 4; SHH 3; Bas- 
ketball 1,2, 3, 4; Thank you. Mom and Dad! 

Stephen McDonald 

166 Forbes Road 

Those souls afraid of dying shall never learn to 
live . . . MAC . . . "Have Another, Brother" . . . 
LIKES: The boys, starting early, ending late, 
prom '90, PC, Barrels . . . PET PEEVES: Rap, 
people who whine, game 10 . . . WHERE 
FOUND: Gunna's, Chiofolo's . . . FAVORITE 
PEOPLE: The Slingers, Lu, CS, MS, MO, LB, 
TM, Jake, Walt . . . The Filter, Boston Garden 
'91, State Champs 90'-91' "I get by with a little 
help from my friends" Thanxs for the memories! 
Thanks, Mom and Dad. 

Amy Elizabeth McDonnell 

51 Fieldstone Road 

Let us live and be glad, while young life is upon 
us. Grace, Maggie . . . "I'm not exactly sure", 
"How Vexing!" . . . LIKES: skiing, vacations, 
Sunday nights, concerts, Tolkien, Michener, Tol- 
stoy . . . PET PEEVES: Shaws, sonnets . . . 
FAVORITE PEOPLE: Family, Steve, KS, SH, 
KH, CP, LR, AK, SB, CF . . . Field Hockey; Ski 
Team; Track; National Honor Society, French 
Honor Society, Academic Decathlon; Green 


Suzanne Catherine McLaughlin 

83 Lyons Drive 

The only reason woman should let men take one 
step ahead is so they can enjoy the view! Sue, 
Flooz . . . "Sure thing chicken wing", "Who 
knew", "What" . . . LIKES: 25£, 1st nite, Froyo, 
parties, Cancun, fun notes, donn ew, Michael Jor- 
dan, NH '90 . . . PET PEEVES: Beatrice, annoy- 
ing woman, bad moods, chuck . . . FAVORITE 
PEOPLE: Cyn, MAL, Kate, Avi, Dive, & every- 
one! . . . WHERE FOUND: Buckley Estate, on 
the court,. Student Advisory Board; Key Club 2. 
3, 4; SADD 2, 3; Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; Volleyball 
1 , 2, 3, Capt. 4; Peer Ed/Coun. Thanks. Mom and 

Patrick Meleo 

371 Dover Road 

It's better to die on one's feet than to live on one's 
knees. Pat, Meleo, Mel . . . "Quiet!" . . . LIKES: 
Parties, convertibles, snowboarding, parking lot, 
3/16/91 ... PET PEEVES: busted parties, am I 
solids or sripes? . . . FAVORITE PEOPLE: Len, 
Red, Dez, Kav, Franki, Ilf, Sandra, Chris, Jess, 
Mac, C.S., H.W., C.L., B.H. . . . WHERE 
FOUND: Len's basement, Mad Maggie's, the 
dungeon. Football 2, 3, 4; Track 2, 3; Ski Team 1, 
2. Thanks Mom, Dad and Christine. 

Randall Lewis Miller, Jr. 

1 16 Sunrise Road 

The bridge is crossed, so stand and watch it burn. 
Randy, Handyman, Mellon . . . humorously twist- 
ed, musical . . . "Easy Killa" "Not" . . . Likes: 
THE HYUNDAI, music, food ... Pet Peeves: 
NESBA, society in general . . . Favorite People: 
JN, PH, CC, MH, MC, JL, KH, CW, PG, LM, 
AG, EC, JF, MG, Mr G, Miss T, HF, KB, CT . . . 
Where Found: school store, TV studio, Music 
Room, THE HYUNDAI, watching cartoons. 
Marching Band 1, 2, 3; Drama 1, 2, 3, 4; Double 
Quartet; Jazz Band 3, 4. Thanks, Mom and Dad, 

Aphrodite Milonas 

29 Fox Hill Street 

Nothing is never lost just misplaced. Dee, shorty . 
. . Cute, short . . . "I'm so confused", "My mam- 
ma didn't raise no fool" . . . LIKES: Thirsty 
Thursdays, food, Parties, wkends . . . PET 
PEEVES: Snobs, homeroom, leather Bell Bot- 
toms . . . FAVORITE PEOPLE: KF & JR, LH, 
JS (Chuck), NL, AC . . . WHERE FOUND: Out 
to lunch, Nantucket, Papa's . . . Field Hockey 3, 
4; Key Club 4. 

Dina J. Moore 

19 Cushing Road 

Love me now, today, tomorrow, and always, 
LIKES: Acapulco '88, Cancun '91, graduation, 
pool hopping, ski weekend with Kelly, URI with 
Cheryl and Dina E., URI with Michelle and 
Rich, Adventures . . . Sneaking out . . . Joe's 
check book . . . PET PEEVES: Talk of the town, 
getting caught . . . FAVORITE PEOPLE: Mom, 
Roberta, Gerry, Eric, John A and the boys from 
the neck, Sheas, Kelly, Michelle, Dina E., Leslie, 
Thurmond . . . WHERE FOUND: Boston, Quin- 
cy, Sheas, wherever the people are. Thanx to my 
family! I love you! 

Robin Elizabeth Morrison 

196 Pond Street 

We were born before the wind, oh so younger 
than the sun. Smell the sea and feel the sky; let 
your soul and spirits fly in to the mystic . . . 
Tweety, Nervous, LIKES: friends, sunsets, hippie 
music, VW bug, Beaches, Apt #9, Snorison Sum- 
mer 87-90, Jr. Prom, L.B. Parties, DISLIKES: 
#4, abcess, Attitudes, bugs, FlipFlopin away . . . 
FAVORITE PEOPLE: family, All my buddies 
and almost everyone else, J & G, DB, WHERE 
FOUND: Work, Falmouth, Boston, W/friends. 
Thanks Mom & Dad, Mrs. R. & Mrs. H. Nothing 
gold can stay!!! 

Alicia Christine Mullen 

60 Walker Road 

Any song that moves you to joy or tears has 
greatness. Everything in life should be enjoyed for 
what it is. Ish, Ishka, Mullpup . . . "You Guys!" . . 
. LIKES: Cape, Summers 87-90, Prom 90, 
5/20/89, 4/7/89 . . . PET PEEVES: snore factor, 
work, gossip, Dave's lateness . . . FAVORITE 
PEOPLE: Paul, Robin, David . . . WHERE 
FOUND: Babson, at the beach, w/R.M. any- 
where. Field Hockey 1, 2, 3, 4; SADD 2, 3, 4 VP; 
Spanish Honor Society 3, 4, Pres. 4; Mentors 2, 3, 
4; Youth Comm.; Peer Educators. Thanks, Mom 
and Dad. P.S. Dad, you can have your Bronco 

Peter L. Mullen 

1591 High Street 

The road of excess leads to the palace of wisdom. 
Pete the Mull, Mully . . . Toothless and Ruthless 
"Oh, OK Hardy", have you ever kissed a girl?", 
"WEW", "Oh, YEAH" . . . LIKES: MON- 
GERS, D-Runs, State Champs . . . PET 
PEEVES: 8/25/90, Cling-ons, not remembering 
the Garden . . . FAVORITE PEOPLE: THE 
BOYS and a few of the girls, Hans Pierre Gang . . 
. WHERE FOUND: Westport, At Buck, El Gar- 
aje . . . Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4; Hockey 1, 2, 3, CAPT 
4; Hockey STATE CHAMPS 4. 

Patricia Murphy 

651 Clapboardtree Street 

The moment may be temporary but the memories 
are forever. Tish, Tweela, Woman . . . Tall, 
Blonde, Green Eyes . . . LIKES: My 18th B-Day 
party. Late nights w/c.s., B-Crusisen in Sophia, 
B-Spill buddy, Cancun '91 . . . DISLIKES: A 
good time ruined, being caught, S.V. Rd., New 
Years 89/90 . . . FAVORITE PEOPLE: Cheryl, 
Michelle, Jess, Kelly, Carrie, Lori, Kerry, Meg, 
Jen 2 , Erin, The rest of 91 . . . WHERE FOUND: 
Suffredini's. Volleyball 1, 2, 3, Capt. 4; Basket- 
ball 1, 2, 3, Capt. 4. Thanks, Mom and Dad. 

Joseph T. Neville, III 

47 Green Hill Road 

Pound the drums with martial beat and announce 
yourself to the world. Jerry, Tool guy, Nev . . . 
witty, understanding, all-knowing . . . "The world 
is my oyster!", "92-GOLD, . . . LIKES: drums, 
Cadets, Infosociety . . . PET PEEVES: NESBA 
JUDGES, problems, Dead Car Horns . . . Greats: 
JL, RM, EL, CC, SB, AK, Band . . . WHERE 
FOUND: Store, TV Studio, music— 101 March- 
ing Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Jazz band 3, 4; PERCUS- 
SION ENSEMBLE 1, 2, 3, 4; Drama Club 2, 3, 
4; SADD 3, 4; SAFE RIDES 4; Swim Team 1, 2, 
3, 4; School Store 3, Mgr. 4. 

Kristen Anne Nykvist 

87 Margery Lane 

That it will never come again is what makes life so 
sweet. Kris, Buddy . . . brown hair, blue eyes, 
smiles a lot . . . What?, Just kidding!, Relax! . . . 
LIKES: U2, Sokos, intellectual things, big feet, 
Salamanca, bowling, Bellas, Nick's . . . PET 
PEEVES: belly buttons, late people, college ap- 
plications . . . FAVORITE PEOPLE: CAB, Amy 
. . . WHERE FOUND: in the Malibu. Field 
Hockey 1, 2, 3, 4; Track 1, 2, 3, 4; National 
Honor Society 3, 4; SHH 2, 3, 4; SADD 2, 3, 4; 
Safe Rides 3, 4; Green Years Co-Ed 4. Love you 
M, D, J, & Nana. 

Michelle Ann O'Connor 

12 Curtis Street 

I always knew looking back on my crying would 
make me laugh, but I never knew looking back on 
my laughing would make me cry. O'Conn, Okina- 
wa .. . "Good Lord!!", LIKES: #4, New Years 
89-90, Prom weekend 90, Labor Day, Cancun 91, 
late nights, B-Cruises in Sophia, Buck, The Gigi . 
. . DISLIKES: Skanks, No Destination, getting 
caught, a good time ruined . . . WHERE 
FOUND: In my office, W/ Lori, at the party, 
Thayer . . . FRIENDS: Lori, Cheryl, Linda and 
the hidden one, Tish, Carrie, Dina, Mac, Bubbles, 
and the rest of 9 1'. Soccer 1 , 2, 3,4; Key Club 4. 
Thanks Mom, Dad, Linda, and David! 

Carrie Ann O'Leary 

22 School Street 

Memories aren't to be seen, only to be felt. Ca 
O'Lar . . . "Seriously?" . . . LIKES: Dan, E-E 
CANCUN-91, Late nights. Prom Wkend 90 
Buck, Labor Day, 12/2/89, O'Con's Basement . 
. DISLIKES: No destination, 10/9/89, . . 
FRIENDS: Dan, Mich, Lu, Tish, Cheryl, Dina 
Les, the rest know who you are . . . FOUND 
W/Dan, W/the girls, Thayer, at the party . . 
Soccer 1, 2, 3, 4 . . . Thanks for everything Dad 
Tom, Val. I LOVE YOU, MOM. 

Laurence Patterson 

98 Bloomfield Street, Boston 

It's a conspiracy! L.P., Larry, L., Mylce . . . Brown 
eyes, curly hair, gold tooth . . . "What's up?" . . . 
Likes: Looney Tunes, Basketball, Sneakers, Jim- 
my Hat's, Lagerfeld, Rap . . . Pet Peeves: Bad 
breath, snobs, fake people . . . Dislikes: school 
lunch, Celtics, attitudes . . . Favorite People: 
Brantley, Hymie, Higgs, Red, Beth, Josh, Jason, 
Mike . . . Where Found: Lower media center, by 
the lockers, In the gym . . . Football 1; Basketball 
1, 2, 3, 4. 

Bernard Peck 

19 High Rock Street 

When you're young, the silliest notions seem the 
greatest achievements. Bernie, Berm . . . tall, 
glasses, dark hair . . . LIKES: Fast cars, vaca- 
tions, heavy metal, pool . . . PET PEEVES: Slow 
drivers, homework, younger brother . . . WHERE 
FOUND: Christies aka Convenient, Millis bowl. 
Soccer 4; Safe Rides 4. 

Joseph Michael Peters 

137 Mill Street 

Say what you want, think what you will, but I will 
make it to the top of the hill. Joe, Weiders . . . 
short hair, clean, on time . . . "Mint" . . . LIKES: 
hockey, weightlifting, summer, clash, GARDEN 
3-11-91 . . . PET PEEVES: down and backs, 
backstabbers, cold, poor evenings, late people . . . 
FAVORITE PEOPLE: Class of 91', hockey 
team, family, rink rats, good friends . . . WHERE 
FOUND: College, bow hunting, at the "Sit In" 
Hockey 1, 2, 3, 4; Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Baseball 1; 
SADD 4. 

Caroline Elizabeth Prinn 

12 Pond Plain Road 

The life that counts must aim to rise above the 
earth to sunlit skies. Cal, Calzone . . . "Well 
Alright!", "Waa", Paat, "I doubt it" . . . LIKES: 
running, Poe, 10/10/90, Live from NY, #4, Pa- 
pa's . . . PET PEEVES: "whatever", "relax", 
curfew, Guido, tourney stubble, Siggs as shotgun, 
hypocrisy . . . FAVE PEOPLE: Mike, Karen, KS, 
SH, LR, AM, KN, AS, SM, Siggs, MK, MD, 
BE, Salty, et al . . . FOUND: Lost w/K\ practice, 
w/MW, Celica, NH, a @#!? rink. Soccer 1, 2, 3, 
Capt. 4; Hoop 1, 2, 3; Track 1, 2, Capt. 3, 4; 
SADD 2, 3, 4; Safe Rides 4; Green Years 4. 

Christian Stephen Quinn 

112 Lake Shore Drive 

People who fight fire with fire usually end up with 
ashes. . . . blue eyes . . . "mint", "waa" . . . LIKES: 
music, vacations, Boston Garden, State Champi- 
ons .. . PET PEEVES: "Is that the girl you like?" 
. . . FAVORITE PEOPLE: Mike, Brain, Nicole, 
Joe, Jamie, CP, KH . . . WHERE FOUND: 
rinks, anywhere with food. Ice Hockey 1, 2, 3, 4; 
Football 3; Track 2; Baseball 1. 

Michael James Quinn 

723 Gay Street 

Character is like a tree and reputation its shadow. 
The shadow is what we think of it; the tree is the 
real thing. Be a man and look at the tree. Booga . 
. unshaven, talkin' to myself . . . "Easy there guys 
. . . LIKES: I know what I like . . . PET PEEVES 
Fat people, leeches, tag-alons, wanna-be's . . 
FAVORITE PEOPLE: Class of '9 1 , well sort of 
. . WHERE FOUND: in the Colt, workin' at 
Roches. Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Track and Field 1, 2, 
3; Skiing 3. 


Sean Quinn 

356 Pond Street 

Nothing is illegal until you get caught. Quinny . . . 
Brown hair and eyes to match . . . "Lord", "What 
ever", "Wew" . . . LIKES: Grand Prix, parties, 
nintendo, Mongers, T-ride, D-runs, . . . PET 
PEEVES: Snobs, Freshmen, wide right . . . FA- 
VORITE PEOPLE: The Boys, some of the Girls, 
Jimmy Jack, Karin, . . . WHERE FOUND, 
room, Karin's house. Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Baseball 
1, 4. 

Lisa Ann Randlett 

10 Robin Road 

Do not follow where the path leads, rather go 
where there is no path and leave a trail. "Can I 
tell you", "Strike 3, you're out!", "Survey says?", 
"I'm there for you babe!", "What was I thinking" 
. . . LIKES: terk, quad, 2/20/91, NH 90., New 
Year's 90, polka dots, $25,000 pyramid . . . FA- 
KH, CP, AM, PM, the rest of the bunch . . . 
FOUND: W/Matt, CB (1-4), SADD 2, 3, 4 Pres. 
4; Safe Rides 3, 4, Yearbook 4. Marching Band 1, 
2, 3, 4, CDM 3, 4; Thanx to my families for 
everything ... I love you . . . It's up to us now, 91! 

Jon Datin Rhinerson 

79 Bay Colony Drive 

Sing about the good times and the night that 
lights the day. Jon, Rhino . . . LIKES: The 
BOYS, Prom '89, New Year's eve, Brady, Jessi- 
ca, Jim, Chris, Chief Clark, '80 Grand Prix, Zep- 
pelin, Van Halen, Jim's room, Youldens, Tap- 
ping, CS, TM, MA, DE, Kerry, Millis Runs, 
Franky, Grady's House, Mom Dad, MBTA ride, 
Sit-ins, Remember, it's the Journey, not the Des- 
tination. Until we meet again . . . 

Daniel S. Ringel 

46 Hemlock Drive 


Catherine Anne Samiotes 

185 Briar Lane 

"Happiness is a perfume you cannot pour on oth- 
ers without getting a few drops on yourself." To 
the Class of 91', I wish you much luck! Mrs. 
Tosca, thanx for everything and I will always 
remember you. "I just give him some money and I 
stay home and make bread!" HA! Scott, thank 
you for believing in me and being so wonderful . . . 
I Love You. Les, from the 4th grade till for-ever 
we will always be friends. Mom & Dad, Thank 
you for being so understanding and for always 
being there for me. You will always mean the 
world to me. 

Mauricio Segal 

390 Pond Street 

If it's too frightening to look forward and too 
painful to look back look beside you, and I'll be 
there. Mo, Mo-Reese . . . Dude!, Chica!, Not!, 
Slavish! . . . Black hair, tan skin, dark eyes . . . 
Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Baseball 1,2... LIKES: The 
rabbit, parties, T-ride, Sophomore year, late 
nights, side streets, Xmas '90, New Years '90, 
Chocolate cake and ice cream at New Pond . . . 
PET PEEVES: Flashing blues, New Years '91 . . . 
FAVORITE PEOPLE: The boys! and assorted 
girls of 91' . . . WHERE FOUND: Around. 

Avida Setayesh 

133 Stanford Drive 

To Know is Nothing At All; To Imagine Is Every- 
thing. Avi, Vida . . . "hit Me lx!", "Yes, Yes", 
"Hurt Me!", "Did you ever have a spasm in your . 
. . ?", LIKES: lunch bunch, NH, 25$, 1st Nite, 
Cancun, Slushies, paMies, fro yo, the Doors, con- 
certs . . . PET PEEVES: Beatrice, Gopher, An- 
noying woman, bad moods . . . FAVORITE PEO- 
AM . . . WHERE FOUND: TCBY, poolside, lip 
syncs, 7 sis, Buckley Estates. Swimming 1, 2, 3, 4; 
Track 1; National Honor Society 3, 4; SHH 2, 3; 
Key Club 3, 4; Green Years 4. 

Thomas Shepherd 

379 Washington Street 

Stare the future in the face — Burton Snowboards, 
1991 . . . LIKES: Tweaking a stale head high, The 
Red Hot Chili Pepers, Wisconsin, terk. Belle's 
house . . . WHERE FOUND: Belle's, The Bump, 
Stratton pipe, Tuckerman's . . . PEOPLE: Belle, 
Stanley, Hatch, Christos, Chunk, Pete, Randy, 
Lisa, Keller, Mayamaria . . . DISLIKES: Who?, 
History according to Bill, broken racks. Barf, 
Soccer 2, 3, 4; Basketball 1, 2; National Honor 
Society 3, 4; Safe Rides 4. 

Carolyn Gayle Sherrod 

206 Conant Road 

Sing and make music in your heart to the Lord, 
always giving thanks to God the Father for every- 
thing. Sherrod, Muff . . . curly hair . . . LIKES: 
Billy Joel, youth group, Jamaica, Baltimore, 
Hard Rock Cafe', dances, Fun in the sun, M & M 
runs . . . PET PEEVES: Physics, open-minded 
close-minded people, frosty hair, neon . . . FA- 
DW, M & D . . . WHERE FOUND: running 5 
min. behind, Cheerleading 1, 2; Volleyball 3; Na- 
tional Honor Society 3, 4; French Honor Society 
2, 3, 4; Green Years 3, 4. 

Catherine J. Sinnott 

60 Glandore Road 

The Future belongs to those who Dare. Katie, 
Kate . . . tall, blue eyes . . . "No way", "Imagine . . 
!."... LIKES: four-wheeling, Eric Clapton, 
beaches, ID's, PET PEEVES: homeroom, no $, 
the uncertain . . . FAVORITE PEOPLE: Beth, 
Sue, Marlene, Cyndi, Avida, Daiva, Jenn, Matt . . 
. WHERE FOUND: Shoes N Bags, Duxbury. 
Volleyball 1, 2, 3; Ski team 4; Track 1, 2, 4; 
Basketball 1, 2; National Honor Society 3, 4; 
FHS 2, 3, 4; 

Achilles Sotos 

226 Winter Street 

It is better to have followed your dream and 
failed, than never to have tried at all Achilles, . . . 
Greek . . . "Not!", "It's Time!" . . . LIKES: 
Playing guitar, parties, girls, fast cars, LED ZEP, 
VH, Ozzy . . . PET PEEVES: school, snobs . . . 
Playing guitar, THE PIT, MAD MAGGIES, 
Millis pool hall, ANY AND EVERY PARTY!! 
Thanks, Mom, Dad and Vass. 

Christopher Spellman 

33 Dean Ave. 

Take your time think a lot think of everything 
you've got, you will still be here tommorrow but 
your dreams may not. Chris, Spelly . . . "So 
What!" That's alright though" . . . LIKES: hock- 
ey, softball, parties, rides . . . PET PEEVES: 
rumors, Nobles 5 a.m., early nights . . . FAVOR- 
ITE PEOPLE: Karen, Mase, Lunchie, The Boys, 
The rest of '91 . . . WHERE FOUND: The Nook, 
Karen's, Hockey Games. Hockey 1, 2, 3, 4; Gar- 
den Club 4; "State Champions". 


Josh Steinfeld 

149 Ellis Street 

The light of the future is only seen through the 
eyes of the industrious, and the hearts of dream- 
ers. Josh, Josh Baby, Pearlstien LIKES: music, 
girls and new experiences, February vacation 
"91", Celtics. PET PEEVES: Backstabbers . . . 
LP, BD Baseball 1, 2; Soccer 2, 3, 4. PEACE!! 

Bethany L. Stuart 

290 East Street 

If at first you don't succeed, try something else! 
"Whatever floats your boat!" . . . Beth, Spaz! 
Goldie, Blue eyes . . . "Oh my God!", "Like . . . 
Like!" Where's my pink slushie? Want some pop- 
corn? You horn dog! The stumobile, M.D., Any 
Questions? Varsity B.B. Games L. Sauce J. Hats 
L. #21 Where's my Hoodie? Dag! Doubt it! 
LIKES: The Gap, Weekends, parties, first nite . . 
. Where are they? Hide It! DISLIKES: hairspray, 
socks., The twithcher . . . Aimee, always Green! 
Chris Shh . . . SADD 3, 4; Mentors 2, 3, 4; Thanks 
M & D! 

Cheryl Jean Suffredini 

29 Peartree Drive 

Between hello and goodbye these were the best 
years of my life. LIKES: The Murphy's, week- 
ends, B-Cruisen in Sophia, Cancun 91, Gigi, ha- 
bla espanol, girls' hoop team, road trip to URI, 
late nights with TM . . . PET PEEVES: 4-1-90, a 
good time ruined, liars, last game . . . FAVOR- 
ITES: Michelle, Tish, Laeu, O'Conn, CO, JD, 
SC, BOB, MAC, CC, Bubbles . . . WHERE 
FOUND: At Tish's, W/friends. Basketball 1, 2, 
3, Capt. 4;, Soccer 1, 2, 3, 4; SADD 1, 2, 3, 4. 
Thanx Mom, Dad, Sheila, Gramps. Good Luck 

Kelly Joanne Susco 

36 Fieldstone Road 

Live for today because tomorrow may never ar- 
rive. Kel, Suscorooni . . . tall, strawberry blonde . . 
. "Loser", "Holy", "Nice", "Point . . . None" . . . 
LIKES: guys, parties, concerts, driving, skiing . . . 
PET PEEVES: knee injuries, lack of funds, 
Shaw's . . . FAVORITE PEOPLE: SH, KT, MY, 
CP, KH, LR, AH, AM, JF, MW, MH & the rest 
of the gang . . . WHERE FOUND: my house, in 
my car . . . MEMORIES: lists, NF, W.A., Lisa's 
pool parties, hockey with Cal, N.H. 90. Soccer 1, 

2, 3, 4; National Honor Society 3, 4; Green Years 

3, 4; SADD 3, 4; Safe Rides 4. 

Jennifer Ann Sykes 

44 Lull Street 

Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look 
around once in a while you could miss it. Jen, 
Jenskee . . . Blue eyes, always laughing . . . "Get 
outta here!" . . . LIKES: music, videotape, Har- 
vard Square, the Celtics, a good joke, Pianoman, 
Joy and Pain . . . PET PEEVES: wong, twitching, 
gym lizards, skies . . . FAVORITE PEOPLE: 
AC, NL, LH, SG, CF, HB, DW, BS, 2KH, RG . . 
. WHERE FOUND: breakfast club, in someone 
else's car, lost . . . Softball 1, 2; Mentors 1, 2, 3, 4; 
Basketball 1; Safe Rides 4. Hi, Ma! 

Kimberly Noel Theodore 

17 June Street 

Forget about the bad times, remember all the 
good times, hold your head up high and break 
away. Kim, Lippy . . . Likes: Blazers, Brown U 
Boys, After-7, Fla '91, T-chase, summer 89-91, 
Nantucket, MHS, TDK, Maine, Cape, H-ing up, 
cow kisses . . . Pet Peeves: anything cheezy, Har- 
ows, PCHouse '89, SVR, Liars, & I, mistakes . . . 
Favorite People: Laura, Sean, Vanessa, Andrea, 
Lori, RM, AM, BE . . . Where found: w/LVA, 
Sean's, Brown, Gap. PP. Field Hockey 1, 2, 3, 4; 
Softball 1, 2, 3; Key Club 4 . . . Thanks Mom, 
Dad, and Chris. 

Lori Ann Thornton 

494 Hartford Street 

A friend is someone who doesn't always have to 
be by your side to be with you forever. Laeu, Lu, 
Luey Bud, Laaow . . . freckles, talkative . . . 
LIKES: weekends, Prudence, #5, M. adventures 
with MO, fuschia, B-Spill buddy, parties . . . PET 
PEEVES: getting caught, Wa's, unknown desti- 
nations, SV Rd FAVORITE PEOPLE: Mi- 
chelle, Cheryl, Steve, Jess, Kim, Bob, Dan, Paul, 
CO, KC, LB, SC, Bubs, Brady, Tish, Gigi . . . 
FOUND: In the Gigi w/MO, B-Cruz in Sophia, 
Skyway . . . Soccer 1, 2, 3, Capt 4; Class Treasur- 
er 2, 3, 4; Key Club 4; Spanish Honor Society 3, 

Kristine Marie Tondorf 

36 Circuit Road 

I find as I grow older that I love those most whom 
I loved first. Krissy, Kris, Weidnel . . . brown hair, 
brown eyes . . . "It's a good effect" . . . LIKES: 
Petey, Gunds, Leo, M. Jordan, Gap, rap, plaid, B. 
Idol, matching socks, Rusty, NC-NH, scrun- 
chies, art W/MD, KT, "Guns", coffee ice cream . 
. . PET PEEVES: attitude . . . FAVE PEOPLE: 
Peter, Kel, BTCR, Mom, Dad, Kurt, & the girls . 
. . FOUND: W/Peter, shopping, Skyway. Basket- 
ball 1; National Honor Society 3, 4 Pres. 4; Men- 
tors 1, 2, 3, 4. Field Hockey 1-4, Capt. 4; Softball 
1. Good luck and keep smiling! 

Denis Vajentic 

169 Porter Street 

There's no sensation to compare with this sus- 
pended animation - a state of bliss. 

Christopher Walter 

135 Fensview Drive 

Laugh and the world laughs with you, cry and cry 
alone . . . Chris, Chip, Pianoman, CL . . . "Unn- 
gunna, Comon say what? I've got one day to learn 
this music?" . . . LIKES: Piano, Tennis, Skiing, 
Soccer, The mean aftertaste of a school lunch . . . 
PET PEEVES: z94. Tiffany, Shoe goo . . . FA- 
VORITE PEOPLE: Karen, Matt, Chris, Randy, 
Judd, Janese, Cal, Barbara . . . WHERE 
FOUND: Music Room, Tennis court, Blue Bump 
... Music 1, 2, 3, 4; Tennis 1, 2, 3, 4; Skiing 1, 2, 
4; Soccer 4; SHH 3; DQ 2, 3, 4; African Missions 
4; Class Pianist. 

Michael Patrick Welby 

15 Larch Street 

Becoming a champion is one thing, but setting the 
example for the younger kids so they can strive to 
become champions is a challenge. Mike, Michael, 
Welbs . . . dirty blonde, blue eyes . . . "Has it sunk 
in yet?!" "Nope!" . . . LIKES: being no. 1, quiet 
evenings, HOCKEY, playing at the Garden . . . 
PET PEEVES: W.A., waiting for Spell, A.P., 
"Nice Life," "I doubt it" . . . FAVORITE PEO- 
PLE: CP, Cal's gang, CS, CQ, BH, PM, JK, Mrs. 
Staiti . . . WHERE FOUND: school, Cal's. Base- 
ball 1, 2, 3, 4; Hockey 1, 2, 3, 4; Capt. 3, 4. 

Dineen Marie Wilson 

410 East Street 

For pullin me away when I'm startin to fall, for 
givin me the answers when I'm askin you why, my 
oh my for that I thank you. Thanks, Mom and 
Dad, and Momma T! Dee . . . "winggida", "holy, 
my", "and I'm the Pope!", "I wanna be a ho . . . 
ze" . . . Likes: Dancing, Music, and chocolate 
covered cherries . . . Pet Peeves: styrofoam, 
Wong, unibrow, not having money . . . Favorite 
People: CF, KH, SG, KH, HB, NL, JS, AC, JN, 
AG, JVG, RG . . . Where Found: Work, with the 
breakfast club, on the phone, camping. Drama 1, 
2, 3, 4; Chorale 1, 2, 3, 4; Safe Rides 4. 


Evan Owens 

97 Bay Colony Drive 

Only two things are infinite, the universe and 
human stupidity and I'm not sure about the for- 
mer. -Albert Einstein. Troubled by sleep, insanity, 
Jim & Pam, French, Chemistry, Calculus, System 
1 errors, Guru meditations, time, entropy, exis- 
tence beyond the event horizon, Ezra Pound, 
Peyo, Chungisms, The Track Gods, The Tiny Lit- 
tle Super Guy, speedreading, review courses, 
BBS, Snippets, Lord British, SB, JL's, MC, TE, 
CF, . . . LIKES: Spam . . . FAVORITE PEO- 
PLE: Cliff Stole, Stephen Hawking, T.S. Eliot. 

Kenneth Casavant 

603 Hartford Street 

Edward Griffin 

78 Margery Lane 

Camille Perry 

14 Atherton Street, Boston 

Dina Perry 

515 Washington St., Boston 

Audrey Young 

1136 Harrison Avenue, Boston 

Don't let fear hold you back. "Audrey Woman" 
"Strawberries and Whipped Cream" . . . Diligent, 
responsible, unique, organized . . . "When I'm 
good, I'm good and when I'm bad I'm better." . . . 
LIKES: men, Pizza, Mrs. Runci's chocolate chip 
cookies, and clothes . . . PET PEEVES: under- 
classmen . . . FAVORITE PEOPLE: Camille, 
Dina, Robin . . . WHERE FOUND: Scott's of- 
fice, Downtown Boston, Learning Center, on the 
telephone . . . Thanks, Ma, for your encourage- 
ment. I couldn't have done it without you. 

®{jts is to Okrttfrj ftbd 

tfie (Elasss of X99X 

naA ±a6A{aedow/y <omfi/t tea trie K/-y«W coaxie of ihcay. ior- 
a.'HJUiaa&Gn ant/ ri tn^tx'/eyte awarded Mta 



Westwood High School " Class of 1941 

Front row, left to right: Louella Jordan, *Charlotte Kohl, Betty Sor ensen (treasurer), Mary Turner (president), Gloria Dunbar (vice 
^president), Rita Beevers (secretary), "Dorothy Romines, 'Janina Oles, Mr. Theodore M. Chase, principal. Back row, left to right: Miss 
IMarion MacQuarrie, Allen Baker, Lawrence Gnrhlund, Kathryn Lau fer, George Leonard, Priscilla Olson, Kathleen Quinn, Kathryn Tully, 
md Joan Pettit. * Honor Graduates '' - — Parkway News Photo Service 

Westwood High School Holds 
First Graduation Exercises 

Class of 1991, School Committee, Faculty and Guests: 

The Class of 1941 wants to thank you for the invitation to participate in the 
fiftieth anniversary of Westwood High School and your graduation. 

No doubt there have been some changes from what we did as pioneers and 
probably some of those activities are still a part of the tradition here. Some 
things haven't changed and my knees are just as shaky as they were in 1941. 
These are some of the things we did that first year, other than what are on 
display at the Westwood high school and the public library . . . 

Previous to 1940, Westwood's eighth grade pupils had a choice between 
Dedham High School and Norwood High. Most chose Dedham even though 
we were considered "country people," "hill people" or "hicks". We did have 
many friends there and most of us were disappointed when we were told our 
Senior year would not be at Dedham. Later on we realized that it was a good 
decision . . . 

Besides football, the sports program supported girls' and boys' basketball, 
girls' Softball and boys' baseball teams. I don't remember their records ... To 
keep us informed about school activities the "Nahatan News" was published 
and a supplement became our "yearbook." 

Westwood in 1941 was no longer a sleepy country town but was becoming a 

dynamic suburban community. It was an exciting time for us and it holds 

many happy memories. From the Class of 1941 to the Class of 1991, we wish 

jyou great success in the years ahead. Wherever you travel and settle, please 

rcarry with you the many fond memories you have of Westwood and your 

Westwood High School years. 

- Mr. Allen Baker 

Mr. Allen Baker, Class of 1941, speaker at graduation 

Tom Shepherd receives diploma from his grandmother, Mrs. 
Kathleen Quinn Beaumont, Class of 1941 


' t* * ' •'■V' ?"^"""l >-<r' 








♦ ' 





( J 







V • 





♦ * J 


__ 1 ^, "'"LJ^fc 

. ( 

<faf- ^A 

i?wpB ^» 



l i 


* ^ ^jBC 



I' -JIBr*** -4B x I 

lr~4mET' 1 


"• 1 v« -" m Wr- • 





1MI I 






•» + 



j ^ . \ 








Green Years reporter: 
What is unique about WHS? 

Chris Burgess: The courtyards. 

Rick Johnston: Student body. 

Julie Lowe: Everything and nothing . . . 

If you could change one thing about 

WHS, what would it be? 

Chris Burgess: Carpeting. 

Erin O'Brien: There would be an open 


Mike Cafarella: The electrical outlets! 

Describe a typical junior in four words: 

Chris Burgess: Kinda short, kinda tall. 

David Hurwitz: Irritable, complicated, 

immature, boring. 

Erin O'Brien: Where's the party? 

Rick Johnston: Deaf, dumb, blind & 


Julie Lowe: Senior-want-to-be. 
Mike Cafarella: Brown hair, average 

What advice would you give to the in- 
coming juniors? 
Chris Burgess: Smile. 
David Hurvitz: Work very hard. Any- 
one can get good grades. 
Erin 0"Brien: Have fun on your 

Rick Johnston: Heads up!! 
Julie Lowe: Work hard. This year 
counts the most. 
Michael Cafarella: Shave daily. 
A. J. Beaulieu: Expect the worst. 
What are you looking forward to in 
your senior year? 
Chris Burgess: Power 

Erin CBrien: Watching the lost fresh- 
men find their way around the school. 
Rick Johnston: Hockey season, Powder 

Julie Lowe: Getting out of school in 

Mike Cafarella: Seniority. 
If the school was burning down and 
you could save one thing, what would it 

Chris Burgess: An Apple He. 
David Hurvitz: Mr. Brown's history 

Julie Lowe: My turkey and pickle sand- 

Mike Cafarella: The 1963 Green Years. 
A. J. Beaulieu, Erin O'Brien & Rick 
Johnston: Myself! 


^•/■•, ,;.:"• 


David Collier 

Brian Conley 

Jennifer Conley 

Jennifer Conners 

Jean Corcoran 

Diane Costello 

Ryan Creasi 

Darlene Creavin 

Jennifer Crouse 

Denis Desmond 

Sandra DiMartino 

Cara Donlon 


Gwen Dreyer 

Christine Grady 

Daniel Griffin 

Alicia Hamway Jennifer Harrington Tim Harrington 

Susan Hart 

David Hurvitz Shirelle Jefferson 

Rick Johnston 

Pamela Griffin 

jjM Bfe 

#N * 


T*~ l * ' 

^H 1 Bl 

1 * r 




Mark Haverty 

Stephanie Jones Raymond Jowdy 


Paul Kavanaugh 

Jane Lee 

Tanya Lynch 

Michael Massaro 

Sarah Moody 


Emily Kelley 

Margaret Kelley 

Nola Kelley 

Rick Kranz 

Christopher Lennon 

Sean Libbey 

Meridith Liddell Norman Liljestrand 

Charles Magri 

Kevin Mahoney Patricia Malloy 


Peter Marchetti 

David Leary 

Julie Lowe 

Steve Mason 

Chuck Mattera 

Amy McCoy 

Steven McDonough 

Lori McKenna 

Bryan Molloy 

Emily Moore 

Diane Murphy 

Mark Nalbandian 

Lisa Nicholas 

Erin O'Brien 

David O'Rourke 

Alysia Ordway 

Andy Owens 

Omid Pakseresht 

Camille Papp 

Himanshu Patel 

Jeffrey Patterson 

Stephen Philbin 

Aaron Piziali 

Peggy Pollak 

Matthew Prout 

John Queally 

Mark R. Sullivan Christine Swanson 

John Tretter 

Brad Weiner 

Christian Zingg 


' Mm 

JUNIORS . . . 


p -^||H 



Now, what did I do??? 

This detail work is getting to me . . . 

I think I have it 

Not Pictured: 

Erin Chipley 
Karin Croke 
Carrie Crossland 
Brian Cummings 
Heidi Getchell 
Elizabeth Herard 
Shawna Hoban 
Julie Hunter 
Nancy llfeld 
Jeffery Keith 
Shannon Keyes 
Julie Mao 
Michael McFarlane 
Cynthia McLaughlin 
Michelle Murphy 
Parinaz Rajaii 
Todd Rhinerson 
Judith Rich 


What's on the menu? 

C'mon, let's get to work 

CLASS OF 1993 

Class Officers (L to R): Christine Sceppa (Sec), Christy 

Doyle (Vice-Pres.), Joy Howland (Pres.), James Marsh 

(Treas.), Mrs. Anna Runci (Advisor). 

Green Years Reporter: 

What's the main difference between being a freshman 

and being a sophomrore? 

Laura Iskenderian: As a freshman you get attention; as a 

sophomore you are nothing. 

Mark Paster: Not having to fill up the water bottles in 


Ed Galvin: One year. 

David Abdou 
Suzanne Adams 
Brian Austin 
Heidi Back 
Amy Beneway 
Sarah Brett 

Rebecca Burk 
Megan Burnett 
Jeffrey Campanelli 
Kenneth Carter 
Sunghyun Chung 
Richard Cocivera 

John Collins 
Theresa Conley 
Mark Connelly 
Siobhan Connelly 
Laura Corcoran 
John Corlito 

David Cronin 
Noreen Curtin 
Heidi Davis 
Daniel Dobra 
Maria Dowd 
Christy Doyle 


^**»5vf f ittXK <*: *• -to 1 \-yiT \\i 





Sophomores Class Of 1993 

Kristine Farren 

Corinna Federico 

Matthew Fink 

Michelle Fisher 

Russell Flynne 

Kevin Foster 

Mary Foster 

Jennifer Fox 

Meaghan Gadd 

Edward Galvin 

Veronica Gozzo 

David Green 

John Griffin 

Donna Guglielmi 

Michael Hall 

Daniel Hannon 

Melissa Hener 

Frederick Herard 

Darrell Higginbottom 

Patricia Higgins 

Amy Howe 

Joy-Marie Howland 

Andrew Hughes 

Whitney Ilg 

Elio Imbornone 

Laura Iskenderian 

Patrice Jefferson 

Sean Keaney 

Christy Kiriacopoulos 

George Koukkos 

Paul Kremer 

Asad Kureshy 

Shafie Kureshy 

Tara Laham 

Kerry Larkin 

Brian Lawton 


Sophomores Class Of 1993 

Christine Leon 
Jonathon Lynch 
Jennifer Mara 
James Marsh 
Katherine Mason 
Jennifer May 

Amy Mazzola 
R. Scott McCarthy 
Stephen McGovern 
Paul Moloney 
Eileen O'Dea 
Mark Paster 

Matthew Pellegrini 
Alex Perkins 
Grace Petta 
Gregory Piazza 
Nancy Radden 
James Resha 

Diana Rice 
Janet Rosenblad 
Mary Rosentel 
Wendy Rowe 
Nancy Santoro 
Christine Sceppa 

Keity Semonova 
Douglas Sibley 
Richard Siggins 
Craig Sinclair 
Evpraxia Sitmalidis 
Jeremy Steele 

Kerry Suchma 
Karen Taylor 
David Tenofsky 
Stephen Tibbetts 
Lindsay Tisdale 
Lisa Troiano 



Sophomores Class Of 1993 

Michael Troiano 

Klaus Ulmann 

Jennifer VanGelder 

Catherine Walencis 

Scott Wood 

Not Pictured: 

Paul Flaherty 
Matthew Kellei 
Timothy Lewis 

Justin McNair 
Jody Niak 

Aisha Owens 

Joslyn Stewart 


Green Years Reporter: 

If you never heard the word sophomore, what would you 

think it was? 

Amy Beneway: I'd think it was some brand name for pil- 

Laura Iskenderian: Idiot, moron. 
Lisa Troiano: The son of Sophocles. 
Mark Onderdonk: A fungus. 
Amy Mazzola: A big person at the high school. 
Jay Resha: "Sophisticated? 

Kerry Larkin: Some type of reptile, perhaps a specific stage 
in a frog's (as a tadpole) life. 
Anonymous: A word for more soda. 
Tim Lewis: A good-looking girl. "Man, she's sophomore!" 
Mark Connelly: 6'7", 650 lb. kid. 
Theresa Conley: Something that's soft!?! 
Ed Galvin: A plant-eating exotic animal. 
Jen Fox: A contagious disease. 
Aisha Owens: Some sort of ice cream. 
Describe a typical sophomore: 

Amy Beneway: Just happy not to be a freshman or a junior 
because that's a hard year. 

Laura Iskenderian: Interested in the opposite sex, wants to 
do well in school but not a fanatic about grades, daring but 
not crazy, tall, thin, friendly, usually kind. Anything else? 
Lisa Troiano: Loud, intelligent, sarcastic. 
Mark Onderdonk: Asleep. 
Amy Mazzola: Someone who thinks he owns the world. 

Matt Pellegrini: An easy-going person with no homework. 

Jay Resha: Dave Abdou because he's on the cover of the 

Student Handbook. 

Kerry Larkin: A typical sophomore? There really is none. 

The sophomore class is a conglomerate of different, unique 


Anonymous: A person with a bigger ego than a freshman 

and a smaller one than a junior. 

Tim Lewis: Someone who thinks they are totally cool bu 

when reality hits, you're only a 16 year-old 10th grader! 

Mark Connelly: One step above a frosh. 

Theresa Conley: Tired bored, looking for fun. 

Ed Galvin: Intelligent, athletic, good sense of humor. 

Kevin Foster: There's no such thing as a "typical" sopho 


Aisha Owen: Think they know it all. 

At Westwood High if you were to go straight, then left, , 

then right, then down the stairs, then left, where would you 

end up? 

Amy Beneway: LOST!: 

Laura Iskenderian: Custodian's room. 

Lisa Troiano: The cafeteria. 

Mark Paster: Boiler room. 

Jay Resha: Somewhere downstairs! 

Tim Lewis: You'd be just outside of Norwood. 

Mark Connelly: That's the direction you send a freshma 

on the first day of school — to the boiler room. 

Kevin Foster: Under the office in the wing that isn't used 


^mt \Lrt: fjHL *l*s 


FRESHMEN class of 


Class Officers (L to R): Tina Spinello (Sec), Kurt Tondorf (Pres.), 
Denise Cullinane (Treas.), Ben Christian (Vice-Pres.). Missing: Mr. R. 
Kodzis (Advisor). 

Green Years Reporter: 

What is the biggest difference between a freshman and 

a senior? 

Amy CBrien: Their tolerance level. 

Kellie Noumi: Intelligence. Freshmen are smarter. 

Brian Moore: Freshmen are smaller. 

Rania Awde 
Jennifer Babcock 
Jessica Barsamian 
Hossein Bayat 
Elise Burgess 
Peter Cafarella 

Julie Chiofolo 
Jeffrey Churwin 
Anne Cloherty 
Sam Coffey 
Todd Collier 
Robert Collins 

Andrew Corbett 
Denise Cullinane 
Theresa Curran 
Christopher Daniels 
Patricia Darcy 
Kimberlyn Dennis 

Robert Disabato 
Meghan Dolan 
Garrett Domina 
H. Edward Duffy 
Carolyn Dunn 
Margaret Earls 


' ' 


James Fitzgerald 

Joseph Flynn 

Kathleen Gallagher 

Nicholas Ganson 

Ellen Gorman 

Elizabeth Gurski 

C. Harrington 

Kevin Harrington 

Cathleen Haverty 

Ryun Hong 

Ellen Houle 

Jacob House 

Amy Howard 

Amity Howland 

Angela Hughes 

James Hunter 

Kimberly Jacobson 

Joshua Jones 

Robert Kaufman 

Sushma Komakula 

Sarah Lanning 

Erika Larch 

Garry Lauck 

Victoria Lehmann 


What is a sport that only freshmen can play? 

Kellie Noumi: Meter-stick baseball. 
Rebecca Tremble: T.V. tag. 
Brian Moore: Croquet. 

Courtney Patterson: Bowling pins for the seniors. 
What brings tears to your eyes? 

Ryan Murphy: Being stuffed into a locker by a muscle- 
man senior. 

Brian Moore: Mrs. Malm's tests. 
Courtney Patterson: Pretty soon I'll no longer be re- 
ferred to as a "lowly freshman." 

Ryun Hee Hong: When something hits my eye. Ouch! 
Amy just hit me. 



Nicole LeVangie 
Bonnie Levinson 
Leanne Little 
Elizabeth Lynch 
Amy Magnuson 
Raffaele Maione 

Phillip Maloof 
Michael Mancuso 
Magda Marseille 
Deborah Martin 
Gregory McCarthy 
Jennifer McDonald 

Paul McGrail 
Douglas Mclntyre 
David McKissock 
Barbara Miller 
Carolyn Miner 
Brian Moore 

Sean Mullen 
Ryan Murphy 
Cara Nasisi 
Eileen Neville 
Kellie Noumi 
Paul O'Connor 

What could you get away with in high school that you 
couldn't get away with in junior high? 

Kellie Noumi: Skipping class. 

Brian Moore: I helped myself to a pretzel in the lunch- 

Courtney Patterson: Nothing and everything. 
What is the most embarrassing thing that happened to 
you this year? 

Ryan Murphy: Getting bench-pressed by a senior. 
Rebecca Tremble: I was singing in the cafeteria and it 
got very quiet and seniors and juniors started to stare at 

Brian Moore: I was thrown in a garbage can. 
Courtney Patterson: I got in a fight with the janitor while 
he was trying to pry my locker open with a crowbar down 
by the cafeteria at lunchtime. 







■ • ■ 



Jennifer Paris 

Courtney Patterson 

Mark Philbrick 

Rebecca Prout 

Christopher Queally 

Nathaniel Razza 

Michael Ricardi 

William Riley 

Kerrin Robertson 

Jill Santopietro 

Andre Shabo 

Saumya Sharma 

Frederick Shaw 

Elizabeth Speros 

Christina Spinello 

Ben Stuart 

Andre Suescun 

Elizabeth Sullivan 

Dennis Sykes 

Carmen Tilles 

Kurt Tondorf 

Rebecca Tremble 

Matthew Turk 

Kerry Vogelgesang 

Joyce Wagner 

Robert White 

Brooke Wire 

Christopher Woodley 

Christine York 

Peter Zarrella 

Ben Christain 

Joseph Jowdy 

Laurie Nalbandian 

Cory Sanders 

\ • 

• f 






Rtlf sm ^^^W 

Not Pictured: 
Ryan Collins 
Darci Gorgone 
Jean Ladouceur 
Kerrie McManus 
Donald Murphy 
Amy O'Brien 

IrvAnne OPaul 
Mark Randlett 
Peter Samiotes 
Shakira Soberani 
Nancy Tilles 
Carol Me Wan 
Ian Zafft 



Each year is an eternity that we as 
students must deal with, and now that 
this year is over, we can look back on 
some of the things that happened to all 
of us during the course of the year . . . 
Being president was a cinch, probably 
because we didn't really get a good 
chance to turn the school upside down. 
But we did get to plan some pretty cool 
stuff like a dance and a beach trip. It 
seemed that anything we did required 
hard work and trial and error . . . One of 

the brightest spots this past year was to 
actually witness the semi-disappear- 
ance of cliques in our grade. A couple 
of years back, we wouldn't have gath- 
ered 40 or 50 kids at a lunch table, but I 
saw that all too often this year. I think 
we became better friends, more mature 
and, more importantly, an awesome 
class. Maybe I'm a little soft, but 
thanks for a great year . . . 

Kurt Tondorf 

Mrs. Evelyn Malm 
Grade 9 Team Leader 






•■■■ " v': ' ' : 




Desert Storm bulletin honoring WHS graduates 

Lynn Santopietro attaches yellow ribbons for WHS graduates serving 
in the Gulf War 


Navy Band entertains WHS students 

Actors from Roxbury Outreach Shakespearian theatrical group 



"Last year I came across an incredible pen and ink drawing of 
a dog snarling. The image was fixed in my mind so this year when 
I took ceramics I thought I might try to reproduce it as a mask. 
As a beginner I thought it might be too difficult, but I began. As 
my project started looking more and more like my vision, I got 
even more inspired and tried harder. Then when 1 found out that 
my sculpture was going to the scholastic competition I thought 
maybe it wasn't good enough. Well, as it turned out, I received a 
blue ribbon which is the top award, and my dog is in New York 
where it is being exhibited with other winners from across the 
United States. So the moral of the story is: 

You never know what you can do until you try it." 

Achilles Soto 

echanical Problem: Chris Woodley, Andrew Shabo, Michael Mancuso, Robert 
hite, Joshua Jones. Missing: James Fitzgerald. 

ODYSSEY OF THE MIND: Westwood High School entered 
two teams of freshmen in the Medfield Regional Tournament of 
the Massachusetts Odyssey of the Mind Competition on March 
16, 1991. Both teams received second place ribbons in Division 
III and qualified for the finals. Odyssey of the Mind is a program 
which encourages critical and creative thinking as well as cooper- 
ative problem solving. 

Classics Problem: Eileen Neville, Saumya Sharma. Joyce Wagner, Rebecca 
Tremble, Margaret Earls. 

L./ 'fi-m^M 

V K^n 

I i(1 I 



^t in ;;' 

'■ "■: 



Starting out with a grueling 
week of double sessions, the 
Soccer Team begin its year. 
Officially the year began with 
a scoreless game at Martha's 
Vineyard, a game that set the 
tone for the season. For it was 
after that game that the Wol- 
verines realized winning would 
not come easily. The team did 
did manage to pull off five wins 

and six ties out of 18 games. 
That record gave Westwood 16 
points, 6 points shy of the tour- 
nament. But not making it to 
the tournament didn't dampen 
the Soccer Team's season. For 
as one of our refs said, "You 
guys may not be all that talent- 
ed, but you sure are fun." And 
that's what we did, we had fun. 
Memories: Not so "fun runs," 

Martha's Vineyard game, geek 
circle, glory days, decorating 
Lano's car, quotes like "I have 
an attitude?", "Coach, it 
wasn't me," and "When I was 
in high school . . .", finesse 
boys, "Did you just punch him, 
Jay?", "Nice face, Ben," Sey- 

Bequeath next year: A season 
with zero ties. 

Most memorable meet/event 

Last game of the year when w< 
tied All-State Champs, Med 
way 2-2. 
Honors: TVL All-Stars: Jasoi 
Keller, John McDermott 
Steve Brady E-Mass All-Star 
John McDermott 


ezwtyv^^-; - 

ri nJ& 








^ ^ 

^ m r ~ ^ 


Martha's Vi 














Pope John 




















1 Westwood 
























Front Row (L to R): John McDermott (Capt.), Hossein Bayat, Samuel Coffey, Ryan Collins, Joshua Jones, Jake House 
Matthew Keller, Ben Christian, Robert Collins. Second Row: Andrew Hughes, Hyun Chung, David Baggeroer, Mar 
Karafotias, Paul Higgins, Matthew Prout, Jason Keller (Capt.), Christopher Walters, David Chung, Donald Murphy. Bacl 
Row: Coach Richard Scafati, Christopher Harrington, Achilles Sotos, Bernard Peck, Omid Pakaresht, Thomas Hennigar 
Himanchu Patel, Aaron Piziali, Steven Brady (Capt.), Thomas Shepherd, John Lane, Manager Kevin McDermott. 

L to R: Captains Jason Keller, John McDermott, Steven Brady. 



iii im NUffi 

GIRLS' SOCCER I "Kickstart My Heart" 

Although this year's effort 
'an't exactly be labeled a win- 
ing season, it certainly wasn't 
oring! Who can forget the 
rueling double-session work- 
outs or the newly-introduced 
'•ack runs? The short-long- 
bort will surely remain forever 
tched in our memories! Sever- 
1 freshman survived the last 
{vo weeks in August and were 

welcome addition to the var- 
ty squad, earning their keep 

on and off the field. As the sea- 
son progressed, the team 
seemed to grow closer. Even a 
less than desirable record 
couldn't keep the team's spirit 
down for long. How could we 
help but be cheered up by Mi- 
chelle's crazy bus-ride enter- 
tainment and the soothing 
strains of "Guns 'N Roses"? 
All in all, we had fun and will 
take with us the many memo- 
ries of the 1990 season! 

Memories: "Girls, you've got 
to get the ball in the net!", 
"New Ball!", "Hi, Nublet!", 
K-Mooney, O'Lar, Sherri- 
Lynn, Lesbo, Laeu (Still a cap- 
tain to us), Okinawa, Suffa, 
Cal, Keliynee, Kris, Seka. 
"Hoochiecoo," "All you can 
eat?", "Funny spin," "Hey La- 
die", Game Day,. Thanks for 
everything Coach Niles!!! "We 
love you, Nub. Oh, yes we do . . 









Arch. Williams 















Notre Dame 
















First Row (L to R): Theresa Curran Michelle O'Connor, Jennifer Conley, Carmen Tilles, Peggy Pollak, Barbara 
Miller, Liz Brady, Carrie O'Leary, Cheryl Suffredini, Sherri Carver Back Row: Kerry Larkin, Lesley Bride, Judy 
Rich, Erin O'Brien, Lori Thornton, Megan Driscoll, Coach Niles, Caroline Prinn, Kelly Susco, Kristina Caul- 
field, Jennifer Harrington, Amy O'Brien, Meredith Liddell 

Junior Varsity 

ijirst Row (L to R): Kerry Vogelgesang, Carolyn Dunn, Denise 
Ihillinane, Carolyn Miner, Nancy Tillis, Erika Larch Second 
I bw: Theresa Conley, Christine Sceppa, Angela Hughes, Bon- 
• |e Levinson, Amy Beneway, Janet Rosenblad, Rebecca Burke, 
1 hsy Speros Back Row: Coach Mark Wolverton, Rebecca 

iemble, Amy Howland, Becky Prout, Jennifer May (Capt.), 
iristy Doyle, Jen McDonald, Jennifer Babcock, Meghan Do- 
i, Kate Gallagher, Vicki Lehmann 


CROSS-COUNTRY Placed 3rd in the TVL 

We had little idea of how our 
team would do this year. Our 
first meet against Ashland set 
up a winning streak for 
Westwood for the next two 
meets against Medfield and 
Hopkinton. Our first loss was 
to Dover-Sherborn, but we 
took up the slack by defeating 
Bellingham. With the loss of 
our top runner, the team lost to 
Whitinsville Christian and to 
the track power of Holliston. 
Westwood placed third overall 
in the Tri-Valley League dual 

meet and fifth overall in the 
TVL League meets. The team 
also participated in the Catho- 
lic Memorial Invitational and 
the State meets, all held at 
Franklin Park. 

Memories: The place, the 
Wolverines track battle cry, 
Ernie, tangents, Captain Track 
13 quarters, "Raindrops keep 
Falling on my Head," oral hy- 
gene, the Harem . . . 

Creative awards: TVL Meet 
Rabbit of the Year -Evan Ow- 
ens; Sean Carey Look-Alike- 

Jeff Lawton; Most Disci- 
plined- Mike Cafarella; Best 
Oral Hygiene- Westwood 
Cross-Country Team 

We would like to bequeath 
to next year's team the oral hy- 
giene toothbrush, a good set of 
lungs to Sean Libby, and long- 
er shorts (green paisley) . . . 

The typical bus ride to an 
away game meet was exempli- 
fied by our meet against Hol- 
liston. As usual, we each got a 
seat to ourselves and the bus 
headed out on Route 109. 

Bored, we entertained our 
selves by playing telephone anc 
singing songs like "Row Youi 
Boat" in a great round. As w<, 
rounded a corner in Hollistoi, 
Center, the whole team rushec 
to the right side of the bus t( 
pay homage to The Place, ;< 
grand and awesome store. Af^ 
ter singing the Cross-Countr; 
Battle Hymn, we were psyche^ 
and ready, even if our ignomin 
ious defeat was ominously im 


























Front Row (L to R): Chris Burgess, Jeffrey Lawton, Evan Owens, Craig Foster, 
Dan Ringel, Mike Massaro. Back Row: Coach Dick Hargreaves, Brian Lawton, 
Ranzi Deahger, Sean Libbey, Mike Cafarella, Norman Liljestrand, Dan Hannon, 
John Guerini. 

Captains Jeff Lawton, Craig Foster, Evan Owens. 



We had a really fun season 
nd, although we didn't win a 
It we tied some of the best 
lams in the league. 

Our team had a lot of fun 
ad we laughed a lot (mostly at 
ar coach). Thanks to all the 
,V. players who faithfully 
<ieered at our games, and we 
'ish both of next year's teams 
re best of luck. 

Memories: "You guys!" . . . 

"Keepin' the Faith" 

"When I say green, you say . . 
." "Are Kim and Laura actual- 
ly going to play today?" . . . 
"You know something's wrong 
when both captains storm off 
the field." . . . Lynda's fear of 
Michelle . . . Kerry's "list" . . . 
Lynn to the rescue . . . watch- 
ing the other fall sports teams 
run around us . . . "girl talk" on 
the bus rides . . . "Dan the 
Man" . . . Chris B. driving be- 
hind the bus. 


Most memorable meet/e- 
vent: Our last game that we 
really did win but, unfortunate- 
ly, the officials didn't see it 
that way. 

Honors or individual recog- 
nition: Lynn Heneberry- All 
TVL Star, Daily Transcript 
All-Star: Maya Khuri- Daily 
Transcript All-Star. 

rst Row (L to R): Sarah Brett, Amy McDonnell, Alicia Mullen, Krissy Tondorf (Capt.), Maya Khuri (Capt.), Betsey 
irley, Kerry Suchma, Moira Brett. Back Row: Lynn Heneberry, Kate Mason, Kim Theodore, Laura DiCenso, Michelle 
Jams, Kristen Nykvist, Lisa Trioano, Laura Iskenderian. 

Jr. Varsity 
First Row (L to R): Evpraxia Sitmaldis, Leanne Little, Karen Taylor, (Capt.) 
Lindsey Tisdale, (Capt.) Trish Darcy, Beth Lunch Back Row: Anne Cloherty, 
Heidi Getchell, Joy Howland, Heidi Davis, Liz Sullivan, Siobhan Connelly, 
Joyce Wagner, Ryun Hee Hong, Cathy Walencis, Meg Earls. 


"Up Where We Belong" 

This year's volleyball team, 
led by Co-captains Tish Mur- 
phy and Sue McLaughlin, fin- 
ished the TVL with a 10-4 re- 
cord. Once again our loss was 
to the state champions, Med- 
way. Highlights of the season 
include tough scrimmages 
against Milford and North 
Quincy, and the never-ending 
bus rides (which we didn't have 
directions for anyway). Over- 
all, the season went well under 
the guidance of our coaches 
Chuck, Darlene, and Lisa. 

Memories: "Boop didi boop, 
and a bodi and doe and a ba, 
ba, ba, bing!' . . . "You're so 
queer!" . . . "Mandatory prac- 
tices, ya right!" . . . "My name 

x. , , !,' ' First Row (L to R): Lisa Nicholas, Veronica Gozzo, Kristine Farren, Kellie Noumi, Nancy Radden Back Row: Amy 

sessons (beach Style) McCoy, Jennifer Crouse, Sue McLaughlin (Capt.). Tish Murphy (Capt.), Marlene Buckley, Cyndi Locke, Kim Jacobson. 

"IMA-ING-TIA, No Chuck, 
I'm a IDIOT!" 


/ "S^f 



: 4 wi 

































N. Quincy 



"Twist And Shout 


The Medway game proved to 
the cheerleaders that Westwood 
football players were not just 
typical "jocks." With great 
warmth and sympathy the team 
presented the game ball to the 
Grueter family. This moment re- 
vealed the true spirit and kind- 
ness that cheerleaders look for- 
ward to when cheering. 
Memories: 20 million jumping 
jacks, "you guys are doing laps 

on Monday," ... "I was at the 
bank," . . . "why don't we let 
Fink do that . . . ," The peanut 
gallery, Chicken legs, seniors get 
priority, granjy nylon lines, Fri- 
day moods . . . "If not everyone 
has their spandex, no one wears 
them- remember it's supposed to 
be 30 degrees today." 

We would like to bequeath to 
next year's team a separate bus 
just for the pom-poms!!! 

irst Row (L to R): Jenn Fink (capt.), Michelle Grueter (capt.), Vanessa 
ickerton (capt.) Second Row: Laurie Nalbandian, Sandra DiMartino, 
lancy Ilfeld, Karin Croake, Christine York, Shirelle Jefferson, Kristine 
ivacek Back Row: Michelle Murphy, Amy Mazzola, Julie Lowe. 






First in TVL 


Nine wins . . . one loss . . . 
We were expected to have a 
losing record, but we were de- 
termined to go all the way . . . 
the dream. Every game was 
taken one at a time. Even 
though we had our troubles 
during the year we still had an 
excellent season. We ended 
with five TVL All-Stars. 


Westwood 1 7 



Westwood 40 



Westwood 16 

Dover Sherborn 


Westwood 40 



Westwood 40 



Westwood 29 



Westwood 2 1 



Westwood 37 


Westwood 24 



Westwood 14 



Memories: Captain's prac- 
tice. Double sessions in rocket 
high temperatures . . . Stats? 
Come on miner!! Santa Claus 
stay . . . Pregame speeches. Pig 
piles. Right arm shiver!!! 
RRRRRRR-What A Rush!!! 
Think! Where's Duffy! Ma Son 
. . . Yo! Tiny. Mystery Five at 
football camp. 

What it was like to be 
against Holliston? Playing 
Holliston is awesome. The 
game always means something 
every year. Either the Super 
Bowl or the Tri-Valley League 

Thanksgiving Game: This year 
the Thanksgiving game was 

played for a Westwood Higlj 
Super Bowl appearance, buj 
for Holliston just a piece of th 
Tri-Valley League Champion I 
ship. This game was one of th 
biggest rivalries in the statl 
Even though we lost the gar 
we got a piece of the 


Andy Fink 

Front Row (L to R): Mark Nalbanian, Patrick Meleo, Chris Lennon, Joseph Peters, Mauricio Segal, Andrew Fink, Steven 
McDonald, Christopher Balliro, James Caruso. Second Row: Michael Troiano, Brian Cox, Robert Guindon, Denis Vajentic, 
Paul Campanelli, Sean Quinn, James Coffey, Kenneth Casavant. Third Row: Matthew Fink, Elio Imbornone, Michael 
Quinn, Paul Fitzgerald, James Cashin, Kraig Gill, Matthew Hatch, Phillip Grokulsky, Christopher Canelos. Fourth Row: 
Michael McFarlane, Steven Mason, Kurt Schliemann, Chuck Mattera, David Angelicchio, Mark Connely, John Lynch. 
Fifth Row: Robert Duffy, Michael Carlson, Charlie Magri, Christopher Alewood, Daniel Griffen, Steven Tibbets, David 
Collier, Dennis Desmond, John Smith. Back Row: Eric Wilfinger, Paul Carrol, Sean Hill, Robert Flaherty, 



The Girls' Swim Team fin- 
ished off one of its strongest 
seasons in years. The final re- 
cord was 10 and 2, with a third 
place finish in the South Sec- 
tional swim meet. Wendy 
Rowe dominated the water, 
holding eight individual re- 
cords. Donna Guglielmi, Jen 
Connors, Jen Barsamian, and 
Courtney Patterson were all 
dominating forces. The many 
new underclassmen provided 
depth as well as strength to the 
team. Divers Lynn and Jill 

"Under the Sea" 

Santopietro, as well as Sara 
Larson, brought home the 
needed winning points to many 
meets. Captain Kelly Clark 
and the four other senior girls, 
Rita Guarino, Avida Setayesh, 
Carolyn Flaherty and Heather 
Bartold worked as strong lead- 
ers for the 1990 team. The 
credit for the winning season is 
not only attributed to the hard 
work of the girls, but also to 
the dedicated coaching of Bill 
and Maryellen Riley. Good 
luck next year!! 

Filrst Row (L to R): Jill Santopietro, Tina Spiniello, Nicole LeVangie, Amy Howard, Jessica 
Barsamian, Sarah Lanning, Courtney Patterson Second Row: Eileen O'Dea, Wendy Rowe, Laurie 
Schreiber, Jennifer Barsamian, Sue Hart, Lynn Santopietro, Jen Connors, Denise Farren, Jennifer 
VanGelder, Donna Guglielmi Back Row: Coach Bill Riley, Heather Bartold, Carolyn Flaherty, 
Kelly Clark (capt), Avida Setayesh, Rita Guarino, Coach Maryellen Riley. 











Bishop Feehan 


















Notre Dame 








South Sectionals 

5th place 


8th place 


Strong in State Meets 

A winner is an individual 

ho gains an appreciable bene- 

t from an athletic contest, 

nd not necessarily the individ- 

lal who finishes first. We all 

,iade individual strides toward 

xcellence despite hardships in 

lumbers, experience and tal- 

Int. We had character building 

lieets and one meet for cele- 


Memories: Cake Fest '91, 
;enic tour of Fall River, Dan's 
lward; "turtle", North Read- 
ig, "Hey, look guys! We 
on!" banana hammocks. 

Most likely to freeze in any 
suituation: Mark Onderdonk. 

Most likely to be nice all 
the time: Aaron Piziali. 

Most likely to sink: Matt 

Most likely to hear a word 
you say: Coach. 

Most likely to sell soul to 
get out of swiming zoo I.M.: 
Jerry Neville. 

Most likely to wish inwards 

were not required: Dan Ringel. 

Bequest: The graduating 

numbers of the '91 Swim Team 

leave a tub of warm water and 

a 4'x4' sheetcake with several- 
one size fits all-female bathing 

Most memorable: P.K. 
South Sectionals consul heat, 
22.90 "new school record," At- 
tleboro Dual meet and 1 point. 

Honors: Southern Confer- 
ence All-Stars Jeff Lawton, 
Jim Fitzgerald, P.K. Fitzger- 

Ledger All-Scholastic 
Sprinter- P.K. Fitzgerald 
4x200 Relay-Kevin Foster 
1.40.73-Aaron Piziali, Jim 
Fitzgerald, P.K. Fitzgerald. 

100 Free- P.K. Fitzgerald 
50 Free— P.K. Fitzgerald 
We were not an athletic 
team; we were however a tight- 
ly knit family residing in very 
cold water. Shower chants and 
bus ride serenades were our 
dinner tables and the off-sea- 
son was our bed. Our father 
figure, Coach Lonergan, mold- 
ed us all into our potential with 
discipline, encouragement and 
guidance. "Our nag," Heather, 
did her job as manager. 

Conference Relays Placed 5th 







Newton North 









New Bedford 



No. Quincy 











Front Row: (L to R) Heather Bartold (Mgr.), Michael Massaro, Dan Ringel, 
Jeffrey Lawton, (Capt.), Paul Fitzgerald, (Capt.), Jerry Neville, Aaron Pi- 
ziali, Coach John Lonergan Second Row: Prian Lawton, Mark Onderdonk, 
Matthew Prout, James Fitzgerald, Kevin Foster. 


"Stayin' Alive" 

The Westwood Girls' Bas- 
ketball Team, led by Tri-cap- 
tains Cheryl Suffredini, Tish 
Murphy, and Sue McLaughlin, 
once again finished an unde- 
feated season. The streak lives 
on! After being named TVL 
champs, the Wolverines pro- 
ceeded to the tournament. 
They blew through their first 
game against Cardinal Spell- 
man, coached by former 
Westwood coach Tom Hughes, 
with ease. Next they met Oli- 

ver Ames. Emotions were high 
because OA knocked 
Westwood out of the tourney 
in 1990. Nevertheless, the 
Wolverines pulled out another 
win. On March 3, 1991, the 
girls and the town of 
Westwood suffered an extreme 
loss. Mrs. Christine O'Brien, 
mother of Erin and Amy, 
passed away. Mrs. O'Brien was 
not only the girls' best fan, but 
she was also a friend and moth- 
er to all of them. After a long 

and emotionally draining week, 
the girls met Apponequet in 
the South Sectional Semi-fin- 
als. The girls came out on fire 
channeling all of their emo- 
tions into the game. They 
stomped Apponequet and dedi- 
cated the game to the lady 
whom they'll miss forever, 
Mrs. O'Brien. Next, 
Westwood had to face number 
one seed North Attleboro. At 
this point the girls were run- 
ning on empty and could not 

muster enough energy for a 
win. Although there was no 
state title won, one thing is cer- 
tain, Coach Riley did his job. 
Coach Riley took on an awe- 
some task. He came into the 
program, upheld the streak and 
guided his team to the South 
Sectional finals. The girls were 
lucky to have him as coach and 
friend and he will never be for- 
gotten. Thank you, Coach Ril- 


30YS' BASKETBALL Compiled a 10-8 Record 

Summary of Season: The 

Wolverines began the season 

ith an impressive 4-0 start. 

he losses began to pile up 

»ainst Division 3 powers Do- 

:r, Medway, and Bellingham. 

hanks to the confidence and 

(tensity displayed by first year 

jiach Mike Williamson, the 

lam was able to keep pushing 

[wards a tournament berth. A 

late season victory over Bel- 
lingham under Assistant 
Coach Downes and a near vic- 
tory against Harwich solidified 
the team as tournament cali- 
ber. Unfortunately, the Wol- 
verines missed the state tour- 
nament by one game, finishing 

Memories: "No more Wa- 
ter!" . . . Coach's trips down 

memory land . . . Joe's speech- 
es .. . The infamous notes on 
Gearon's window. 

What would you bequeath to 
next years team? 
A long term coach! 

Most memorable meet/e- 
vent: the second meeting 
against Bellingham, this time 
at home, resulted in an impres- 
sive 15 point victory. Mr. 

Downes led the team in the ab- 
sence of suspended Coach Wil- 
liamson. The team finally 
played to its potential and dis- 
played to all what could have 
been. Honors: Larry Patterson 
was named to the Tri-Valley 
League All- Star Team. 

1 I 





1 52 









1 71 









: 51 


















1 59 


















Front Row (L to R): Kurt Schliemann, Kevin McDermott, Lawrence Patterson 
(Capt.), David Halperin (Capt.), John McDermott (Capt.). Second Row: David 
Baggeroer, Elio Imbornone, Marc Sullivan, John Smith, Andy Owens, John Queally, 
Coach Williamson. 


"Causing A Commotion' 

This year began with an 
overwhelming number of try- 
outs. With tears and struggles 
we narrowed it down to four- 
teen hardworking and dedicat- 
ed cheerleaders. Soon into the 
basketball season our enthusi- 
asm and spirit were strongly 

Memories: "Ice-Ice Baby", 
sneaker hickeys, Gwen always 
hungry without money, Mi- 
chelle and Mom eating chicken 
sandwiches in the hall, Sherri 

and Shirelle's stupendous 
stand, "auxiliary gym girl 
talks." We bequeath to next 
year's squad the long, squishy, 
silent and unbearable bus 

Thank you, Mrs. Grueter! 
We appreciate your kindness 
and generosity! 

Most Memorable event: The 
Drown Rat Millis game . . . 

Honors: Jenn Fink- Unsung 
Hero; Michelle Grueter- Most 
Valuable Player 

First Row (L to R): Shirelle Jefferson, Karin Croke, Michelle Grueter (captain), Sherri Ca k 
(captain), Betty Herard, Gwen Dreyer, Sandra DiMartino. Back Row: Nancy Tillis, Chris I 
York, Jen Babcock, Coach Diane Runci, Kimberlyn Dennis, Carmen Tilles, Bonnie Levinsol 

SKI TEAM "Slip Sliding Away 


This past season the Girls' 
>ki Team, led by Capt. Cara 
)onlon, had a very successful 
eason. The team finished sec- 
>nd in the Mass Bay Ski 
eague small school division, 
.ara Donlon finished 2nd 
iverall in the league; Jean La- 
louceur finished eighth over- 
11; and Angela Hughes fin- 
shed in the top thirty. The rest 
f the team consisted of Mary 
leth Gadd, Meaghan Gadd, 
ate Mason, Kate Sinott, 
indsay Tisdale, Tina Depew, 
nd Rebecca Tremble. The 
earn qualified for the state 

tournament this year, also. The 
Boys' Team, however, didn't 
do quite as well. The team fin- 
ished fifth overall in the small 
school division as it was trou- 
bled by injuries the entire sea- 

Peter Hughes, captain, fin- 
ished with thirty-five points for 
the season. Even with injuries 
Matt Hatch, Mike Churwin, 
Todd Rhinerson, and Chris 
Zingg carried the team. The 
rest of the team was made up 
of underclassmen. 

Memories: One of the most 
memorable events was a little 

snow fight the team had with a 
different school. During this 
event we won handily because 
of the team work we had devel- 
oped over the years. 

Creative Awards: Best 
Team Members- Bob and 

Best Fall- Mike Churwin 
for taking out the ski school. 

Craziest Skier- Lindsay 
Tisdale for her erraticism. 

Most Injured- Peter 
Hughes and Cara Donlon 

Best Family Member- Un- 
cle Matthew 

Blind Skier- Meaghan 


Bequeath for next year's 
team: Better knees, thumbs, 
and skiing technique to stop 
looking like fools. 

Most memorable meet/e- 
vent: Being kicked off the 

M.V.P.- Cara Donlon 

Unsung Hero- Mike Chur- 

Story: The ski team's bus is 
always a story and there are 
too many to tell. 

ki Team 

ront Row (L to R): Jean Ladouceur, Gregory McCarthy, Cara Donlon, Dan Hannon, Eric Shaw, Matthew Hatch 
lissing: Angela Hughes, Kate Mason, Tina Depew, Rebecca Tremble, Todd Rhinerson, Mike Churwin, Chris 
abcock, Dan Dobra, Andy Shabo, Chris Zingg 

HOCKEY First pla ce in the TVL 

The Westwood Hockey 
Team enjoyed a very successful 
regular season ending at 17 
and 3. The new coach, Leo 
Shanahan, stepped in and car- 
ried on the tradition as 
Westwood captured its 8th 
consecutive Tri-Valley League 
title. The only setbacks came 

with Division 2 tournament- 
bound Hanover and Randolph, 
along with a heartbreaker to 
Dover-Sherborn at the end of 
the regular season. The loss to 
Dover-Sherborn lit the fire to 
spark the team and the seniors 
to capitalize on their last bid 
for the State Championship! 

Memories: 5:00 at Nobles, 
"Give it to Harrington", "I'm 
battling a head cold", "Welb's 
200th point", "Hardy's 23 
game streak", "Hago's at 
goal", Mull forgets Boston 
Garden" "MONO" "But- 
head", "Coxy's and Weiders' 
fights", "Hockey meetings", 

"Inability to shave heads". 
"The Wizard of Gozz", "State 
champs with only 3 All Stars" 
"The fans" "The Garder 
Club", "State champs '91" ' 










Boston Latin 






Blue Hills 
























Roxbury Latin 



Blue Hills 



















Dover /Sherborn 







Latin Academy 









North East 



St. Joseph's of 


Front Row (L to R): Chris Spellman, Steve McDonald, Joe Peters, Denis Vajentic, Peter Mullen (Capt.), Mike Welb; 
(Capt.), Brian Hardiman (Capt.), Brian Cox, Chris Quinn. Second Row: Coach Leo Shanahan, Mark Paster, Russ Flynn 
Andy Gozzo, Matt Beaumont, Tim Harrington, Mike Mancuso, Rick Johnston, Scott Butters, John Tretter, Craig Sinclair 
Ed Galvin, Chris Barucci, Tim Lewis. 

HF-* 1 * 



> * "" mm # 

' H imaii i" ^ 





South Sectional Champs 

The Wolverines began the 
season by dropping two games 
to Canton, but soon they were 
fighting for the League title 
with Holliston and Ashland. 
The exciting regular season 
came down to the team need- 
ing to win four of their last six 
games. In truly clutch fashion, 
the WOLVERINES strolled 
into the tournament with a re- 
cord of 13-7. In the second to 
last game, the team romped 
Ashland by a score of 9-0. This 
was the first time any of the 
teams players had beaten Ash- 
land in baseball. The game 
gave the team momentum go- 
ing into the tournament and 
despite getting only a number 
13 seed, the Wolverines soon 
became the South Sectional 

* ' * *■., ~ „ , ^ 

champs. This truly Cinderella 
story included wins over Hano- 
ver, Archbihsop Williams, 
Case, and, best of all, Holliston 
and Red Sox draftee Doug 
Carrol. The team would like to 
thank Coach Farrell, Coach 
O'Leary, and Coach Downes 
for their support throughout 
the year, not to mention the 
heroics of Aardvark, our team 

Memories: The Armadillo, 
the Anteater, and, of course, 
the Aardvark . . . "It's a great 

day for baseball today . . ." 
"Gentlemen, your opponent to- 
day was not Dover-Sherborn, it 
was dehydration ..." "Coach 
said I'm in relief today . . ." 
"Kurt, you ready to go another 
nine today?" . . . Torn Rotor 
Cuff . . . Hey, Dr. Gearon, 
when are you getting that new 
lounge you promised us? 

Creative Awards: MVP - 
The Aardvark. Most Likely 
To Be Hit With a Bouncing 
Ball -Peter Mullen. Unsung 
Hero -The Anteater. Most 

Likely to Bring Fatal Bodil 
Harm Upon Himself -Brae 
Rutan, the goose. Toughes 
Opponent -Dehydration. Hit 
ting Guru -Harvey Krupnick 
Batting Practice Hero -Jin 
Cashin. We would like to be 
queath to next year's team ; 
season's worth of water . . . A 
fence to match the ever your 
self posts in right field . . I 
More than one batting practict 
per year ... A Tri-Vallej ( 
League map of the longes 

Front Row (L to R): Peter Mullen, John McDermott (Capt.), Dave Ange- 
licchio, John Smith (Capt.). Second Row: Jim Cashin, Mike Welby, Mark 
Paster, Dave Halperin, John Queally. Back Row: Brad Rutan, Kurt 
Schliemann, Rob Duffy, James Kitterick, Elio Imbornone, Coach Jack 






"Hangin' Tough" 


Four unbelievable wins un- 
! er the leadership of captains 
'leg, Michelle, and Vanessa 
ndoubtedly constitutes a suc- 
lessful season for the 
Vestwood softball team. (The 
[jw games lost by slaughter 
[ale aren't even worth men- 
'oning!) As in all sports the 
jam had its ups, down, most 
lemorable moments, and 
; iose we'd rather forget. For 
xample, the game against 
lillis is probably etched in the 

players', coaches', and fans' 
minds for a long time. Lisa's 
valiant effort to slither and 
squirm around the catcher 
combined with Vanessa's im- 
pressive, although accidental, 
slide into first made for a very 
interesting inning. Unfortu- 
nately, both were unsuccessful 
in their efforts, to beat the 
throw. Overall, the season was 
a decent one, and everyone 
managed to have a good time. 
Good luck to next year's team. 

Here's to a successful season; 
in other words, try to win five 

Memories: "Hilly", the 
Howland family "taking ones" 
for the team, Vanessa's out- 
standing slides, the outfield 
tanning and grazing in the pas- 
ture, Amy's great third base 
coaching, Michelle and her 
glove oil, the many strenuous 
practices, ending games by the 
fifth inning so attending the 
baseball games was possible. 

ont Row (L to R): Joy Howland, Amy Magnuson, Tanya Lynch, Beth Lynch, Erin O'Brien, Liz 
ady. Back Row: Lisa Nicholas, Judy Rich, Amy O'Brien, Meg Driscoll (Capt.), Michelle Adams 
apt.), Vanessa Bickerton (Capt.), Kerry Coleman, Lisa Troiano. 























































BOYS' TRACK earned 2nd place in the tvl 

The Boys' Track Team suf- 
fered a disappointing loss 
against the defending league 
champion team of Medield. 
However, the team was able to 
rebound from this loss to win 
the next four meets. At the 
close of the season, the team 

had achieved a 5-2 record, giv- 
ing them second place in the 
Tri-Valley League. 

This year's strength came 
from its depth, with both veter- 
an seniors and underclassmen 
rookies all contributing to the 
success of the 1991 season. 

Memories: The 4x100 relay 
team's overcoming initial prob- 
lems to win the Class D State 
Meet. The Girls' Team revolt- 
ing against Coach Releva. The 
1991 team would like to wish 
the 1992 Spring Track the best 
of luck in capturing the elusive 

T.V.L. title. The most memo 
rable meet was against Dover 
Sherborn which the team woi 
in the last event, the 4x400 re 
lay. The MVP award goes tt 
Matt Prout and the Coaches 
Award to John Lane. 


Second Place in 
Tri-Valley League 




- f^x 




~ %* 

Front Row (L to R): Chris Queally, Chris Babcock, Paul Fitzgerald, Evan Owens, Jeffrey Lawton, John Lane (Capt.), Jami 
Maus (Capt.), Craig Foster. Second Row: Matthew Prout, Steven Brady, Chris Lennon, Jim Fitzgerald, Joshua Jones, Seal 
Libby, Michael Cafarella, P.J. McGrail. Third Row: Coach Richard Hargreaves, Paul Moloney, Mark Sullivan, Petej 
Caferella, Ryan Murphy, Steve McGovern, Brian Lawton. Back Row: Michael Troiano, Chris Camellos, Dan Dobra, Aarol 
Piziali, Christopher Burgess, Arthur Fryar, Mike Carlson, Michael McFarlane, Coach Wayne Relleva. 

^ ™*&t 


"Gonna Make You Sweat" 

Although the Girls' Track 
earn never threatened to cap- 
ire the TVL title, the lady 
Volverines enjoyed two con- 
incing victories and many 
vate-qualifying performances 
fyer the course of the season, 
n fact, many exciting meets 
: ere extremely close and came 
own to the final events. The 
ombination of a positive atti- 
ide and undying team spirit 
:d to a successful and fun 
oring season. Time and time 

again, athletes willingly en- 
tered events that were new to 
them for the good of the team. 
Even though the girls weren't 
intimidating in terms of num- 
bers, the unselfishness and out- 
standing effort made up for the 
team's lack of depth. The sea- 
son concluded on a positive 
note with several Wolverines 
competing in the state meet. 
Best wishes to next year's 
team. Here's to a season full of 
victory and free of shin splints! 

Memories: Theresa as the lone 
hurdler, Sue's marathon track 
meets, Tina's encouragement, 
Kristen's and Cal's nerves, the 
freshman four: Betsy, Erika, 
Carolyn, and Becky, "Do we 
have to run the final relay?", 
"Where's Coach Relleva?", 
the Ashland BBQ, bus rides, 
Coach Lane and the sand pit 
(keep your eyes on the fire hy- 
drant!), "Why is Millis here?" 

Wins - 2 
Losses - 6 

I Mm * 

(L to R): Becky Prout, Caroline Prinn (Capt.), Kristen Nykvist 
papt.), Tina Depew (Capt.), Theresa Curran. Middle Row: Jen Barsamian, 
ue Hart, Theresa Conley, Tricia Higgins, Coach Wayne Relleva. Back Row: 
':ephanie Jones, Betsy Speros, Erika Larch, Nancy Tilles, Ryun Hee Hong, 
lissing: Jen Babcock, Carolyn Miner 

, v m\vo<m 


Blare « HWM» gJjKg 

BOYS' TENNIS Gained a Tourney Berth 

The Boys' Tennis team 
proved to be successful this 
year, both as a whole and as 
individual players. Their com- 
petitive spirit and driving moti- 
vation helped them to create a 
strong foundation for the fu- 
ture line-up. Although the 
game of tennis is mainly an in- 
dividual sport, the boys con- 
stantly stuck by and encour- 
aged each other through the 
toughest of trials and tribula- 
tions, including being mashed 
nearly to death on a crowded 
bus full of girls' softball and 
boys' baseball players. 

Chris Walter, who played 
first singles, was named MVP 

: v: : Xv: : :v:-: : :v: : :v:v:-: : :v:v: : : : :v: : : : :v:v: : : : : : : : :v:v 

and awarded the All-Star in 
singles. Mark Sullivan and Jim 
Caruso (The Donuts Connec- 
tion), who played second dou- 
bles, were named the Unsung 
Heroes of the team. Many 
thanks to Coach Dan Damish 
for his efforts, and for being an 
excellent coach, great guy, and 
true friend to the team. Also 
thanks to Captains Chris Wal- 
ter, Chris Blomquist, and Mike 
Dowd. Good luck to next year's 
unbeatable team! 


Wins - 6 
Losses - 6 
Ties - 6 


"Blaze Of Glory" 

Overall Record: 
Regular Season 13-1 
Including State Tourn. 

State Tournament 
Case @ Westwood 


Nauset Westwood 

3 2 

Front Row (L to R): Debbie Ringel, 
Anne Connolly, Marlene Buckley 
(Capt.), Kristina Caulfield (Capt.), 
Lesley Bride (Capt.), Lynn Santopie- 
tro, Diane Costello, Jean Corcoran. 
Back Row: Jen MacDonald, Liz Sulli- 
van, Sarah Lanning, Laura Corcoran, 
Saumya Sharma, Janet Rosenblad, 
Meg Earls, Joyce Wagner, Coach 
Rena Lieberman. 


5 Holliston 


5 Weston 

4 Medfield 


5 Millis 

5 Hopkinton 
5 Ashland 

5 Holliston 

5 Medway 

4 Dover/Sher 
3 Medfield 


5 Millis 

4 Hopkinton 

5 Ashland 


1 Dover/Sher 






Tri- Valley League Champions 

Westwood Cup 

Westwood vs Xaverian 
(Home) 173 to 176 

Westwood vs Xaverian (Away) 
162 to 158 
Lost by one stroke overall 
Tri-Valley League M.V.P. 

Andy Gozzo 
Tri-Valley All-Stars: Andy 
Gozzo, Tim Harrington, Bri- 
an Hardiman 













































Front Row (L to R): Timothy Harrington, Andrew Fink (Capt), Andy 
Gozzo, Mark Connolly. Back Row: Coach Ray Kodzis, Russell Flynn, 
Matthew Fink, Ted Duffy, Andy McCarthy. Missing: Brian Hardiman 





* ■ ( - ■ tf ■ 


Green years 

Music plays an important role in all of our lives. It is because of this that 
the Green Years staff selected a music theme for the 1991 yearbook. This 
way, in the years to come, we, the Class of 1991, will not only remember 
our four years at Westwood High School, but also the musical trends that 
were popular during our years here. 

Work on Green Years 1991 began at "Yearbook University" in Rhode 
Island as the two co-editors struggled to come up with possible themes for 
the book. After a number of after school meetings in the fall, the staff 
came up with the music theme. We quickly began work on the candid 
section of the book struggling to meet the first deadline. Once this section 
was completed we tackled the faculty section. Little by little, the book 
came together. 

The entire yearbook staff deserves credit for the production of Green 
Years 1991. Without the contributions of each staff member, the book 
would not have been successful. Green Years 1991 is indeed the product of 
much hard work and effort put forth by each and every staff member. 
Those afternoons of drawing layouts, redoing layouts, selecting and crop- 
ping pictures, and typing copy have paid off. We hope everyone is pleased 
with the results. 

The Green Years staff would like to thank Mrs. Fran Petrakos, our 
advisor, for all her endless support, help and encouragement. Without her, 
Green Years 1991 would not have been completed on schedule. "Thanks, 
Mrs. Petrakos, for all that you have done to make Green Years 1991 a 
success!" And we must not forget to thank Mr. Charles Flahive who was 
always ready and willing to take pictures wherever we needed coverage. 
Without him some of the events would not have been covered. 

Memories: Yearbook camp, we can work around the deadlines . . Who 
was supposed to do the copy for this page? I can't be at the meeting today, 
I have practice .... What /sour theme??? Where are the front office and 
guidance pages???? 



Kristen Nykvist and Amy McDonnell 
Co- Editors 

Terrence Earls 
Business Manager 


(L to R): Alison Kobey, Carolyn Sherrod, and Sharon Becker 
Associate Editors 

Mrs. Frances Petrakos 

David Halperin and Caroline Prinn 
Sports Editors 

Kevin McDermott 
Photography Editor 








Karen Hu 
Activities Editor 

Lisa Randlett and Sherri Carver 
Senior Biography Editors 


Michelle O'Connor and Carrie O'Leary 
Typing Editors 

Kelly Susco and Michelle Grueter 
Senior Activities Editors 


I I 

Student council 

This year was one of the Student Coun- 
cil's most successful ever. Under the lead- 
ership of President Maya Khuri, Vice- 
President Megan Driscoll, Secretary Brian 
Cox, and Treasurer John McDermott, the 
Council continued to provide the student 
body with social events and education 
about social causes. 

The year began with a Homecoming 
Week filled with theme days like Pajama 
Day, Look Stupid Day, and the traditional 
Green Pride Day. Along with Homecomo- 
ing Queen Cheryl Suffredini, Brian Hardi- 

man became the new Mr. WHS. In 
March, Spring Fling came again with the 
annual volleyball tournament and color 
war. Almost everyone participated in mak- 
ing it even more successful than last year's. 
In terms of social-conscious efforts, Stu- 
dent Council put on a "Concert for a 
Cause" with all proceeds benefiting child 
abuse prevention. Then first-ever AIDS 
Awareness Assembly was put on and re- 
ceived praise from students and faculty 
alike. Finally, the recycling program con- 
tinued to grow as Student Council mem- 

bers showed middle school students how ! 
recycle paper at their level. All in all, St i 
dent Council once again had a successf :1 
year and would like to thank tH ' 
Westwood High School student body f 
making it possible. Good luck to ne'" 
year's Student Council. Special thanks 
Mr. Wayne Chatterton and Mrs. Gi ot 
Hayes for their support and guidance, ar I£ 
to each and every member who worked : 
hard all year long. 

^ '■'» 


+■ * . * " "'♦"T^ * ■ * & 

2. A«zr^ 


it * ** 

•■" HI *• 

M \ < 


First Row (L to R): John McDermott, Brian Cox, Maya Khuri, Megan Driscoll Second Row: 
Shakira Soberanis, Susan Hart, Stacey Doyle, Christy Doyle, Patricia Higgins, Elizabeth 
Brady, Lynn Santopietro, Mary Beth Gadd. Third Row: Jonathan Lynch, Joy Howland, 
Lindsay Tisdale, Janet Rosenblad, Mark Sullivan, Chris Blomquist, Brian Hardiman Fourth 
Row: Mr. Wayne Chatterton, advisor, Marlene Buckley, Dina Perry, David Chung, Robert 
Duffy, Edward Galvin, Mrs. Gail Hayes, advisor. 

Brian Cox, with the Student Council, assisted at a 
Christmas party in Boston. 

Student Council conducting school-wide elections. 


Newly-elected freshmen representatives: Garrett Do- 
mina, Jessica Barsamian, P.J. McGrail, Eileen Neville, 
and Betsy Speros. 



The Student Advisory Board is an elect- 
» body whose goals include working to- 
firds school improvement and reviewing 
*id reinforcing school policy. During the 
lar the Board was involved in several 
immunity projects. For example, we con- 
(med our connection with the Italian 
lome for Children by sponsoring a Valen- 
Iie's Day Party and volunteering in their 
Indraising projects. The Board also ran a 
Hats and Mittens" drive during the 
liristmas season for the St. Francis 

House for the Homeless. The drive was 
extremely successful and hundreds of hats 
and mittens were collected. By donating to 
the American Cancer Fund, we received 
"hundreds" of daffodils. Small bunches of 
daffodils, tied with a yellow ribbon and 
with the message of "We're glad you're 
here" were then distributed to all faculty 
and staff members. The project, intiated 
by Lindsay Tisdale, was responsible for a 
warm, enthusiastic, and colorful atmo- 
sphere for the first day of spring. Other 

school projects included reviewing the 
Student Handbook, reevaluating the 
swimming requirement, and sponsoring an 
"Egg Hunt" during Spring Fling Week. 

The Board appreciates the strong sup- 
port it received from students staff, and 
the administrations. A special "thank you" 
to Mr. Charles Flahive and Mrs. Frances 
Petrakos, our advisors, for their assistance 
during the year. 

First Row (L to R): Kurt Schliemann (Treas.), Lesley Bride (Vice Pres.), Kristina Caulfield 
(Pres.), Alysia Ordway (Sec), Lindsay Tisdale (P.R. Coordinator). Back Row: Aaron Piziali 
(Reg. Rep.), Suzanne McLaughlin, Mr. Charles Flahive (Advisor), Stephen McDonald 
(Reg. Rep.), Laura Corcoran, Nancy Santoro, Mrs. Frances Petrakos (Advisor). Missing: 
Brooke Wire, Carolyn Dunn, Sushma Komakula. 

Scenes from Valentine's Day party and Daffodil Day. 


I I 

Key club 


The Key Club, an organization with 
participation coming from all four grades, 
achieved much during the 1990-91 year, 
with student members offering their ser- 
vices in many areas. 

Students who volunteered at the Ellis 
Nursing Home had certain residents 
whom they saw each week, enjoying and 
helping them in various activities, such as 
Bingo or Spelling Bees. If a Key Club 
member chose to work at the Glad Rags 
Shop, her responsibilities entailed waiting 
on customers, organizing racks of cloth- 
ing, jewelry, or manning the register. Glad 

Rags proceeds go to a preventative child- 
abuse and neglect program. One student 
chose to volunteer her time as a Spanish 
tutor to a kindergarten class at the Hanlon 
School. Another student used her free 
block helping Dr. Gearon by typing sports 
permits, schedules, expenses, and keeping 
the computers humming. A cooking class 
offered one an opportunity to work with 
the special needs students. In this class, 
cooking was not as important as listening 
to the students. The Circle of Friends was 
a group of students who got together with 
the special needs students and simply 

spent time with them, either talking wit 
them, watching movies, or playing kick 

The officers Pres. Sue McLaughlir 
Vice-Pres. Cyndi Locke, Sec. Michell 
Grueter, and their advisor, Mrs. Ann Mai 
teson, are grateful to all the members c 
the Key Club for their involvement, an 
wish to thank all those who were willing t 
give their time and energy to make th 
Key Club a continued success. 
Junior Representatives: Kara Donlor 

Lisa Nicholas 
Sophomore Representatives: Jen Va 

Gelder, Nancy Santoro 
Freshmen Representatives: Meg Earl: 

Cara Nasisi 

Seniors: Susan Barrington, Maelene Buckley, Kathleen Close, Lai 
ra DiCenso, Gary Eber, Andrew Fink, Rita Guarino, Daiva Go| 
tautas, Lynn Heneberry, Kathryn Hudson, Anne Kendeigh, Alisc 
Kobey, Theresa Martin, Andrea Mazzola, Robin Morrison, Ml 
chelle O'Connor, Carrie O'Leary, Carolyn Sherrod, Avida S<| 
tayesh, Catherine Sinnott, Kimberly Theodore, Lori Thornton. 

Peer educators 

Westwood High School's Peer Educator 
group, supervised by Mrs. Linda Hanlon, 
is made up of sophomores, juniors and se- 
niors who have expressed an interest in 
instructing younger students in the system. 
After undergoing training themselves, 
these students create, implement and pre- 
sent lessons to the seventh grade class on a 
variety of topics of relevance and interest 
to students. The following seniors are rec- 
ognized for their work as Peer Educators: 
Mary Beth Gadd, Suzanne McLaughlin, 
Robin Morrison, and Alicia Mullen. 

Front Row (L to R): Robin Morrison, Mary Beth Gadd, Alicia Mullen, Lisa Randlett, Erin 
O'Brien, Emily Moore. Second Row: Dina Moore, Theresa, Conley, Heidi Getchell, Amy 
McCoy, Suzanne McLaughlin, Brian Hardiman. Back Row: Brad Rutan, Rick Johnston, 
Raymond Jowdy, Amy Gibbons. Missing: David Baggeroer. 


The purpose of SADD is to make stu- 
dents aware of the dangers of drinking and 
driving. We reached our goal through the 
|use of speakers, films, and discussion. 
Some of the highlights of the year were 
Office Paul Toland's presentation, speak- 
ers who came specifically to speak to the 
freshmen and a presentation given by pris- 
oners. Some of the activities that helped us 
raise money were the student vs. faculty 
basket ball game and pictures with Santa. 
Our biggest projest this year was the "red 
ribbon" campaign. WHS students distrib- 

uted red ribbons to students and town 
members, and by tying a ribbon onto one's 
car, the individual made his pledge against 
drinking and driving. This pledge stated, 
furthermore, that no one would drive while 
under the influence in that car. 

This was a very successful year for the 
entire organization because we achieved 
our goals and perhaps even saved lives. 
Special thanks go to Mrs. Linda Hanlon 
and Mr. Charles Flahive for all their con- 
tributions and time which made this group 
the success it was. 

President: Lisa Randlett 
Vice-President: Alicia Mullen 
Treasurer: Karen Hu 
Secretary: Stacey Hamwey 

Seniors: Heather Bartold 
Stephen Brady 
Michael Churwin 
Mary Beth Gadd 
Matthew Hatch 
Anne Kendeigh 
Caroline Prinn 
Kelly Susco 

Safe rides 

Safe Rides, an organization founded be- 
muse of the increasing number of drinkers 
and drivers, and dedicated to safety and 
sanity of the roads, had its fourth success- 
ful year. Led by Co-Presidents Heather 
Bartold and Jamie Maus, Safe Rides pro- 
vided a safe alternative to drunk driving. 
The group also worked with Students 
\gainst Drunk Driving in the Red Ribbon 
:ampaign promoting "Tying One On for 
Safety." Operating on Friday and Satur- 
day nights, four members would gather at 
Dne of their houses and through the an- 
swering service heard from students who 
needed rides home. Safe Rides doubled in 
size to over sixty members this year. 
Thank you to all the dedicated members, 
but especially to Mr. Charles Flahive for 
lis guidance throughout the year. 

-o-Presidents: Heather Bartold 

Jamie Maus 
Seniors: Christopher Babcock, Susan Barrington, 
Stephen Brady, Kristina Caulfield, David Chung, 
lamzi Dagher, Terrence Earls, Carolyn Flaherty, 
4ary Beth Gadd, Michelle Grueter, Thomas 
jurski, Stacey Hamwey, Matthew Hatch, Karen 

Hu, Kathryn Hudson, Anne Kendeigh, Jeffrey 
Lawton, Nicole Leonard, Amy McDonnell, Ali- 
cia Mullen, Joseph Neville, Kristen Nykvist, 
Evan Owens, Bernard Peck, Caroline Prinn, Lisa 
Randlett, Thomas Shepherd, Carolyn Sherrod, 
Bethany Stuart, Kelly Susco, Jennifer Sykes, 
Dineen Wilson. Underclassmen: Jennifer Barsa- 
mian, Moira Brett, Sarah Brett, Christopher Bur- 
gess, Rebecca Burke, Erin Chipley, Kathleen 
Coffey, Jennifer Conley, Jennifer Connors, Diane 

Costello, Michael Dowd, Carolyn Dunn, Mary 
Foster, Darci Gorgone, Pamela Griffin, Elizabeth 
Gurski, Alicia Hamwey, Thomas Hennigan, Me- 
lissa Hener, Stephanie Jones, Amy Magnuson, 
Emily Moore, Alysia Ordway, Peggy Pollack, 
Matthew Prout, Deborah Ringel, Deidre Roach, 
Lynn Santopietro, Nancy Santoro, Laurie 
Shrieber, Karen Taylor, Jennifer VanGelder, 
Bradford Weiner. 

Student announcers 

"Good Morning, there is a mandatory 
meeting ..." The morning announcers 
provided useful (although sometimes ig- 
nored) information about activities 
throughout the day and later on in the 
week. Friday mornings always seemed too 
good to be true with Sharon on the mike! 
The announcers were John Lane & Maya 
Khuri (M, W); Tee Earls & Amy McDon- 
nell (T, Th); Jeff Lawton & Sharon 
Becker (F) Special thanks to our advisor, 
Mrs. Kelsch. "Thank you that is all; all 
students on the call list please report to the 
office ..." 

L to R: Maya Khuri, John Lane, Jeffrey Lawton, Sharon Becker, Terrence Earls. Missing: Amy 

School store 

The New 

The School Store is back! An innovative 
merchandising team, headed by Jerry 
Neville with fellow entrepreneurs, Jeff 
Lawton, Randy Miller, and Chris Colhard, 
has provided students with soda and 
snacks to quench their thirst and tame 
their hunger. Through their enterprising 
efforts the store has become more profit- 
able than in previous years with an ex- 
panded product line and service with a 
smile. The sale of soda and popular items 
ranging from Mike & Ikes and Reeses 
Cups to Cracker Jacks and Sunflower 
Seeds pushed 1991 profits above $3000. 
The store was open for many school activi- 
ties in addition to its everyday after school 

business hours providing a stimulating oa- 
sis in an otherwise hostile world. Memories 
will live on: "Keys down the drain, Bonds 
of Love, Cans of Fury, Don't eat the Black 
Chuckle!, Rommel's Afrika Korps, 
S.A.T.- Store Assault Team, 'clear!', 
Gummi Hall of Fame, Irma and Abel — 
the Garcia Twins, Dead Diet Dew, 
W.O.M.E.N., and Captain Candy!" The 
Class of 1991 store staff would like to 
thank Mrs. Rosengarten for her support 
and encouragement and wish Co-Manag- 
ers Matt Prout, Lori McKenna and their 
staff the best of luck in 1992. Stay out of 
the Red Zone and maintain the Tradition! 


L to R: Jeff Lawton, Randy Miller, Chris Colhard, Jerry Neville 

What a day in sales! 


. . read . . . type . . . edit . . . read . . . 
Ud so the cycle continues! We had fun 
his year as WHS's only "literary maga- 
ine" and we actually published double the 
lumber of issues that we did last year. 
Yes, that makes a whole two issues!) 
^hanks to all who helped us, especially our 
wo advisors, Mrs. Hayes and Mrs. Bar- 
aza. Special thanks to Mr. Rettman and 
is classes for doing a great job with our 

First Row (L to R): Brad Weiner, Terrence Earls (Editor-in-chief) Second Row: Mike 
Cafarella, David O'Rourke, Nancy Santoro, Melissa Hener, Rebecca Burke, Alison 
Kobey, Sharon Becker Third Row: Julie Hunter, Julie Mao, Diane Murphy, Rick 
Krantz, Sarah Moody, Jennifer VanGelder, Carolyn Sherrod Fourth Row: Mrs. Gail 
Hayes, advisor. 

Drama club 

Once again, Westwood High's Drama 
Hub thrived under the enthusiastic lead- 
rship of Mrs. Stephanie Kelsch, famed 
nglish and Oral English teacher. The 
lub was led by a board of triumvirate 
onsisting of Heather Bartold, Carolyn 
laherty and Dineen Wilson. After per- 
mitting a successful and well attended Af- 

r Dinner Theatre in November, the Club 
onceived and executed the novel idea of 
iping an entertaining MTV- style video- 

tape for the troops stationed in the Persian 
Gulf. This tape was copied and mailed to a 
few different military bases, and the Club 
received some thank-you notes from sol- 
diers who enjoyed the tape. For the spring 
production, the Club tackled Shakespeare 
in the form of two short one-act plays. 
Many eager underclassmates were recruit- 
ed for this production, and will serve as the 
future of Westwood High's Drama Club. 

First Row (L to R): Dineen Wilson, Heather Bartold, 
Carolyn Flaherty Second Row: Nancy Santoro, Mary 
Foster, Sharon Becker, Eileen Neville, Emily Moore, 
Heather Black, Madga Marseille, Saumya Sharma 
Third Row: Julie Chifolo, Susan Barrington, Randy 
Miller Fourth Row: Anne Connelly, Anne Kendeigh, 
Lori McKenna, Kiberlyn Dennis Fifth Row: Brooke 
Wire, Dan Hannon, Melissa Hener Sixth Row: Debbie 
Ringel, Garrett Domina, 



The Marching Band completed yet an- 
other successful season. Under the guid- 
ance of Mr. James Guirleo, George, Bill, 
Mike, and Rich we excelled in our perfor- 
mances. This year was marked with new 
members and a new staff, both of which 
contributed largely to our success. The 
season came to a close at the annual ban- 
quet with a baby picture show, speeches, 
the reading of the will, and awards. The 
awards given were as follows: 
Rookie of the Year: Eileen Neville 

Cara Nasisi 
Most Improved: Pam Griffin 
Most Valuable: Randy Miller 
Sue Barrington 

Veteran of the Year: Lisa Randlett 
Color Guard: 

Rookie of the Year: Emily Moore 
Best Marcher: Erin Chipley 
Most Valuable: Stacey Hamwey 
A heartfelt thanks goes to this year's offi- 

President- Randy Miller, 
Vice President- Jerry Neville, 
Treasurer- Karen Hu, 
Secretary- Sue Barrington, 
Drum Majors- Lisa Randlett and Alicia 
Hamwey, and Color Guard Captain- Sta- 
cey Hamwey. 

Musical groups 

The Westwood High School Music De- 
partment continued its long-standing tra- 
dition of excellence this year through our 
many different groups; such as the Double 
Quartet, Chorale, Jazz band, Concert 
Band, Orchestra, and Percussion Ensem- 
ble. Despite our dwindling numbers, we 
managed to sing, toot, and bang our way 
through a series of concerts, and Arts Fes- 
tival, and many other performances for 
both parents and students alike. We hope 
that our music has been enjoyed by all! 
Special thanks to Mr. James Guirleo, Miss 
Fran Trisorio, and Mr. Tim McGee for 
their unending flow of patience and dedi- 

Double Quartet 

Percussion Ensemble 


Fine arts festival 

Celebration of the Arts 

For the second year in a row, the Annu- 
al Arts Festival acknowledged the arts in 
Westwood High School and provided stu- 
dents a forum in which to present their 
knowledge and creativity. This celebration 
began on April 1 with performances by the 
Jazz Band and Electronic Music class. 
The next night, Double Quartet performed 
solos, all taken from Broadway musicals. 
The Orchestra and much-lauded Percus- 
sion Ensemble presented their work the 
next night. Westwood High's Drama Club 
performed "Shakespeare Soup" on Thurs- 
day night. Friday night, piano soloists 
Chris Walter and Debbie Ringel stroked 
the ivories, Randall Miller sang, and 
Heather Bartold played the cello. After 

." V 

the intermission, the Westwood Combined 
Church Choirs performed Vivaldi's "Glo- 
ria" under the direction of Mrs. Carol 
Abel. Dance was also presented to audi- 
ences on April 8, with students from WHS 
performing solos. The Festival continued 
with a showing of Kenneth Brannagh's 
film, Henry V. The Festival concluded on 
April 10 with a symposium on Arts in the 
Small Community. All of the musical, 
dance and drama presentations made at 
night were also presented to WHS stu- 
dents during school hours. During the cel- 
ebration, the gallery was filled with 
artwork created by WHS students. This 
celebration provided students and audi- 
ences a wonderful opportunity to share the 
bountiful talent and enthusiasm of stu- 
dents in Westwood. A tremendous round 

of applause goes to Mr. James Giurleo a 
Miss Fran Trisorio for coordinating t 


i i 




JMfc KlUfc 




A ■ •«. 


Vi ■ iii 


WINTER GUARD - -legacy 

ThlC IC tV**» firct irAQf flni r-A \\nA o o*»o crtr» */~* i-.m-inmUAr f<-*«- <-» 11 


This is the first year 
Westwood High School has competed in 
Winter Guard Competition. Winter 
Guard is a combination of dance, flag 
twirling and marching. Wishing to leave 
a remembrance, the girls chose to name 
the team "Legacy". In a division of six 
teams Westwood placed first in every 
competition they were involved in with 
the exception of their first competition at 
which they placed second because they 
had only learned half of their perfor- 
mance. Legacy went on to become the 
Division III New England Scholastic 
Band Champions on March 24, 1991 at 
University of Massachusetts — Boston. 
They also brought home the award for 
Best Silks (flags). The 1991 Winter 

Guard had a season to remember for all 
who were involved. 

We want to thank Mr. James Giurleo 
who helped to get us started and for his 
support, our wonderful instructors 
George, Bill and Michael, without whom 
we would not have become champions, 
and expecially the Westwood Music Par- 
ents Association without whom this ac- 
tivity would not have become a reality. 

We, the seniors, wish the best of luck 
to next year's Legacy. 

Memories: Chelsea, no broken wrists, 
We Caught It!, twitching lips, Lean on 
Me, We Won! 

Standing left to right: Amy Gibbons, Melissa Hener, Emily Moore, Junior Captain Erin Chipley, 
Senior Captain Stacey Hamwey, Rania Awde, Stephanie Jones, Carolyn Flaherty. Kneeling left to 
right: Susan Barrington, Alicia Hamwey, Nancy Santoro, Cara Nasisi. 


In June of 1990, selected juniors Heath- 
;r Bartold and Lesley Bride represented 
WHS at Girls' State. The week-long semi- 
lar consisted of a mock study of the 
\merican political system. The program 
illowed two students from most Massa- 
;husetts towns to meet at Mount Holyoke 
ind to participate in local and state gov- 
irnments. Students were organized into 
wo political parties and then into either 
jities or towns. Participants then ran for 

positions varying from town treasurer to 
state representative to governor. All voted 
for candidates based on their campaigns 
and speeches, and then those elected offi- 
cials operated similarly to those in existing 
state and local governments formulating 
bills and then voting on them. The leader- 
ship skills learned at Girls' State returned 
to Westwood with Heather in Safe Rides, 
Drama Club, as well as other 

Boys' State 

In June of 1990, Brian Hardiman, 
Michael Welby, and John Lane travelled 
to Bentley College to participate in Massa- 
chusetts Boys' State. The purpose of the 
week long program was to learn about the 
government and politics of the community 
and state. Along with the nearly 850 other 
representatives from high schools across 
the state, the three delegates from 
Westwood High participated in mock po- 
litical caucuses, town meetings, and gener- 
al elections. When not occuppied by poli- 
tics, the representatives participated in 
athletics such as softball, volleyball, bas- 
ketball, and, of course, baseball. The busy 
(yet occasionally boring) week was high- 
lighted by guest speaker Governor 
Michael Dukakis. Boys' State proved to be 
be a rewarding and memorable 

(L to R): John Lane, Lesley Bride, Mike Welby, Heather 
Bartold, Brian Hardiman. 


First Row (L to R): Arthur Fryar, Steven McDonough, Brian Conley. 
Second Row: Megan Burnett, Michael Massaro, David O'Rourke, 
Diana Rice, Eileen O'Dea Third Row: Julie Mao, Tricia Malloy, 
Shannon Keyes, Himanshu Patel Back Row: JohnCollins, Mark Ha- 
verty, Julie Hunter, Kathleen Close, Rob Kaufman, Mr. Kevin Burke 

Thousands of people are in prison because of their beliefs. Many 
of these political prisoners are held without a charge or a trial; 
torture and the death penalty are widespread. In many countries 
men, women, and children have "disappeared" after being taken 
into custody. Amnesty International, a worldwide movement, works 
for the release of these prisoners. This year's officers for the 
Westwood High School branch of AI were Steven McDonough, 
President; Brian Conley, Vice-President; Arthur Fryar, Treasurer; 
and John Collins, Secretary. Mr. Kevin Burke and Mr. William 
Wright were the advisors. Members of Amnesty wrote letters during 
the year urging government officials to grant human rights to their 
citizens. This year, AI of WHS wrote letters to officials in Guatema- 
la, Turkey, U.S.S.R., and the U.S.A. In addition. Amnesty held 
several school-wide activities which included a Human Rights 
Awareness Week; a guest speaker; Battle of the Bands 2; lots of 
petition signing by both students and faculty, and a 30th anniversary 
celebration. Thousands of prisoners have been released due to AI's 
efforts over the last 30 years. Amnesty International of Westwood 
High has helped make a difference. 


In June of 1990, Daiva Gostautas and Maya Khuri had the opportunity to spend a week in 
our nation's capitol, where they met about four hundred other students from all over the 
United States, Spain, England, Japan, and other countries. The students were a very diverse 
group, but all sharing a common characteristic: all are politically active individuals who want 
to learn about the processes of government . . Maya and Daiva participated in crossfire 
debates, sat in on congressional meetings, had a chance to meet with their Senators and 
Representatives, and spent two days on Capitol Hill. 

I I 

Academic decathlon 

Westwood High's intellectually and cul- 
turally endowed Academic Decathlon 
team prevailed in the November meet held 
at Westwood High. The team, through dil- 
igent work on their own and with Ms. Dil- 
lon, succeeded in earning seven awards, 
including a few gold medals. Westwood 
placed eleventh out of eighteen teams 
which competed in the preliminary round, 
thereby advancing the team to the State 
Finals in March, held in Waltham. Here, 
the team placed eleventh out of fifteen 
teams and won two awards. This year, the 
Academic Decathlon's theme was Outer 
Space Exploration, which extended to the 
areas of science, fine arts, language and 
literature, math, social sciences, speech, 
essay, interview, economics, and super 
quiz. Senior team members held most of 
the competing positions, but three juniors 
contributed to the team. Many thanks to 
our advisor, Ms. Dillon, who fortified the 
Academic Decathlon team not only with 
her expertise but with nutritious M&M's 
as well. 

Front Row (L to R): Julie Mao, Sharon Becker (Co-captain), Alison Kobey (Co-captain), 
Carolyn Sherrod, Amy McDonnell, Jeff Lawton. Back Row: Norman Liljestrand, Craig Foster, 
Evan Owens, Michael Cafa ella, Kathryn Hudson, Miss H. Joan Dillon (Advisor). 

Math team 

The Math Team once again put forth a 
strong showing in competition for the 
1990-91 season. In the Greater Boston 
Mathematics League, the team finished 
ninth overall, second in the small school 
division. The team was even more impres- 
sive in the Southeastern Massachusetts 
Mathematics League, ending the season in 
third place, and the top small school Most 
Valuable Mathlete honors in the SMML 
went to senior Captain Craig Foster, one 
of only six in the state to receive this pres- 
tigious award. This is the second straight 
year that a Westwood student has cap- 
tured the MVM title. 

In the state meet, despite strong compe- 
tition, Julie Mao was honored as an indi- 
vidual high scorer for her performance. 
Craig Foster and junior Debbie Ringel 
qualified to become members of the East- 
ern Massachusetts All-Star Team, an invi- 
tation given to only about 45 students a 
year. Advisor James Pender joined the 
mathletes on this trip. 

In closing, the team thanks Coach 
Pender not only for help and support, but 
for all the edibles as well. It also recog- 
nizes his organizational talent, a quality 
slightly lacking in many of the other advi- 
sors of the SMML this year. Good luck to 
next year's team! 

Front Row (L to R): Norman Liljestrand, Debra Ringel, Christopher Burgess, Matthew Prout. 
Second Row: David Chung, Julie Mao, Kerry Larkin, Michael Cafarella Back Row: Craig 
Foster, Terry Earls, Mr. James Pender (Advisor), Christopher Babcock, Leslie Bride, Michael 


This is the first year a group of peer counsellors served fellow 
students at the high school. Under the leadership of Ms. Carol Arm- 
strong, peer counsellors are involved in one-on-one helping relation- 
ships. They will listen and help their peers with issues ranging from 
substance abuse to conflicts with friends, teachers, or parents. They 
provide valuable support when students must deal with considerable 
outside pressures. To become a peer counsellor, students devote much 
of their time to training sessions and then time during their school day 
when they have their peer counseling meetings. WHS thanks them for 
all their efforts this year and for forging the way for future peer 

Front Row (L to R): Ms. Carol Armstrong (Advisor), Alicia Mullen, Mary Beth Gadd, 
Lisa Randlett. Second Row: Heather Bartold, Dina Moore, Suzanne McLaughlin, Amy 
McCoy, Erin O'Brien. Back Row: Rick Kranz, Diane Murphy, Steven McDonald, Brian 
Hardiman, Raymond Jowdy. 


The National Merit Scholarship Corpo- 
ation announced in September, 1990, that 
even students from Westwood High 
>chool earned honors for their perfor- 
nance on the October, 1989, National 
Vlerit Scholarship Qualifying Exam. To 
:arn the status of national Merit Semi- 
finalist, a student must earn a qualifying 
core that places him/her in the top V2 

percent of the over one million students in 
19,000 secondary schools that participated 
in this program. In all, 15,000 students 
nation-wide earned this status. At 
Westwood High School we are proud that 
two students are among this select group: 
Craig Foster and Amy McDonnell. 

To earn the status of National Merit 
Commended Student, a student must earn 

a qualifying score that places him/her in 
the top 5% of all student participants 
across the country. In all, 35,000 students 
nation-wide earned this status. At 
Westwood High School, we are proud that 
five students are among this select group: 
Chris A. Babcock, Brian C. Hardiman, 
Karen J. Hu, Maya M. Khuri and Thomas 
A. Shepherd. 

L to R: Brian Hardiman, Karen Hu, Chris Babcock, Maya Khuri, and Thomas 



French Honor Society 

La Societe Honoraire de Francais finished 
the year on a high note, despite a few organiza- 
tional difficulties early on. We sponsored severa 
fund raisers, and enjoyed a scrumptious banquet 
with the Spanish Honor Society. As usual, how- 
ever, the induction ceremony marked the club's 
high point. At this gala event, held in the red, 
white, and blue bedecked music room, several 
sophomores and juniors were initiated into our 
select group. The departing seniors would like to 
thank Mrs. Rice for her hard work and dedica- 
tion, and wish the remaining members much 
luck in the year to come. 

Front Row (L to R): Amy Beneway, Sarah Brett, Carolyn Sherrord, Mrs. Diane Rice (Advisor), 
Amy McDonnell (Pres.), Alicia Hamwey (Sec). Second Row: Rebecca Burke, Diane Costello, 
Kerry Larkin, Moira Brett, Emily Moore (Co-Treas.), Christopher Burgess, Brad Weiner, 
Katherine Sinnott. Back Row: Terrence Earls (Vice Pres.), Kurt Schliemann, Deborah Ringel, 
Michael Dowd, Matthew Prout, Norman Liljestrand, Michael Cafarella (Co-Treas.). 



With the help of Mrs. Hollis Perry, our advisor, 
President Alicia Mullen, Vice-President Sherri 
Carver, and Secretary Jeff Lawton, Sociedad Hon- 
oraria Hispanica had a successful year. We taught 
Spanish to the transitional class at the Hanlon 
School, sold "El Toro" candy bars and, of course, 
no one can forget the "helados" (ice cream) on the 
first Friday of each month. In addition, SHH 
members offered services as Spanish tutors to their 
peers. As a culminating "fun" activity we had a pot 
luck supper with the French National Society. All 
in all, SHH'S activities and year were very 

Front Row (L to R): Patricia Higgins, Sherri Carver (Vice-Pres.), Alicia 
Mullen (Pres.), Jeffrey Lawton (Sec). Second Row: Brian Lawton, Nancy 
Santoro, Tanya Lynch, Jennifer VanGelder, Laura Corcoran. Third Row: 
Lesley Bride, Lori Thornton, Kelly Clark, Alison Kobey, Mrs. Hollis Perry 
(Advisor). Back Row: Andrew Owens, Laurie Schreiber, Donna Guglielmi, 
Greg Piazza, Jennifer Fink, Craig Foster. 

|jgigjlig§j ll 



National Honor Society is and the initiation of school leadership 

a service organization made up of students 
who have maintained high academic stan- 
dards throughout their high school years. 
Members show leadership by serving their 
school, their schoolmates, and the 

This year a group of nineteen seniors 
gave of their free time to organize and 
participate in various service projects and 
activities. Such projects included a soap 
drive for both the Haitian missions and the 
soldiers serving our country in the Gulf, 

workshops in which the student body, fac- 
ulty, and administration could interact 
with each other in a forum of open com- 
munication in order to express opinions 
and raise new issues regarding school poli- 
cies and school-wide activities. A third ac- 
tivity involved a freshman class enrich- 
ment program entitled "Odyssey of the 
Mind," in which a select group of fresh- 
men researched the ancient city of Pompe- 
ii and produced various projects reflecting 
the subject. The students were mentored 

by various NHS members whose mail 
purpose was to promote free-thinking am 
creativity. Furthermore, individual NH! 
members gave their time volunteering 
local hospitals, serving the elderly of th> 
community, and tutoring underclassmei 
in a variety of subject areas. All in all, thi 
year's National Honor Society, with th 
help of its dedicated advisor Miss H. Joai 
Dillon, put its talents to good use in serv 
ing both the school and community. 

First Row (L to R): Amy McDonnell (Secretary), Kristine Tondorf (President), Lesley Bride 
(Vice-Pres.), Christopher Babcock (Treasurer). Second Row: Jeffrey Lawton, Kelly Susco, 
Michelle Grueter, Alison Kobey, Carolyn Sherrod, Mary Beth Gadd Third Row: John Lane, 
Maya Khuri, Kelly Clark, Avida Setayesh, Craig Foster Fourth Row: Terrence Earls, Ms. 
H. Joan Dillon, (Advisor), Thomas Shepherd. 

APR]I 30. 1991 



i i 


I 1 I 





C N N I C K, JR.. 



Homecoming Week was 
truly a gala affair, as students dressed up 
and stripped down (only on pajama day, of 
course) to show their school spirit. 

On Monday, students did their best to 
make their outfits as mismatched as possi- 
ble for Clash Day. The High School's pop- 
ulation looked even more peculiar on 
Tuesday, clothed in a combination of bun- 
nysuits and college sweats. Wednesday 
marked the week's high point, as everyone 
did their best to look stupid. Thursday's 
color code day was quite successful. How- 
ever, as usual, it was Green Pride Day, on 
Friday, which was most well supported. 




"^^■^ This year, the student body was fortunate enough to view 

not one, but two lip syncs. These events were enormous successes, and 
helped both Green Pride and Spring Fling weeks get off to a sensational 
start. Although all of the acts were teriffic, a few deserve special note. 
Among these, the Jackson Five shine for their fabulous fashion sense, Pee 
Wee is remembered for his excellent cycling skills, and Mike Cafarella 
will never be forgotten as the man who did it his way. 

V[r. whs 

An all-male beauty pageant? What? Mr. Who? That's right! 
Every year the bravest of the brave guys at WHS strut their stuff 
at the annual Mr. WHS contest. The competition included a 
talent show, a question-and-answer session, and a whole lot of 
laughs. The courageous contestants were Jim "Cakes" Coffey, 
Andy "Finkamania" Fink, P.K. "Fitzie" Fitzgerald, Dave 
"Halps" Halperin, Brian "Hardi" Hardiman, Matt "Hatchy" 
Hatch, John "Snake" McDermott, and Mauricio "Mo" Segal. 
The student body watched and howled as these boys of WHS 
sang songs, danced like ballerinas, recited oh-so-touching poetry, 
and even performed a strip tease! After watching these studs' 
convincing and persuasive performances, the students voted for 
their own personal favorites. And in the end, Brian Hardiman, 
our very own Class President, reigned victoriously over all of 
WHS Land! 

Cheryl Suffredini crowns Brian Hardiman, the 1990-1991 Mr. WHS. 

"And the winner is 

The audience awaits the results breathlessly 

'Sing us a song, you're the Piano Man 

I don't claim to be huge and muscular 



This year Homecoming Week was the week of November 5th. The 
entire school demonstrated its school spirit on Clash Day, Look Stupid 
Day, College Paraphernalia/Pajama Day, and, of course, Green Pride 
Day. The senior class collected the most points by the end of the week, 
proving that they indeed had the most pride and spirit in their school. The 
week culminated in a Friday afternoon pep rally in preparation for Satur- 
day's game against Bellingham. The game was postponed until Sunday 
due to poor weather, and Westwood won the game with a score of 24-7. 
Cheryl Suffredini topped off her four-year streak as the representative of 
our class on the Homecoming Court by being named Homecoming 
Queen. The Homecoming Court this year consisted of seniors Michelle 
Grueter and Patricia Murphy, junior Sandra DiMartino, sophomore 
Christy Doyle, and freshman Jill Santopietro. All in all, Homecoming was 
an exciting, fun-filled time that livened up the fall of 1990 at Westwood 
High School. 

(L to R): Sandra DiMartino (Junior Rep.), Cheryl Suffredini 
(Homecoming Queen), Patricia Murphy (Senior Rep.), Mi- 
chelle Grueter (Senior Rep.), Christy Doyle (Sophomore Rep.), 
and Jill Santopietro (Freshman Rep.). 

Westwood wins Homecoming game! 

Winter semi-formal 

The Winter Semi-Formal, "Melt With You," spon- 
sored by the Senior Class, was a great success with 
representatives from every class present. The decora- 
tions were in a winter scene with white trees and white 
lights creating an atmosphere of a pleasant winter 
night. A D.J. provided the great music that everyone 
had a fun time dancing to. Every couple looked beau- 
tiful in their winter semi-formal dresses and suits. The 
dance helped generate a happy holiday spirit for all 
those present. The entire night was a success thanks to 
the senior class officers and Ms. Rosengarten. 

Sorry, Shakespeare 

Westwood High's innovative Drama 
Club twisted, maligned, and misquoted the Bard, 
much to the amusement of the school's students and 
staff, in this year's spring production of "Sorry, 
Shakespeare." The cast performed two clever one- act 
plays, "While Shakespeare Slept" and "Shakespeare 
Will Return." Mrs. Kelsch, the Club's able advisor, 
directed the show and also wrote the prologue and 
epilogue. Thanks to Lori McKenna, Student Director, 
the backstage crew, and the girls who lent Jerry Nev- 
ille his neon costume. 

IL^:!^/ 1 



Spring fling & lip sync 

Spring Fling '91 got off to a great start 
with the Volleyball Tournament kicking 
off the second annual Color War contest. 
The Red Team claimed the final victory of 
the volleyball battle, but the war had just 
begun. A Monday night dance began the 
actual Spring Fling Week and a student/ 
faculty basketball game followed that up. 
Wednesday's Lip Sync proved to be a 
crowd-drawer while some upsets and sur- 
prising finishes ended the evening. Thurs- 
day hosted Westwood High's first-ever 
outdoor scavenger hunt, which proved to 
be, not only the last event of Spring Fling 
'91, but a popular one as well. But in the 
end, despite all the poster-making efforts, 
the Blue team held on to its title of Color 
War winner, the second year in a row, 
Thanks to our captains John McDermott, 
Megan Driscoll, Andy Fink, Michelle 
O'Connor, Steve MacDonald, and Lori 
Thornton. A special thanks to the entire 
student body for its participation in mak- 
ing Spring Fling '91 the best one ever! 

Survey Poll 



Political Event of the Year 

1. The Gulf War 

2. Re-Unification of Germany 

3. Rising National Debt 

Political Event of the Year 

1. The Election of Weld 

2. Budget Cuts 


Most memorable 



& Billy Joel 

Most memorable 


[ Touch 


Most memorable 



Best NEW group 

: Extreme 


Magazine most subscribed-to by 

males: Sports Illustrated 
Magazine most subscribed-to by 

females: Seventeen 
Most widely-read newspaper: The 

Boston Globe 


Most memorable film: Pretty 

Most memorable actor: Kevin 

Most memorable actress: Julia 



Most memorable 




Hockey Game 


Most memorable 




Most memorable 




Best TV movie: Switched at Birth 

Best station: Fox 25 

Favorite TV character (male): Bart 

Favorite TV character (female): 

Kelly Bundi 





'VfV rt. 


$*i± ' «&* - Ni 



Fad of the Year 

1. Things with hoods 

2. Scrunchies, bows 

3. Hairspray 

Look of the Year 

Male: Girbauds, black sneakers, 

baseball hats 
Female: oversized tops, leggings 

Environmental Concerns 

1. Recycling 

2. Depletion of the ozone layer 

3. Endangerment of the dogone 
(docile cousin of the manatee) 

Quantum Leap 

To Democracy ^^^ 

. oik! oldest C onv ^~f H 
minisl state took a step toward «C«i J^L*^ 
, last week when it If I vJ_§»^ 
leldits first tree multipart) u | 
ions ever. About c >2' \ of Mt 

:olia's 73>.(kx» registered vote 
•ast ba»J 

1S.U WAJ 1 LI I r 

FEB. 27. 1991 

€ T HERE | s Virtually No Ii 
* In Japan. 
Concert A. 

tule £W 

»hil- ^V* 


Leonard Bernstein 
found that he 

was famous. U sl 



■Hi H 


WWei Lung Cancer. Heart Disease 

jrcphysema, And May CnmnliratP Pregnancy 



rug Abuse 



r !§& 

'At * .jMtptoacf 
t* <S* k become^ 

mmmh *Z 

tsainst drttg* 



# A Global Response 
V To A Global Problem 

Stormin' Norma 



another lK&>iM 

Men of thk Year 


ElH 310*. 



i t 

l<?tfc~' ^> 

■ ■ 


Nominee Souter 

* yL> Sold in France under 

^ j, £ the name MHegyne, 

' ^. RU 486 was 

^ developed by Dr. 

Battle over the Abortion Pill 

\frexsitre is momitini> to introduce the dmt> HI ' 4S/, in the l 









r Bv ^H HFV- 

> <s£ 



4^^*~ - Kjp*iCh.^^^^^fl^ 

2r "'vjgfc' 



.« 41* V * **J 



■ ? 'JP^ «>.*>*: 







*>■'■■ V.w/Vft 


The pre-game rally 

The first senior class event was 
filled with anticipation about the 
outcome of the rivaled game. The 
humid, rainy October day did not 
dampen the players' enthusiasm. 
The cafeteria was adorned with 
the school colors, green and 
white. The girls displayed their 
team's sweatshirts to show their 
spirit. After a hearty breakfast, 
the players made their way to the 

Look out boys! Here we come! 

The girls' spirit shines through. 

lto*£ 13, i° r 


5« »l 


Welby & Cox will soon be in their graves . 

And the starting lineup is . . . 


The boys won? 

The October morning brought a mixture of 
excitement and curiosity as to how the game 
would end. The injured on the sidelines, along 
with the well-formed cheerleaders, psyched 
the teams for a grueling challenge. The girls' 
teams Matt's Malicious Mamas, Campa's 
Kazis, Homer's Attitudes, and Fink's Fero- 
cious Flirts lost a close game to the boys' 
team coached by Mr. Topalian. 

Now what? 

p I 


Reflections of the way life used 
to be . . . 

The senior class banquet's 
theme, Reflections (of the way 
life used to be) summarized the 
evening's activities. Brian Hardi- 
man, our witty M.C., kicked off 
the banquet with style. The se- 
niors listened to the sounds of the 
jazz band and the soloists; they 
laughed at the sights of them- 
selves during their younger years; 
they relished in the tastes of the 
catered feast. The senior superla- 
tives were announced and the 
class history was read. The myste- 
rious "Novel Quest" introduced 
the seniors to competitive team 

uh . . . well . .. oh 


•s ia*** 



Just let it 
rain down on me 

Despite the poor weather con- 
ditions, the senior class came to- 
gether and pulled off a great 
beach trip. Volleyball, walks on 
the beach, and handball with a 
twist kept everyone warm while 
they waited for the next meal to 
be served. Even though the water 
was freezing, a daring few ven- 
tured into the white caps. All in 
all, the senior class beach trip was 
very successful. 

The girls sit captivated by the skills of the jocks of '91 


Where's the flood, Jerry? 

Have a nice meal? 

Not exactly beach attire. 


: i44#h 



For just a moment, perfection 

After weeks of preparation, the 
long awaited prom took place on 
May 17, 1991, at the Sheraton 
Tara Hotel in Braintree. Sherri 
Carver represented the senior 
class as Prom Queen. Sherri was 
accompanied by her court includ- 
ing seniors Camille Perry, Laura 
Dicenso, Lisa Randlett, Lesley 
Bride, and juniors Stephanie 
Jones, Heidi Getchel, Denise Far- 
ren, and Alysia Ordway. Al- 
though the prom felt as if it were 
just a moment in our lives, the 
evening will last forever in every- 
one's memories. Thanks to the ju- 
niors and the prom committee for 
such a successful night. 

No dates, boys? 

But these are the highest heels I've go 



-; ■:..:. 



..■V ■'■ i- .-• 



The final countdown 

The evening began with a cafe- 
teria style dinner which nourished 
the students and parents for the 
long ceremony that followed. This 
year marked the first awards pre- 
sentation to take place during the 
evening. The students received 
awards in the categories of schol- 
arship, leadership, character, ser- 
vice and athletic ability. 

Here she comes, how do I look? 

I came, I saw, I ate. 

Please don't take my picture! 

I am huge! 

I'm coming, guys! 

UitaAurvdl Hum 


f*S A. 


■ ' I 





1 i 

The heat made everyone weary . . 


'■" . 


Northeastern, here I come! 

Can't we have graduation in the pool??' 




^^» r tip 1 

?*M * P *■* 






The height of the senior class 
banquet was the announcement of 
the Senior Superlatives. The best, 
the brightest, and the beautiful 
represented each category ac- 
cordingly. And the winners are . . . 


Peter Gill Meagan Driscoll 


Krissy Tondorf Peter Hughes 


Brian Hardiman Caroline Prinn 


Andrea Mazzola Mike Fontaine 


Dave Halperin Cheryl Suffredini 


Carrie O'Leary John Lane 




Most Athletic 

McLaughlin John McDermott 

Most Gullible 

Dan Ringel Katie Sinnott 

Class Saints 

Carolyn Sherrod Evan Owens 

~, -m * JB^tf:^ 

j/t^ ^M ^^ 

^ J- -R* ^| 


KjS7 A 


w^e ■ j^^5 


^1 P'^VJ 

Br /\ II 

Best Dressed 

Robin Morrison Lawrence Patterson 

Most Likely To Succeed 

Chris Babcock Maya Khuri 

Best Laugh 

Karen Hu Mike Hudson 



Jim Ferry Leslie Barber 


Lori Thornton Peter Hughes 


Jerry Neville Sharon Becker 


Betsey Earley Brantley Dorch 


Andy Fink Michelle O' Conner 


Terry Earls Alison Kobey 



Michelle Grueter Matt Hatch 


Lori Thornton Phil Grokulsky 


Lisa Randlett Randy Miller 



Bob Guindon Cheryl Suffredini 


Terry Earls Kelly Clark 


Jeff Clark Krissy Tondorf 


Maya Khuri Brian Hardiman 



Matt Hatch Meagan Driscoll 


Amy McDonnell Peter Hughes 



fili.H v | 





In September of 1987, a brand new bunch of petrified fresh- 
men poured out of those dreaded yellow buses and timidly en- 
tered Westwood High School. None of us were quite prepared for 
what greeted us, and many of us felt that we would not survive 
four whole years of high school. Obviously, we did ultimately 
make it to this point. But first we were forced to suffer through 
days of getting lost (and being sent to the wrong rooms), fresh- 
man initiation (which was strictly prohibited, yet we all seemed to 
go through it anyways!), loads of homework, endless study halls, 
and who could ever forget those awful science projects! Anyhow, 
as the year dragged on, we all learned not to ask the upperclass- 
men for directions, and how to cope with the hardships of high 
school life. We soon began to leave our own mark on Westwood 
High School. Under the able leadership of President Katie Sin- 
nott, Vice-President Sue Mc Laughlin, Treasurer Tish Murphy, 
and Secretary Carrie O'Leary, we continued our struggle 
through the trials and tribulations of freshman year. Although we 
had already been broken into the sports program by those gruel- 
ing double-sessions, we were still not fully prepared for the com- 
mitment required to be a member of a Westwood High School 
athletic team. This was the last year that Westwood had fresh- 
man sports, and many of us gained invaluable experience from 
playing on these teams. A handful of us were talented enough to 
hold positions on the varsity rosters, but the rest of us had to serve 
a couple of years on freshman and JV teams. The year 1987 was 
definitely a year to remember ... it was the year Westwood made 
the news. People across the continent, and even as far as Moscow, 
read and heard about our tiny bucolic town of Westwood, MA, a 
town that was filled with raucous teenagers who loved to party. 
We were accused of putting telephones in microwaves, trans- 
forming canines into "flaming infernos," and goodness only 
knows what else. Whether or not these were true accusations, we 
are not at liberty to say. As the year came to a close, we encoun- 
tered finals for the first time, and the only thing that got us 
through them was the prospect of summer vacation. 

Well, the Class of 1991 was off to a semi-great start. We felt 
that nothing could be worse than being freshmen, and we were 
looking forward to being something other than freshmen . . . 

-Karen Hu 

those to 



In the fall of 1988, we arrived back at Westwood High School 
proud of our new found status as sophomores. Although we were 
still underclassmen, we felt some freedom at being released from 
those torturous studies. 


We were well represented by Brian Hardiman, President; Dav( 
Halperin, Vice President; Lori Thornton, Treasurer; and Cynd 
Locke, Secretary. Mr. Russell Downes, who was always ready t( 
help us, served as class advisor. 

We worked hard - a few of us tried our first A. P. class 
European History with Mr. Peter Case. As a class, we made r 
through Health Education. A new teacher, Mr. William Wright 
joined the teaching staff, blessing us with his sarcastic wit ant 
history myth-bashing. 

As athletes, the Sophomore Class was well represented. Girls 
Soccer and Volleyball, as well as the Hockey Team, all advancec : 
to post-season action. Girls' Hoop snatched the TVL title for tht 
17th consecutive year. Surprise, surprise! The football team be 
came the first ever undefeated team in WHS history when the} 
beat Archbishop Williams by a score of 1 3 to at the Superbowl 
Everyone, and especially the cheerleaders, had a great time a 
Nickerson Field. The Marching Band also had a successful sea 
son, placing third in the New England Scholastic Band Associa 
tion competition. 

For Homecoming Week, we participated in Hat Day, Pajanu 
Day, Clash Day, and, of course, Green Pride Day. In the spring 1 
new activities and interests occupied our time, some of us makinj 
our debut in the spring musical "The Boyfriend," while other: 
tried their hands at softball, baseball, track, or tennis^ 

At the close of the school year, we had to say goodbye to som< 
well-loved teachers. Mrs. Natalie Carey retired after teaching "J 
K, L" to hundreds of keyboarding students. The girls heard thei 
last "Hola, Chica!" as we said "Adios" to Senor Manoli Dhimitri 
Mr. Peter Case completed his last year of teaching, but his gentle 
manner and reassuring hand would not soon be forgotten. 

Sophomore year was a wonderful year! We were athletes, wi 
were scholars. We studied, practiced, worked, and partied. Final 
ly, our last papers were turned in and we finished taking ou; 
finals. We were upperclassmen at last! 

-Daiva Gostauta 


We entered Westwood High School in the fall of 1989 undei 
the guidance and leadership of President Brian Hardiman, Via 
President David Halperin, Secretary Cynthia Locke, and Trea i 
surer Lori Thornton. They led us spiritedly through our junioi 
year and introduced us to new freedoms and responsibilitie: 
associated with being juniors. 

Academically, we were faced with the dreaded PSAT's, SAT'g 
Achievement Tests, and A. P. Exams. As juniors we were wel 
aware this was our most important year academically and th< 
dedicated and knowledgeable teaching staff made sure we wer< 


well prepared for any bumps in the road ahead. 

The 1989-90 athletic teams produced respectable records. 
I Once again the Boys' Hockey Team and Girls' Basketball Team 
\ received the well-deserved titles of Tri- Valley League Champi- 
Lons. The Football Team and Girls' Soccer Team succeeded fairly 
[well this year, as did both the Winter and Spring Track Teams. 
'Although the Field Hockey Team didn't come out on top, they 
did manage to score a goal to boost their spirits. But who could 
lever forget the rowdy "dowg pound" who helped cheer the Boys' 
DBasketball Team to one of its most successful seasons. 

Our participation in extra-curricular activities made our year 
"memorable. We began with Homecoming Week which included 
[Color Code Day, Sunglasses Day, Pajama/College Paraphenalia 
['Day, Hat Day, and the traditional Green Pride Day. The Drama 
Club accomplished 'a lot this year producing two After-Dinner 
Theaters and the spring play "Twain by the Tail." The Marching 
Band also had a successful year placing third in the New England 
Finals and receiving an honorable mention in both percussion and 
music. Our first annual Spring Fling Week, sponsored by the 
Student Council, allowed us to compete for points on one of the 
three color war teams in activities such as the lip sync, movie at 
the pool, dance, student/faculty basketball game, volleyball tour- 
nament, and the wall decoration contest. On a serious note, 
Student Council presented the program, : "A Day in the Life of a 
Homeless Person." The Student Advisory Board "adopted" East 
Clarendon High School in South Carolina and began a relief fund 
for this school which was destroyed by Hurricane Hugo. Our 
annual bloodmobile was sponsored by the volunteer organization 
Key Club while SADD and SAFE RIDES continued their fight 
against driving while intoxicated. Spring fever had hit and we 
were ready for our well-deserved vacations. We watched the 
seniors graduate and realized it would soon be our turn. Our 
senior year would be a time for planning the future, reflecting on 
the past, and certainly taking pleasure in the present. 

-Sherri Carver 


Our teachers' faces glowed as we, the seniors of 1991, strutted 
through the building on the way to our old lockers. We greeted 
old friends and joked about how scared the freshmen looked. Of 
course, we immediately chatted about our short summers and 
plans for our last year in high school. One of our first topics of 
conversation was summer college searches. After all the prelimi- 
nary conversation, we started our classes. 

Immediately, we became inflated with the false sense of senior 

importance. We plunged into mud with the onset of the senior 

I breakfast and powder puff football game. Of course, the girls 

i were the victorious team. Naturally, the SAT's and achievements 

were made available to us for the second time. Let's face it, who 

really cares?! On November 8th, the Drama Club presented 

another cozy After Dinner Theatre. Soon after, Cheryl Suffredini 
completed her four year sweep of homecoming court by being 
elected Queen. Brian Hardiman led the pep rally where Doctor 
Gearon delivered an inspiring speech on the spirit of competition. 
Say "cheez," because following homecoming were the senior 
pictures. Westwood High was fortunate to host the Academic 
Decathlon meet for the second year in a row. Academic Decath- 
lon was victorious because of our superior brain power and our 
plethora of M & M's. The bonfire dance, the night before 
Thanksgiving, stirred up much football spirit. Unfortunately, this 
could not ignite our team to a Thanksgiving Day victory. Decem- 
ber fifteenth was an important day for Alison Kobey, Amy Mc- 
Donnell, Craig Foster, Krissy Tondorf, Chris Babcock, Lori Ab- 
dou, Brian Hardiman, Lesley Bride, who were accepted early 
decision to the schools of their choice. Everyone celebrated that 
night at the all school semi-formal. Three cheers for the favorite 
time of the year- December vacation!!! After relaxing for ten 
days, we were struck with the reality of mid-year exams. In 
February, Spanish Honor Society went to play at the Hanlon 
School with Mrs. Fitzpatrick's kindergarten class for Valentine's 
Day. Legacy, Westwood High's Winter Guard, had a very suc- 
cessful first year with their numerous awards and state division 
championship. Of course, we cannot forget the amazing feat of 
the Westwood High Hockey team. Congratulations on their state 
division championship! Once again, we settled into the relaxing 
time of February vacation. Academic Decathlon had a brilliant 
showing at the March second state competition in Waltham. 
Spring Fling was a rip-roaring success thanks to the teams of 
purple, red, and blue, and their energetic leaders. For the third 
time, we frolicked in the April sun during a week of peaceful 
bliss. Soon after, the National Honor Society inducted many new 
juniors as well as a few leftover seniors. The Seniors then had to 
deal with the challenge of the abominable A.P.'s. Craig Foster 
completed seven A. P. exams and was the only student to use 
every single A.P. sticker label. Then, the fun-filled events began 
with the Junior-Senior Prom at the Sheraton Tara in Braintree. 
Congratulations to Sherri Carver who was voted prom queen as 
well as to her court. School finally ended for seniors on Tuesday, 
May 29th. Graduation rehearsals began immediately and the 
senior beach trip was, of course, a great success despite the 
watery weather. Finally, here we are, about to graduate in three 

-Sharon Becker 
Alison Kobey 




We, the members of the Class of 1991 of Westwood High School, 
Westwood, Massachusetts, county of Norfolk, make this will and 
revoke all previous wills and codicils. 

We leave to the Class of 1992 all those college applications and 
interviews and a year of "sanity" and "reckless living." 

We leave to the Class of 1993 the Junior/Senior Prom and their 
new identity of being upperclassmen. 

We leave to the Class of 1994 to their own sophomoric behavior. 

We leave to the Class of 1995 a handbook detailing proper 
behavior and specific instructions for getting off to a great start 
at WHS. 

We nominate PHILLIP F. FLAHERTY, principal of Westwood 
High School, executor of this will. We have signed and sealed this 
will on the ninth day of June, 1991. 


Class of 1991 
I, Christopher Allen Babcock, leave to Ms. Karen Tosca, my 
love, affection, gratitude, and a beautiful blue and gray DUKE 

I, Leslie Barber, leave to Megan and Brian, one pudding pop and 
a pair of scissors. 

I, Susan R. Barrington, leave to Mr. Calvin Toapalian, all the 
respect he deserves, a softer eraser, and my hair. 
I, Heather Bartold, leave these words: "It can't get any worse - 
only better. High School is the bottom. Surviving it is the whole 
point. Quitting is not going to make you strong. Living will. So 
just hang on & hand in there." 

I, Sharon Becker, leave to Eileen Neville, a few fish & the Power 
of Psychadelia: use it wisely, for it is a powerful weapon. Carry 
that weight, girl. 

I, Vanessa Bickerton, leave to all the earthy- crunchy people of 
this world, my collection of hairspray and make- up. 
I, Stephen Brady, leave to Liz Brady, NO homework, mom and 
dad, the stress of the college application process, and Lots of 

I, Lesley Bride, leave to Judy Rich, the lungs to yell on the soccer 
field and a little patience, too. 

I, Marlene Buckley, leave to Dianne, Lynne, & Stacey a Bertuc- 
ci's preferred customer credit card. 

I, Chris Canelos, leave to Westwood High School that has mold- 
ed me for 4. years and made me what I am today, my broken leg. 
I, Sherry Carver, leave to myself, a chauffeur and limousine to 
drive me around for a change. 
I, Kristina Caufield, leave to Nancy Radden, all my college 


catalogs and good times at WHS. 

I, Chris Chiofolo, leave to Elio Imbornone The Conspiracy. 

I, Michael Churwin, leave to Calvin Toapalian a set of thumbs l 

ease the pain of scratching his head. 

I, Kelly Clark, leave to the girls in my Spanish class, a lifetime o 


I, Kathleen Close, leave to Julie all my notes, my cowboy boots 

my nails, and my lunch money. 

I, Brian Cox, leave to Meaghan K. Gadd, the luxury of havinj 

two lockers side by side. 

I, Dan Curley, leave the school my homework and all my utensil 

that I used. 

I, Laura DiCenso, leave to Lisa T., Lindsay T., & the rest of th< 

'93 Field Hockey Players, my great attitude & excuses for miss 

ing practice; and to Siddan Conley, a new eyebrow. 

I, Megan Driscoll, leave to the Westwood Girls Soccer Team, i 

prosperous, tourney-winning season. 

I, Betsey Earley, leave to Stacey Doyle, enough paper, donuts 

and nailpolish to get her through science next year. 

I, Tee Earls, leave to my dad, many more fun- filled years ai 

Westwood High School! 

I, Gary Eber, leave to Jerry Neville, a pair of drumsticks and one 

drum set for me to use when I come over his house. 

I, Dina Esposito, leave to Jen Harrington the COUTI. Use it in 

good taste, Jen. Good luck with your senior year, have a great 


I, Andy Fink, leave to Joe Peters, a full body muscle suit to fit his 


I, Jennifer Fink, leave to Karin and Julie, Nancy to deal with. 

I, Carolyn Flaherty, leave to Amy Gibbons, the power over 

"Homeboy" in his red C.Y.O. jacket. Have fun & "get over it!" 

I, Mary Elizabeth Gadd, leave to my sister Meaghan, all of the 

clothes still in my closet after I've finished packing for college- 

but stay out of the drawers. 

I, Peter Joseph Gill, leave to Denis Desmond the reservation of 1 

my 15' x 18' parking spot for the remainder of his high school 

career, no matter how long it takes. 

I, Robert W. Grady, leave to A. P. Science, my brain. 

I, Matthew J. Greenway, leave to all my teachers, thanks. I could 

not have done it without you. 

I, Sarah Griffin, leave to Amy Gibbons, a telephone for those 

calls to Northside Sportswear and a picture of Craig. 

I, Philip Grokulsky, leave to Andy Gozzo, all of my 20<£ credit 


I, Brady Halsted, leave to everyone: to live your life like there's 

no tomorrow and the power to have a good time. 

I, Stacey Hamwey, leave to Erin & Alicia a marching band and 

colorguard for next year, lots of luck and patience, and if they 

don't listen, just remember you're the bosses! 

I, Brian Hardiman, leave to Westwood High Hockey: the begin- 


ning of a dynasty. 

I, Lynn Heneberry, leave to Dee Dee Milonas: an endless supply 
of Diet Coke. 

I, Kelly Hess, leave to Betsy Speros: a trip to the Cape W./ 
Sarah, Kristin, and me. 

I, Paul Higgins, leave to the girls' basketball team that I helped 
coach all the confidence and determination needed for continued 
success. Thanks for the memories and good luck! 
I, Peter Hughes, leave to Mr. Calvin Topalian my thumbs and a 
lifetime membership to the hair club for men. 
I, Mark Karafotias, leave to B.J. and Rooney all my books. 
I, Anne Kendeigh, leave to Tom Shepherd fresh powder all winter 

I, Alison Kobey, leave to Julie (Jete) Mao a set of green pencils 
that have flown back from Africa and the power seat in the 

I, John Lane, leave to the 1992 Track Team the best of luck, 
good oral hygene, & my crutches. 

I, Jeffrey R. Lawton, leave to CB, Caf, MM, Bubba, Sean, & the 
rest of the Cross- Country Team respect among your peers for 
poor accomplishments and throngs of fans at all your meets. 
I, Cyndi Locke, leave to Amy McCoy my fabulous pick-up lines. 
I, John McDermott, leave to my sister Colleen the wonderful 
reputation I have left for her. 

I, Kevin Michael McDermott, leave to Mr. Relleva all my uncol- 
lected toll money and his own Boston Herald newspaper. 
I, Amy McDonnell, leave to Matt Prout the memory of all our 
enlightening conversations, and the knowledge that he failed in 
his quest. 

I, Theresa Martin, leave to Debbie, Rania, & Amy my locker and 
to the Class of '92, the school. 

I, Patrick John Meleo, leave to Westwood High 1 pair of 1 year 
old unwashed gym socks. 

I, Dina J. Moore, leave to my family all the sets of car keys. 
I, Robin Morrison, leave to Alicia Mullen the fingers that will 
snatch Gotcha Type Nice! 

I, Alicia Mullen, leave to Robin Morrison all the possible excuses 
to where you are and who you're with on Saturday nights. 
I, Mull, leave to Dez- monster the ancient art of Lambada. 
I, Tish Murphy, leave to Jen Harrington a chocolate santa & to 
Erin O'Brien my wardrobe. 

I, Kristen Nykvist, leave to Christopher Babcock lots of writing 
paper, a telephone, and my love. 

I, Carrie O'Leary, leave to Lori Thornton a safe ride and a 

I, Joe Peters, leave to Dave Tenofsky the nickname 

I, Cal Prinn, leave to Rich a slam dunk dream come true, the 
jlPond Plain home court advantage, and a rematch . . . Steve: a 
cure for the white man's disease (share it with Rich!) 
I, Sean Quinn, leave to Sue Adams a raincoat for protection. 
I, Jon Rhinerson, leave to the Class of '92 the power to have a 
good time . . . 'cause they need it. 

I, Catherine Samiotis, leave to Peter Samiotis all my luck and 
much luck in hockey! May you be successful in all your endeav- 
ors. May all your wishes and dreams come true. 
I, Mauricio Segal, leave to the other classes the ability to laugh, 
party, & be truly happy; you're gonna need it. 
I, Tom Shepherd, leave to Anne Kendeigh: the ability to make 
decisions without the hassle of making them herself. 
I, Christopher Spellman, leave to Andy Gozzo my single seat & 
to the rest of the team as much luck and pride needed to repeat in 

I, Josh Steinfeld, leave to Jason Keller the voice box of the late 
Jim Morrison. 

I, Cheryl Suffredini, leave to Christy K. a diaper for those big 

I, Kelly Susco, leave to Alicia Hamwey another pathetic disciple 
to take under her wing and assist in the ever-challenging pursuit 
of math knowledge. 

I, Jennifer Sykes, leave to Kellie Noumi a dirty joke book, a hair 
dryer, & a pair of flowered pants. 

I, Lori Thornton, leave to Michelle O'Connor's college roomate 
a pair of ear plugs. 

I, Kristine Tondorf, leave to Brad Rutan a grilled ham & cheese, 
a mocha Bergie, the middle name "Cassanova", & an Arizona 
Championship (sorry Kurt!) 

I, Chris Walter, leave to the next piano player all the hectic 
responsibility and cut-throat anxiety along with the honor. 
I, Audrey Young, leave to Westwood High once white, but now 
stained brown Nike sneakers that I've worn to every gym class for 
the past four years. 

I, Kimberly Noel Theodore, leave to the Westwood Girls' Field 
Hockey Team an actual goal . . . you guys deserve it!! 
I, Randall Miller, leave to all incoming freshmen integrity, wis- 
dom and humor. It's a long road ahead and it doesn't get any 

I, Dineen Wilson, leave to Garrett Domina a pair of maroon 
tights with a diamond design for the next drama performance. 
I, Michelle O'Connor, leave to Lori Thornton, a round trip to 
Medfield in the Gigi, and a calling card so she can talk to my 
mother whenever she wants. 

I, Evan Owens, leave to Sean Libby the Westwood track tooth- 
brush so that the track team may carry on the tradition of good 
oral hygene. 

I, Jerry Neville, leave to the 1991 store staff my wisdom of 
business, creative ideas, friendly relations with Pepsi and the 
"Candy-man", and the power of the 1991 staff. 
I, Dee Milonas, leave to Lynn Heneberry a good homecooked 

I, Paul K. Fitzgerald, leave to society my brain, to the museum of 
Fine Arts my body. 

I, Jay Jenks, leave to Nancy Ilfeld,all the ice my freezer that she 
can take. Have fun!! 




1 Sherri Carver 

2 Brian Cox 

3 Dina Esposito 

4 Tish Murphy 

5 John McDermott 

6 Lori Thornton 

7 Kelly Susco 

8 Kristen Nykvist 

9 Carrie O'Leary 

10 Christian Quinn 

1 1 Kevin McDermott 

12 Tee Earls 

13 Nicole Leonard 

14 Catherine Samiotes 

15 KraigGill 

16 Avida Setayesh 

17 Mark Karafotias 

18 Stephen Brady 

19 Michelle O'Connor 

20 Dina Moore 





1 . Alison Kobey 

2. Mike Churwin 

3. Amy McDonnell 

4. Leslie Barber 

5. Laura Dicenso 

6. Vanessa Bickerton 

7. Achiles Sotos 

8. Caroline Prinn 

9. Rita Guarino 

10. Jeffrey Lawton 

1 1. Gary Eber 

12. Kristine Tondorf 

13. Christopher 

14. Cheryl Suffredini 

15. Alicia Mullen 

16. Lisa Randlett 

17. Sharon Becker 

18. Jim Coffey 

19. Josh Steinfeld 

20. Robin Morrison 

21. Laurence Patterson 



Lori Abdou 
Michelle Adams 
Christopher Babcock 
Leslie Barber 
Susan Barrington 
Heather Bartold 
Sharon Becker 
Vanessa Bickerton 
Stephen Brady 
Lesley Bride 
Marlene Buckley 
Paul Campanelli 
Christos Canelos 
Sherri Carver 
James Cashin 
Kristina Caulfield 
Christopher Chiofolo 
David Chung 
Michael Churwin 
Jeffrey Clark 
Kelly Clark 
Kathleen Close 
James Coffey 
Anne Connelly 
Dan Curley 
Brian Cox 
Ramzi Dagher 
Tina Depew 
Laura DiCenso 
Jessica Donahue 
Brantley Dorch 
Megan Driscoll 
Elizabeth Earley 
Terrence Earls 
Gary Eber 
Dina Esposito 
James Ferry 
Andrew Fink 
Jennifer Fink 
Paul Fitzgerald 
Carolyn Flaherty 
Craig Foster 
Mary Beth Gadd 
Kraig Gill 
Peter Gill 
Daiva Gostautas 
Matthew Greenway 
Edward Griffin 
Sarah Griffin 
Michelle Grueter 
Rita Guarino 
Robert Guindon 
Thomas Gurski 
David Halperin 
Brady Hals ted 
Stacey Hamwey 
Brian Hardiman 
Matthew Hatch 
Lynn Henneberry 
Kelly Hess 
Kristin Hess 
Paul Higgins 
Karen Hu 
Kathryn Hudson 
Peter Hughes 

Bridgewater State College 

Westfield State College 

Duke University 

University of New Hampshire 

University of Massachusetts at Amherst 

United States Military Academy at West Point 

Tisch School of Arts- New York University 

Katherine Gibbs School 

Babson College ^^^ 

University of Pennsylvania 

Boston College 

Bridgewater State College 

Southeastern Massachusetts University 

University of New Hampshire 

University of Massachusetts at Amherst 

Boston College 

Suffolk University 

Boston University SL. \ 

University of Massachusetts at Amherst 

Museum School of Fine Arts 

Wellesley College 

Tulane University 

University of Colorado at Boulder 

Saint Michael's College 

Mass. Bay Community College 

New Hampton Prep 

Worcester Polytechnic Institute 

Winthrop College 

Bridgewater State College 

George Mason University 

Xavier College of Louisiana 

University ofConnecticut 

Providence College 

College of William and Mar 

Mass. Bay Community College 

Clemson University 

University of Massachusetts at Amherst 

Boston University 

University of Vermont 

University of North Carolina at Wilmington 

Babson College 

Princeton University 

Connecticut College 

Westfield State College 

Mount Ida College-Coyn School 

Wellesley College 

Worcester Polytechnic Institute 

Wentworth Institute of Technology 

Northeastern University 

Tufts University 

Merrimack College 

Bridgewater State College 

University of Maine at Orono 

Ithaca College 

University of Massachusetts at Amherst 

Bryant College A 

Boston College M 

Saint Michael's College ^J 

University of Massachusetts at Amherts 

Aquinas College 

Aquinas College 

Clemson University 

University of Illinois at Urban/( 

Ohio University 

Syracuse University 

at Amherts 

Mark Karafotias 
Jason Keller 
Anne Kendeigh 
Maya Khuri 
James Kitterick 
Alison Kobey 
John Lane 
Jeffrey Lawton 
Nicole Leonard 
Cynthia Locke 
Theresa Martin 
James Maus 
Andrea Mazzola 
Alison McCarthy 
John McDermott 
Kevin McDermott 
Stephen McDonald 
Amy McDonnell 
Suzanne McLaughlin 
Patrick Meleo 
Randall Miller 
Aphrodite Milonas 
Dina Moore 
Robin Morrison 
Alicia Mullen 
Peter Mullen 
Patricia Murphy 
Joseph Neville 
Kristen Nykvist 
Michelle O'Connor 
Carrie O'Leary 
Evan Owens 
Lawrence Patterson 
Bernard Peck 
Camille Perry 
Dina Perry 
Joseph Peters 
Caroline Prinn 
Christian Quinn 
Michael Quinn 
Sean Quinn 
Lisa Randlett 
Jon Rhinerson 
Daniel Ringel 
Catherine Samiotes 
Mauricio Segal 
Avida Setayesh 
Thomas Shepherd 
Carolyn Sherrod 
Catherine Sinnott 
Achilles Sotos 
Christopher Spellman 
Joshua Steinfeld 
Bethany Stuart 
Cheryl Suffredini 
Kelly Susco 
Jennifer Sykes 
Kimberly Theodore 
Lori Thornton 
Kristine Tondorf 
Denis Vajentic 
Christopher Walter 
Michael Welby 
Dineen Wilson 
Audrey Young 

Northeastern University 

James Madison University 

University of Illinois 

Bowdoin College 

Southeastern Mass. University 

Tufts University I q 

University of Colorado 

University of Virginia 

University of Connecticut 

University of Main at Orono 

Providence College 

University of Main at Orono 

Dean Junior College 

University of Massachusetts at Amherst 

Merrimack College 

University of Richmond 

Merrimack College 

University of Virginia 

University of New Hampshire 

Westfield State College 

Syracuse University 

Nichols College 

Northeastern University 

Pine Manor College 

Mount Holyoke College 

Boston College 

Boston College 

University of New Hampshire 

Holy Cross College 

Roger Williams College 

Aquinas College in Milton 

Johns Hopkins University 

Northeastern University 

Northeastern University 

Emmanuel College 

Emerson College 

Norwich University 

Holy Cross College 

University of Maine at Presque Isle 

University of Vermont 

Mount Ida College-Coyn School 

University of New Hampshire 

University of Rhode Island 

Johnson and Wales University 

Aquinas College 

University of West Virginia 

Boston University 

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute 

Lousiana State University 

Wellesley College 

Bridgewater State College 

Northeastern University 

University of Tennessee 

Framingham State College 

Syracuse University 

University of New HampsJure 

Stonehill College 

Wheaton College 

Boston College 

College of William and Mary 

Northeastern University 

University of New Hampshire 

Salem State College 

Bridgewater State College 

Northeastern University 

■ ''.•.",■■■ ■"••'''■/■-.>.■ -• 

FiSSft 'KBife*?'»\W'--' Tf «««?* 



Julia Babineau Memorial Award 
George Bader Memorial Awards 
Judith A. Bolles Memorial Award 
Frances M. Burns Award 
C. Louis Cedrone Education Awards 

Isaiah Chase Award 
Thomas Darcy Memorial Award 
Michael J. Devlin Memorial Award 
Dr. Alexander N. Fisher Award 
Christina Grueter Memorial Award 
Kevin Harnett Memorial Award 
Edward J. Huber Memorial Award 
Duane E. Kocina Awards 
Lions' Club Achievement Awards 
James McCoy Memorial Award 
Paul Mitchell Memorial Award 
Principal's Awards 


Robert L. Raymond Memorial Award 

Christos T. Sarris Award 

Thomas Michael Smith Memorial Award 

Superintendent's Award 

E.W. Thurston Memorial Awards 

Kristine Tondorf 
Suzanne McLaughlin & 

esley Bride 
Amy McDonnell 

Alison Kobey, Kristen Nykvist, Catherine 

Terrence Earls 
Sherri Carver 
Achilles Sotos 
Jeffrey Lawton 
Carolyn Sherrod 
Maya Khuri 
Kristina Caulfield 
Cynthia Locke & Lori Thornton 
Kristine Tondorf & Terrence Earls 
Andrew Fink 
Joseph Neville 
Leadership: Kelly Clark 
Service: Alicia Mullen 
Brian Hardiman 
Christopher Babcock 
Michelle Grueter 
Craig Foster ^^ 
Mary Elizabeth Gadd & Anne Kendeigh 


Congratulations, Brantley! 
"Commit to the Lord whatever you do, 
and your plans will succeed." Proverbs 
16:3 We are proud of you. We love you. 

Love-the clan, Mom, Dad, Kenny, 

Bernita, Lena, Linda, Tiffani, Crystal, 

K.C. 2nd. 

Wishing the Class of 1991 



The Curran Family 

John, Linda, Linda Maria, John 


Theresa Ann, Nora Elena 

Marlene- "May your pleasant 


good nature, and bubbling 


be contagious." Love Mom & 


Best of Luck to the Class of 1991! 
Anita and Charlie Murphy 




\ * ♦ * • • *» ■_*■ *i 

Anne: Kensington - 
Windsor - Wilson- Roo- 
sevelt - Westfield and 
Westwood- You made it- 
Congratulations - Now 
on to University of Illi- 
nois! Love, Mom & Dad, 
John, Paul, Tracey, 
Audy, Kit 

Congratulations, Ted! 
Well done! The best is 
yet to come. Lots of 
love, Mom, Dad, Pam 
& Mark 

Congratulations, Kristen! 
Our beautiful little girl is 
now a beautiful young 
woman. We are very 
proud of you. Our love to 
you always. Mum, Dad, 
and Jonathan 

Dear Chris- Go forth 
in peace with love of 
family, good friends, 
and a song in your 
heart- I'm proud of 
you in untold ways- 
You have courage and 
character- You are a 
character! . . . and 
make me smile . . . 
Love, Mum 





I am very proud of you and all of your accomplishments. As 
you end your high school days and begin a new phase of your life 

don't forget to . . . 

Laugh Heartily. Spread Joy, Take a Chance. Reach out. Let 

Someone in. Try Something New. Slow Down. Be Soft Sometimes. 

Celebrate Life. Believe in Yourself. Trust Others. See a Sunrise. 

Listen to Rain. Reminisce. Cry When You Need To. Know that I 

Love You . . . and I will Always Be There For You. 

All My Love, 


The Green Years staff gratefully thanks the following sponsors for their support: 


Congratulations, Rita! 
We're proud of you. Love, 
Mom, Dad, Tony and Aldo. 
Best of Luck to the Class of 

What a great year Andy! 
We're so proud of you! Love, 
Mom and Dad 

Congratulations, Kelly! We're 
proud of you! Love, Mom, 
Dad & Greg 

Sue, keep on singing! Lots of 
love and luck! Mom & Dad 

Best wishes for success to the 
Class of 1991! Mr. & Mrs. 

Best of luck and lots of 
success on whatever makes 
you happiest. We're very 

proud of you, Mark! Love, 
Mom, Dad & Michael 

Good luck in the future to all 
my friends of the Senior Class 
who have said "Hi" in the 
lunchroom these past four 
years . . . Mrs. Thomas Gill 

With Love and Best Wishes 
to all of my friends in the 
Class of 1991, especially DH! 
— Pank 

To Paul and his classmates: 
We wish you congratulations 
for your past 

accomplishments, confidence 
in your present aspirations, 
and contentment with your 
future achievements. Jim, 
Tricia, Ann and Gerry 

We wish the Class of 1991 
the very best!! Paul and Pam 

Good luck Class of 1991!! 
From the Edward Gill Family 

Congratulations, Philip- May 
your future be "The Best!" 
Love, Mom and Dad 

To our son, Jon Rhinerson: 
With love and pride we share 
your hopes and dreams for the 
future. Congratulations and 
great success to you and the 
Class of '91 !! Love, Mom and 

Congratulations to the Class 
of 1991! — The Driscoll 

Allen Carver 
Charlie & Phyllis Magri 
Chris and Lynn Jones 
Dave & Louise Lane and Family 
Dave, Jan, Jake and Zak House 
Dr. & Mrs. II Yung Lee 
Frank & Myrna Nasisi 
Frank & Jackie Mason 
Howard and Pauline Churwin 
Joseph and Jill Mazzola 
Kathie and Bob Lauck, Sr. 
Lynn and David Kobey 
Mr. and Mrs. Paul D. Lewis 
Paul and Judy Costello 
Steven McDonough 
The John Dobra Family 
Virginia Maus 


You surprised us all, Dina!!! (ha ha) 

We love you, Mamma, Roberta, and Gerry 

Congratulations Chris! 
We are all proud of 
you. May your college 
years be enriching, ful- 
filling and memorable 
ones. Love Mom, Dad 
and Jen 

Stacey: "Do all the 
good you can, 

By all the means 

you can, 

In all the ways you 


In all the places 

you can, 

At all the times 

you can, 

To all the people 

you can, 

As long as ever 

you can." 
— John Wesley, 
His Rule 

We are very proud of you and 
wish you all the happiness and 
success you deserve. Love, 
Mom, Dad & Alicia 



10 Robin Road 

Westwood, MA 02090 



Bldg. Lie. 042161 
Plumbing Lie 19927 

Congratulations Class of 1991 

Specializing in Family, Elder and 
Mental Health Law 

Barbara Mason Razza 

Attorney At Law/Mediator 

Tel. (617) 255-9800 
Fax. (617) 255-9585 

477 Washington 


Norwood MA 02062 

Congratulations Class of 1991! 
Bob Breen 
Kevin, '85 
Cathy, '87 




648 Highland Avenue 
Needham Heights, MA 02194 





Melvin K. Brockman, D.M.D. 


Jean Rebello 

Susan Spann 

805 HIGH ST. 



TEL. 326-8560 


CANTON, MASS. 02021 

TEL. 828-3465 

"A Company Dedicated to Service' 


Family Dentistry 

TELEPHONE (617) 326-1932 


Maclntyre, Fay ^Thayer 

Insurance Agency. Inc 

Michael J. Susco 

Chief Executive Officer 

Sixty Wells Ave run- New Ion MA 021 5<H)1 30 (hi 7| 132-5100 Ext 252 


The answering service that keeps your good image.. 

• Confidential 





Telephone Answering Assoc, oi N.E. 


24 hour telephone answering service 

Serving Dedham, Westwood, Norwood, Needham & Canton 
Professional • Residential • Business 

Available Services: 

•Wake-up Calls 
•Beeper Service 


•Secretarial Messages 
•Vacation Service 
•Call Forwarding 
(same day hook-up) 

■ 326-2552 

Paul and Pauline Sheehan • Moira Austin 

48 Oxford Road 
Westwood, Massachusetts 

Congratulations to 


Class of 1991 !! 

— Westwood 

Rotary Club 


563-569 High St. 
Westwood. MA 02090 









Soulh Street, P O Bo« 151, Mcdfield. MA 02052 

School Telephone 3S9-4239 



Medfield Children's Center offers 

the following to the community: 

a.m. /p.m. nursery school, full 

and part-time day care. Call 359-4239 


Ethan Allen 

1405 Providence Hwy (Rte 1) 
Norwood, MA 02062 
(617) 769-6464 

Congratulations Class of 1991! 

(508) 879-3656 

Multitemp Corporation 


Brad Thornton 

3 Phipps Street 

Framineham, MA 




Mr Phillip Flaherty for his sujppro /throughout the year 
Mr. Ch^le^JFlsdme for Jus<^}»k^( ^support and ever-willingness 
whenever and wherever needed J 

Mrs. Carol Rosengarten for^^f^eflp those last few djays )p making sure 
seniors^ordered a yearbp$^<sfgnM (their biographies . V 
Thtf^Ufffce^Sjaff wjj|^was alwaj|s\able to supply us with just 
les . . . 
Ir. John Neist$f$ Jostens for h%e^cpertise, advice, and pre^ce whenever 
leeded him . . . 
'The Senior Clas^officers who cheerMrv and willingly help^i out \ he never 
needed them . . . \\ ^VV 

The Class of 199l\\for being so coepBsrative>^haaks, guys! Ml the students who 

wrote cifSfty for the 

different sections of the yearb 

The Green Years staff 
Mi-si Frances Petrakos, Advisor 



551 High Street 

Westwood, Massachusetts 02090 

Telephone: 326-9125 


CLASS OF 1991! 

Class of 1991! 

| Frugal i-annie's | 

Gail K. Becker 

Located in: 


695 High Street (Rte. 109) 

Westwood, MA 02090 



16 Central Street 

Norwood, MA 02062 



Open 6 Days Mon. thru Sat. 

Next day shirt service 
■ Same day diy cleaning 

Area Rug Cleaning 
Alterations & Repairs 

CoLoniaL Jduxuex <^>aU 


A Standard of Quality « 

Esi 1947 
HOURS Mon-Fn 7AM-6PM Sat 8-5 

689 High Street, file 109 629 Mam Street. Rte 1A 

:ttext to H,Qh Sneet Market t inert to A&hntomj 

Westwood • (6 1 7)326 5436 Walpole * (508)668- 1 293 


Appointments or Walk-In 

921 High St., Westwood 

— Q^atmlp 

Dr. Peter J. Kevorkian 
Dr. Patricia A. Ciuliano 


Health Care For Children &. Adults 


1446 High Street (Corner Dover Rd.) 
Westwood MA 02090 

(617) 461-0440 

Faith C. Sarno 

549 High Street (Rte. 109) 
Westwood, MA 02090 




iS All The 

The Future Belongs To You, 
Best Wishes, 

%pcfie Bros, and SucC6ury farms 





s&r 1 V7 ft , ^ 


stwood High 



A 1 - 





£*^ Oot^r/